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Parker, Arizona Has Had 3,525 Days Over 110F

Climate alarmists have declared that 110 degree weather in Arizona proves that the dice are loaded. Let’s check their state of mental health by looking at the stats. Parker, Arizona has had 3,525 days since 1893 over 110º, 690 days … Continue reading

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George Washington Arrested For Profiling

George Washington was arrested today for profiling suspicious looking people in red coats. The DOJ says that this goes against every principle the country was founded on.

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What If They Were Alive Today?

If the people who signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776 were alive today, they would be vilified by the government and press, hunted down, and tried for treason.

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What Is July 4th About?

July 4th, 1776 was the date when a bunch of Boston Tea Party members decided they had enough of taxation without representation and gun grabbers. If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no recourse left … Continue reading

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Please Tone Down The Rhetoric

Several commenters are starting to sound like 13 year olds, with constant gutter insults. This really doesn’t help anyone out.

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Does It Get Hot In Arizona?

One of the wilderness rangers I worked with in New Mexico used to be a National Park Service ranger at the Grand Canyon. He told me a story  about a 1970s death in the Grand Canyon where a hiker was … Continue reading

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Things Are Much Safer Now For Children

Almost everything we did as kids in the 1950s and 1960s for fun would get children in serious trouble now. Society now protects children by stifling and frustrating all their natural instincts. This is producing a lot of mentally unbalanced … Continue reading

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Los Alamos Labs Says That Hail Is Very Common

LANLOverview.pdf One out of every six days in Los Alamos has a thunderstorm, and they are often accompanied by hail. I grew up there and remember it quite clearly. Alarmists come to this blog and claim that hail is unusual … Continue reading

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1940s Hail Left A Lasting Impression On Los Alamos Bomb Maker

Life at Wartime Los Alamos Here are a few of my outstanding memories: On a hike, seeing a tree blown to kindling wood by lightning. Lightning at Los Alamos? Tell me about it! This was poignant, because just the day before … Continue reading

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Largest Hailstone In New Mexico History

In June 1981 I was working as a wilderness ranger in the Sandia Mountains just outside Albuquerque. Two hang gliders were preparing to take off as a thunderstorm built up. We warned them not to go, but they didn’t listen. … Continue reading

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