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Correlation Achieved!

Belief in global warming correlates directly with the increase in mind-altering drugs. ADHD med usage doubles in 5 years The use of medication to treat ADHD has more than doubled in the last five years, in part due to more … Continue reading

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Tesla : It Only Costs $90,000, And Takes A Minumum Of Half An Hour To Recharge Every Three Hours

the Model S, currently priced between $60,000-90,000. The profit that Tesla reported in the first quarter of this year was not achieved entirely through selling cars, but through selling $68 million in Zero-Emissions credits through California state law. In other words, Tesla … Continue reading

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Obama’s First Day In Office – He Shut Gitmo And Fixed Relations With Iran

BBC NEWS | UK | Obama’s first day grips papers Four and a half years later, the BBC still believes everything Obama says.

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Guardian Believes That The US Government Is Corrupt, Yet They Believe Anything The US Government Says About Global Warming

Bradley Manning and us: a soldier for truth on trial | Molly Crabapple | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk Did Guardian writers have their brain hemispheres separated at birth?

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Dear Mr. President

Based on your other abuse of power scandals, it seems safe to assume that you are illegally spying on skeptic’s electronic communications. It must be very disappointing to find out that there is no conspiracy and no money involved. Just … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Americans And Progressives

Americans believe that the founders of the US were brilliant, exceptional and extraordinary men and women. Americans believe in the US Constitution. Progressives believe that the founding fathers were bitter people who clung to guns and religion, and the Constitution … Continue reading

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Violent Crime Is Up In Anti-2nd Amendment Counties – And Down In Pro-2nd Amendment Counties

NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) – The FBI says that violent crime rose across the United States last year. They said nothing of the sort. This is what they actually said. The report found that violent crime was up in metropolitan areas … Continue reading

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Climate Skeptics Threaten The Security Of The State

Climate skeptics are the new Jews.

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He Can’t Control His Eating, But He Can Control The Weather

Twitter / algore: The climate crisis is a challenge …

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You Didn’t Build That

US National Debt – refresh for latest Pay no attention to the number above! The real number to worry about is the 0.0001 increase in CO2 mole fraction.

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