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What The Rowers Can Expect Next Week

If the Navy forecasts are correct, in about six days the rowers will have gigantic three metre thick chunks of ice barreling at them driven by 55 MPH winds.

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Jesse Jackson Wants Jury Decisions Controlled By Special Interest Groups

Jesse Jackson says that he should be able to buy jury decisions Members of the Congressional Black Caucus appear undecided so far on whether to support a call for a boycott of Florida over the Trayvon Martin case, with Maryland … Continue reading

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NOAA News For The Next Ice Age

As the advancing glaciers end Chicago’s crime wave, NOAA will announce that this is the 6,321 consecutive month with temperatures above normal. USHCN will be adjusting temperatures upwards by 17.6 degrees at that time.

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Recycled Global Warming Scare Stories From 60 Years Ago

21 July 2013 ‘Our study underlines that these conditions have led to a large loss of ice and significant rises in global sea level in the past.   ‘Scientists predict that global temperatures of a similar level may be reached … Continue reading

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Doing Something About Water Bottles

Everyone knows that plastic water bottles are wrecking the climate, so I decided to do something about this serious problem.

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Joe Bastardi Forecasts A Global Warming Outbreak For Louisiana

Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: 45 day CFS paints a cool …

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Justice For Christopher

During Obama’s first year in office, an unarmed white 16 year old was shot multiple times by a black man who said he was acting in self defense while protecting the neighborhood. Obama said nothing about the incident, and did … Continue reading

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The Doctor Is In!

Free therapy for Cher! Twitter / cher: Insides r churning,I’m so upset …

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No Neighborhood Watch In East Cleveland

This serial killer was observed acting suspiciously by many people in the neighborhood, but unfortunately they didn’t have a George Zimmerman watching out for them. President Obama is working hard to make sure that neighborhood watch people can’t do their … Continue reading

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Crushed By Ice?

For the next few days, the wind will be blowing right into the rower’s faces, but according to Navy forecasts – by July 27 very strong north winds will be pushing the huge mass of thick Beaufort Sea ice directly … Continue reading

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