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Hernandez Vs. Zimmerman

Obama has been after Zimmerman for over a year, but has no interest in cold blooded killer Aaron Hernandez. The reasons are obvious : Zimmerman had a legal gun, Hernandez didn’t. Obama only objects to peasants owning legal guns. Zimmerman … Continue reading

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More Permanent Drought For Colorado

We are under yet another flash flood warning here in Fort Collins. The US Drought Monitor says we are having a severe drought.

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Blowing Methane Out Their Posteriors

Methane makes up less than two parts per million in the atmosphere. If everyone at the Rose Bowl represented one molecule, odds are there would be no methane molecules represented. RRTM, the radiative transfer model used by NCAR, shows that … Continue reading

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Shock News : Zimmerman Had Never Seen a Picture Of Trayvon At Age 12

At the time his head was being bashed against the concrete by Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman had never seen this picture of his attacker at age 12. His attacker actually looked more like this :

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Juror Sat Through Zimmerman Trial – Never Understood What She Was Supposed To Be Doing

The only minority on the all-female jury that voted to acquit George Zimmerman said today that Zimmerman “got away with murder” for killing Trayvon Martin and feels she owes an apology Martin’s parents. WTF? Zimmerman was acquitted of murder by … Continue reading

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Why Shouldn’t The President Single Out Zimmerman As A Racist?

Other than the fact that Zimmerman is not racist, and that it is beyond comprehension that a president could so massively abuse his power, personally condemn an acquitted man,  and say things so incredibly stupid – I don’t see any … Continue reading

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Wadhams Grants The Arctic A Two Year Reprieve!

Peter Wadhams says that the Arctic will be ice-free in two years. Ice-free Arctic in two years heralds methane catastrophe – scientist | Environment | guardian.co.uk This is a wonderful reprieve for the Arctic, which was originally slated for death … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Rescue Family Afraid Of The OHJS Klan

The family which George Zimmerman rescued last week is afraid to speak out – for fear of harassment by the Obama/Holder/Jackson/Sharpton lynch mob. A couple George Zimmerman helped rescue after their SUV flipped over on a Florida highway canceled a … Continue reading

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New Web Page Devoted To Michael Mann’s Work

I created a new page below Toto called Hide The Decline . The intent is to gather a repository of information about the quality of work by Michael “Robust Debate” Mann. Please post anything you have gathered there for his upcoming court case.

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Cook Math : Less Than 50% Equals 97%

The result is we’ll have 12,000 papers with category ratings and endorsement level. I anticipate there will be around 6000 “neutral” papers. Popular Technology.net: Cook’s 97% Consensus Study Game Plan Revealed President Obama proudly boasted Cook’s fake 97% number, right … Continue reading

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