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Lightning Strike Causes Religious Conversion

One Meteorologist’s Come-to-Jesus Moment on Climate Change Like many TV weathermen, Stu Ostro didn’t believe in climate change—until extreme weather and scientific evidence changed his mind. Ever since he was a kid, Stu Ostro has been, in his own words, “obsessed … Continue reading

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“If We Don’t Reduce Our CO2 Emissions, Ten Years From Now I Will Weigh 300 Pounds”

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My Arctic Summer Forecast

I predict that Arctic ice will decline for the next 85 days or so. After that it will increase. Some Polar Bear cubs will die.  Bill McKibben will blame every weather event on you. COI | Centre for Ocean and … Continue reading

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Global Warming To Make Alarmist’s Brains Shrivel Up And Disappear

Global warming makes animals grow huge! With global warming, will iguanas grow as big as Komodo dragons? Global warming makes animals shrink Global Warming is Making Animals Shrink: Research

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Workplace Violence Explained

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people, told a judge on Tuesday that he believed he was defending the lives of the Taliban leadership in Afghanistan from American military personnel when he went on a … Continue reading

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Sergeant Schultz In The White House

So many things Obama doesn’t know He didn’t know that his spiritual mentor and long time pastor was an America hating racist He didn’t know that his literary agent  promoted his as being “born in Kenya” – for 17 years.  He didn’t know where his … Continue reading

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40% Is The New 97%

Christie’s appeal rises above polarized nation, NBC/WSJ poll shows It’s a combination that’s led to 40 percent of Republicans, 41 percent of independents and 43 percent of Democrats seeing him in a positive light. In other words, he isn’t popular … Continue reading

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