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My World Cup Forecasts Are As Every Bit As Good As Hansen’s Climate Forecasts

Spain out. US in. In baseball terms, I’m batting 0.000

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Go Oz!!!!!

Fastest response ever!!

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Barbara Boxer Just Said That 97% Of Scientists Believe Global Warming Is Dangerous

Senate hearing. Barbara Boxer is making up one imaginary statistic after another. http://www.c-span.org/video/?320038-1/addressing-climate-change

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A Hockey Stick Of Data Tampering In The Northeastern US

NOAA creates the appearance of warming in the Northeastern US by massively tampering with the temperature record. The turn a 90 year cooling trend into a strong warming trend – by simply altering the data. Note the spectacular hockey stick … Continue reading

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Frequency Of Hot Days In The US Have Declined Sharply Over The Last Century

The frequency of 100 degree temperature readings in the US is down almost 50% over the past century, measured at all GHCN HCN stations. Likewise the frequency of 90 degree days in the US has also dropped sharply Index of … Continue reading

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Sea Level Falling In California For 30 Years

Data and Station Information for MONTEREY

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President Obama Speaks Very Confidentially About His Knowledge Of Climate

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Most Fraudulent Spring In The Climate Record

Joe Romm reports that March-May was the “hottest” on record. More accurate satellite data shows that March-May temperatures were actually quite ordinary, and almost 0.5C cooler than 1998. rss_monthly_msu_amsu_channel_tlt_anomalies_land_and_ocean_v03_3.txt  In 1871, some people suffered the same affliction of claiming that … Continue reading

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Massive Data Tampering In The Southeastern US

Like with the rest of the country, NOAA has created a 100% bogus temperature record in the south, due to data tampering. The US isn’t warming, but their funders demand that they produce it anyway.

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Barack Obama 2013 “al Qaeda is on its heels, has been decimated”

As the terrorists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) threaten Baghdad, thousands of slaughtered Iraqis in their wake, it is worth recalling a few of President Obama’s past statements about ISIS and al Qaeda. “If a J.V. … Continue reading

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