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Rapid Gore Effect Turnaround Time

Yesterday they declared the end of skiing in Australia due to global warming. This rain-soaked landscape may be the future of the Aussie snow industry | News.com.au And today they are buried in snow : h/t to Justin Templer

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Twenty Eight Children Murdered In Chicago So Far This Year

Obama forgot to mention the twenty-eight kids murdered in his home town so far this year. Age Gender Name — —— —– ———— 5 Male Black Sterling Sims 8 Female Black Gizzell Ford 14 Male Hispanic Rey Dorantes 14 Male … Continue reading

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Obama Supporters Sign Petition To Repeal The Bill Of Rights

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White House Holds “Lynch Zimmerman And The Jury” Rallies Across The Country

Rule of law? Due process? Fifth amendment? Ability to take responsibility? Ability to accept defeat? Ability to admit you are wrong in the face of overwhelming evidence? Common decency? The right to live in a crime free neighborhood? Equal application … Continue reading

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Permanent Drought Warning For New Mexico

torrential rainfall through the weekend for central and western New Mexico Warnings for Jemez Mountains, New Mexico | Weather Underground

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Another Big Success For Julia’s Tax

Perisher Ski Resort (@PerisherResort) on Twitter

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Stock Up On MunchIes At Home

You never know when a stoned 12 year old who could have been the president 35 years ago will develop a need for Skittles in pouring rain at 2:30 am on a school night, and leave the house only to … Continue reading

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Progressive Training

In order to become a white progressive, you have to go through a long training process. You must learn to hate yourself You must learn to direct your self-hate towards other white people You must learn to gain self-righteousness from … Continue reading

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Unprecedented Cold Headed For South America This Week

10-Day Temperature Outlook Temperatures as low as -15C in the tropics.

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July 20, 1930 : Half Of The US States Were Over 100 Degrees

On this date in 1930, 31% of US HCN stations were over 100F, and 61% were over 90F. 100 degree temperatures were recorded in 25 states : Arizona, Nebraska, Ohio, Virginia, Illinois, California, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, … Continue reading

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