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Longest Period On Record Without A June Hurricane In The US

In 1886 the US had three June hurricane strikes, but it has now been more than 27 years since the US was hit by a hurricane in June. Chronological List of All Hurricanes As CO2 has risen, the frequency of … Continue reading

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2009 Video : Democrats Dismiss Republican Fears About Obamacare

In 2008, Obama said we had a health care emergency which can’t wait …… apparently until after the 2014 elections. . Now Democrats are afraid to face their constituents.

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Obama Explains His Vision Of Representative Democracy

Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket. I’m not not going to take your gun away from you Obama vows to take personal charge of climate change in second term Obama apparently believes that the whole world … Continue reading

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Prosecution Expert Witness Proves That Martin Didn’t Hit Zimmerman

An expert witness testified Wednesday that none of George Zimmerman’s DNA was found under the fingernails of Trayvon Martin, despite defense attempts to portray Zimmerman as only firing his gun in self-defense. No Zimmerman DNA under Martin’s fingernails: Expert witness … Continue reading

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White House Plan To Drive Other Countries Closer To China And Russia

By engaging in clever activities like spying and hijacking  other countries president’s planes flying over Europe, Obama appears determined to show the world that he has no interest in either the rule of law or good relations with the rest … Continue reading

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Obama Takes $100 Million Vacation – Closes Military Swimming Pools

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. — At a naval base that’s home to many sailors in the special warfare community, a large tarp is pulled over the base’s only outdoor lap pool. Lounge chairs are piled in high stacks and what little water … Continue reading

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Egypt Sends A July 4th Message To America

Hope and Change – Egypt successfully frees themselves from their corrupt Islamic dictator.

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North Pole Temperatures Have Been below Normal Every Day For The Past Three Months

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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Prosecution Explains That You Aren’t Allowed To Defend Yourself Until You Are Unconscious

Had Zimmerman waited until his brain was hemorrhaging  and he was unconscious, he might have had slightly more basis for pulling his gun out. But probably not.

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Shock News : Death Valley Temperatures Didn’t Get Close To A Record

As far as I tell from National Weather Service records, Death Valley never got within six degrees of setting an all-time temperature record during the past week. 7-Day Forecast for Latitude 36.45°N and Longitude 116.87°W (Elev. -183 ft)

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