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It Is OK For The Obama Administration To Lie, As Long As They Apologize After They Get Caught

Clapper under pressure despite apology for ‘erroneous’ statements to Congress | World news | guardian.co.uk

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Looks Like Drudge Only Missed By About A Dozen Degrees

Drudge forecast 135 for Death Valley, and it made it to about 123. 7-Day Forecast for Latitude 36.45°N and Longitude 116.87°W (Elev. -183 ft)

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Yet Another Cold Day In The Beaufort Sea

Animation using Javascript Animation Player

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Obama Not Interested In US Government Statistics

Twitter / ForecastFacts: .@BarackObama on …

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Proof That All Scientists Support A Carbon Tax

Anyone who doesn’t support a carbon tax is a paid oil or tobacco industry shill, therefore all real scientists support a carbon tax.

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CNN Commits Another Felony Hate Crime

On Monday, CNN showed George Zimmerman’s Social Security number and other personal information live over the air, including address, date of birth, and phone number. That immediately launched a round of tweets by Zimmerman haters celebrating knowledge of that information. … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Is The Same Thickness As 1940

In 1940, Arctic sea ice averaged about two metres thick, just like it does now. it was concluded that near Polar temperatures are on an average six degrees higher than those registered by Nansen 40 years ago. Ice measurements were on an average only 6½ … Continue reading

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Colorado Codependence Day

Today is Canada Day – the day Canada celebrates their independence from England. Sadly for us here in Colorado, today is codependence day – marking the enactment of violations of the Second Amendment by Democrats in the Colorado Legislature. They … Continue reading

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Will Obama Do The Right Thing?

If President Obama was actually interested in the well being of the United States, he would start talking about the need for calm after the Zimmerman verdict. He won’t do this of course, because riots will give him another opportunity … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Prosecutor Continues To Obliterate His Own Case

The Sanford police detective who questioned George Zimmerman the night he shot Trayvon Martin became the latest prosecution witness to appear to do more harm than good to the state’s case, recalling a somber conversation that touched on Zimmerman’s faith … Continue reading

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