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White House Explains How Flooding The US With Unskilled Workers Will Raise Wages

Here’s one of the best things about immigration reform: It’s going to make our economy a lot stronger. fixing our broken system will create jobs, boost wages, and foster innovation. Cecilia Muñoz Director, Domestic Policy Council The White House

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My Rower Forecast

The ice pack moved from ten miles off shore yesterday, to about one mile offshore today at the eastern end of the Beaufort Sea. Based on the drift forecasts for the next week, it appears quite likely that their route … Continue reading

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Progressive Alert : What Is At Stake In The Zimmerman Trial

If Zimmerman is acquitted, many difficult things will happen It will no longer be safe to beat a stranger’s head against the sidewalk  It will no longer be safe to blame partially white people for everything bad that happens on … Continue reading

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Fish Stories In The Arctic

We are still battling against the wind! Today we tried to sneak up an inlet today that, according to our charts, would have allowed us to make progress in the lee of some high ground. Unfortunately the charts were not … Continue reading

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The Only Reason To Own A Car Is To Kill People

Cars kill about one million people a year around the world, and maim millions of others. No background check is required to purchase one of these killing machines. They are often used to transport terrorists, pressure cookers and other terrorist … Continue reading

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Demoralization Phase Is Complete

Interesting reading comments about the Zimmerman trial on different news sites. A large percentage of the population are desperately hoping that the jury rules that it is illegal to defend yourself. How many years of brainwashing does it take to … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Prosecution Outlines Self-Defense Guidelines

Self defense is only acceptable if You are in a coma You are dead You can prove that the next punch would have been fatal You are a policeman, and the other person made a frightening movement which caused you … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Prosecution Provides Legal Assistance For Wife Beaters

We learned from this trial that hands are not weapons and can not be used to hurt people. Millions of domestic abusers will be thrilled to have their convictions overturned.

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Greenland Summit Camp Moves Their Greenhouse To Keep It From Getting Buried By Ice

summit:status:webcam The greenhouse (gray building) was located in the center of the picture for many years, but accumulating ice was burying it, so they moved it on top of the ice on the left side. Today is the one year … Continue reading

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Bumper Cotton Harvest Season In Southern Greenland

Satellite imagery of southern Greenland shows that the cotton fields are bright white, and ready for harvest. EOSDIS Worldview (Alpha)

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