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2007 : Obama Warns Bush Not To Get Involved In Another War

2101 days ago CLINTON, Iowa (CNN)- Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama warned the Bush administration against expanding the war in Iraq to neighboring Iran, telling an Iowa audience Wednesday that he hears “eerie echoes” of the rhetoric that led up to the … Continue reading

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Remembering The Start Of The Arab Spring

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No Money For Air Traffic Controllers, But Plenty Of Money For Al Qaeda

Al-Qaeda insurgents have now crossed into Syria in an effort to bring down the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad. The armed presence of the terror group raises new concerns over what factions within the Syrian anti-government coalition will emerge triumphant … Continue reading

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Nobel Peace Prize Winner To Provide Military Support To Islamist Cannibals In Syria

By Karen DeYoung and Anne Gearan, Updated: Thursday, June 13, 4:32 PM  The United States has concluded that Syrian government forces used chemical weapons to kill at least 100 people, crossing a “red line” and prompting President Obama to provide … Continue reading

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If You Build It, The Fire Will Come

POSTED:   07/04/2012 Sitting at his desk in Redwood City, Calif., Manuel Navarro could only shake his head in sadness as the Waldo Canyon fire swept with fury through the Mountain Shadows neighborhood June 26. “I knew it would happen,” … Continue reading

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Obama Wont Let The FBI Spy On 99.99% Of Terrorists

Obama Restricts Spying In Mosques While Spying Everywhere Else – Investors.com The security agencies spy on the Des Moines knitting club, because Obama forbids them from spying on anyone who might actually be a terrorist.

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Shock News : Sea Ice Is Above Normal

I overlaid NSIDC’s north and south extent graphs at the same scale, and am having a very difficult time seeing the climate catastrophe. NSIDC stretches the y-axis of their Arctic graphs and chops off the y-axis at 5 million km², … Continue reading

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Superstition Destroying Cuba Beaches

Twitter / ClimateSilence: Many of Cuba’s beaches are …

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Drudge Says Worst Fire In Colorado’s History

Amazing! Bigger than the 1898 fire which burned 50,000,000 acres. FOREST FIRES IN COLORADO. – People in Northwest Part of the State Said to be Fleeing for Their Lives — Loss Will Be Enormous. – View Article – NYTimes.com

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FBI Chief Says That Spying On Citizens Has Massively Improved In The Last Six Weeks

The FBI has shrugged off growing congressional anxiety over its surveillance of US citizens, claiming such programs could have foiled the 9-11 terrorist attacks and would prevent “another Boston”. Pilots exercising their second amendment rights would have foiled the 9-11 … Continue reading

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