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Today’s Humor

I started the day with Anthony Watts sending an E-Mail to an alarmist saying that I am worse than Michael Mann, because I use only raw, untampered  data. Then Zeke stopped by and said that my objection to using anomalies … Continue reading

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Definition Of Data Tampering

2. Quality control: Continually adjusting a process to compensate for variations in its output. If the variations are within the control limits of a stable system (and all stable systems have variations) then tampering invariably makes things worse. Only a … Continue reading

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The Liverpool Cannibal Is Back In Action!

He needs to be banned for life.

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It Is Called A Random Number

Intelligent scientists in legitimate professions understand that when working with large data sets, error distributions tend to be quite random – and the best way to deal with them is to assume that they average out to zero. This understanding also provides … Continue reading

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There Is No Such Thing As A Conspiracy

We know that there is no such thing as a government conspiracy, because the IRS was not targeting conservative groups – and they found lots of WMDs in Iraq. Watergate did not happen, and that Gulf of Tonkin attack was … Continue reading

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Well Known Skeptic Says I Am “Worse Than Michael Mann”

He’s hopelessly stubborn, worse than Mann at being able to admit mistakes IMHO. Did NASA/NOAA Dramatically Alter U.S. Temperatures After 2000? – Hit & Run : Reason.com My response ; Dear Skeptic, If rural station data is being progressively lost, … Continue reading

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Gridding Does Almost Nothing To The US Data Set

I am considered a heretic by some on both sides of the global warming debate, because I refuse to tamper with the raw US data. I have already shown why you can’t detect baseline tampering using anomalies, and thus should not … Continue reading

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No, You Don’t Want To Use Anomalies

The use of anomalies in calculating temperature data allows NOAA/NASA to shift the baseline years undetected. The graph below shows how NCDC tampers with the US temperature record, to create a non-existent warming trend. Here is NCDC’s 1991 version of US … Continue reading

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The Peer-Review Trap

Congress got to the bottom of the NASA Challenger scandal by bringing in outside experts from a wide range of disciplines. With the climate scandal, they take a different approach. They insist that all experts are scandal insiders. Some skeptics … Continue reading

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Exposing The Original Birther

America is infested with very dumb people who claim Barack Obama was born in Kenya. And the first one of those birthers was Barack Obama in 1991 Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii’

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