ObamaPravda Ignores Massive Protests In Egypt

a massive wave of anti-Obama sentiment in Egypt has been utterly ignored by vintage media, even though the protests may be the largest in all of human history

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Guest Post: Egyptians Love Us For Our Freedom | Zero Hedge

h/t to R. de Haan

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12 Responses to ObamaPravda Ignores Massive Protests In Egypt

  1. gator69 says:

    It’s really embarrassing when the majority of Egyptians are more educated about our President than the majority of Americans.

  2. RAVerhoeckx says:

    I am not surprise by the respons in Egypt. I believe the Egyptian people are culturally aware of dictorial and fascism when it raises it ugly and evil head! This is remince of the German people piror to 1933. The National Socilaist Workers Party – aka Nazi , yes folks it was a socialist ideolgical political party.
    Hitler mesmerized the German people with his oratory skills, and the SA ( brown shirts) gangs to politly persuaded the sheep like masses in to obediant serfs and slaves.
    America I am afraid has already drifted into this scenerio. It is like a frog being boiled in water, it becomes unaware of changing water temperature until it is to late.

    • terrence says:

      The urban myth about a frog getting boiled in increasingly hot water is just a myth – it is NOT true (see snopes, etc) . This not to say that American uninformed voters are brighter and more informed than frogs; far too many watch the idiot box and believe the crap on it. But, fewer and fewer are watching TV and reading newspapers. So, there may be hope for the future…

  3. AngryTory says:

    Let’s just be clear -the Egyptians protesting against Osama bin Kenya are doing so because he has come about against Morsi – Egypt’s democratically elected president (in a free and fair election, unlike the last two in the US).

    In other words – they may be anti-Osama, but they’re also pro Muslim Brotherhood / Hisbollah / Ah Jihad Al Allah etc.

    • rw says:

      Is that how you interpret a sign that says “Obama Supports Terrorism” ??? Or “Wake Up America – Obama Backs a Fascist Regime in Egypt” ????? (And is that why some Egyptians threw their shoes at Hillary when she visited?)

      And when has Obama come out against Morsi ?

      You get a D- for information processing.

  4. Blade says:

    Doesn’t this Egypt thing just burn you up. 🙁

    We have paid them billions of dollars annually for over 30 years since Carter’s Camp David “compromise” to bribe them to not attack Israel, to modernize and come into the free world. What a freakin deal … for them.

    Now it is not even safe for Americans to visit the Pyramids and other critically important historical sights along the Nile. I wonder if those nice people Obama likes will next tear down all those non-Islamic idols like their counterparts did in Afghanistan.

    Egypt needs to be neutralized as a threat to historical artifacts and the Western world. It is too important to be left in the hands of Islamic invaders.

  5. Well at least Obama is consistent, and supplying the Islamists in Egypt with weaponry and riot control gear. How will history see Obama? What is weird is that in the UK, Lefties will criticise the Labour party at will – whereas it seems that in the USA, to crit the Dems is seen as a thought crime. I can’t get ANY of my many Dem friends in the USA to confess that Obama may not be all that he was cracked up to be.

    I’m still convinced he only got elected because he’s coloured.

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