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NPR Economists Explain Atmospheric Physics

Climate change seems like this complicated, intractable problem. But maybe it doesn’t have to be.  On today’s show, we talk to a couple economists about a very simple idea that could solve the climate-change problem: Tax carbon emissions. Episode 472: … Continue reading

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Rower’s Path To The Beaufort Sea Blocked With Ice

Wind is blowing large amounts of ice (red below) into the intended path of the rowers. EOSDIS Worldview (Alpha)

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Minnesota Was Much Hotter When There Was Much Less CO2

Ada, Minnesota has had eighty days over 100 degrees since 1895. More than half of those days occurred during the 1930s. All but one occurred with CO2 below 350 PPM. The current decade has produced no 100 degree days in … Continue reading

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Who Is This Cute Baby?

Cute kids never grow up to be bad people!

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Reader Poll : Is Obama Unaware Of The Trial In Florida?

Zimmerman verdict sparks worry of riots Having worked hard to inflame racial tension in Florida, Obama seems to have forgotten to call for calm. Why is this? He has rigged the outcome? He doesn’t know about the trial? He wants … Continue reading

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Hockey Team Tutorial

In order to become a highly respected climate scientist, follow these simple guidelines. Adjust recent temperatures upwards, and older temperatures downwards Adjust the data to compensate for the fact that UHI effects cause incorrectly low recent temperature readings Because they … Continue reading

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Weapons Training For Progressives

Hands murder far more Americans than all types of rifles, including assault rifles. Trayvon was disarmed. His hands were harmless. Guns are weapons of war and we can only trust the police with them. Bonus learning for the ladies. Fire both … Continue reading

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July 12, 1936 : 112F In Indiana – Thirty Degrees Hotter than 2013

Every reporting station in Indiana recorded temperatures over 100F in Indiana on July 12, 1936. Five Indiana stations made it to 110F, and it was 112F at Wheatfield, Indiana. The forecast high today in Wheatfield is 82F, thirty degrees cooler … Continue reading

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July 12, 1936 : 110F In Minnesota

Only one Minnesota station didn’t make it to 100F On July 12, 1936.  Thirteen stations were above 105F, and Ada, Minnesota reached 110F.

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Saginaw 25 Degrees Cooler Than 1936

The Meriden Daily Journal – Google News Archive Search It was 111F in Saginaw, Michigan on July, 13 1936. This year the forecast high is 86F. Saginaw, MI Weather Forecast from Weather Underground If it got that hot now, progressives … Continue reading

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