No Money For Air Traffic Controllers, But Plenty Of Money For Al Qaeda

Al-Qaeda insurgents have now crossed into Syria in an effort to bring down the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad. The armed presence of the terror group raises new concerns over what factions within the Syrian anti-government coalition will emerge triumphant if and when Assad falls

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3 Responses to No Money For Air Traffic Controllers, But Plenty Of Money For Al Qaeda

  1. phodges says:

    Common, we have been throwing money at these guys for 30 years.

    Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Libya, Syria.

    Those are just where they are stupid enough to be our proxy army. The number of nations in which they have given us an excuse for military action is even longer.

    Very useful idiots.

    I mean the takfiri salfists, not the American public paying for it all.

  2. Tom says:

    No money for Air Traffic Controllers?

    Your editorial on the Obama administration’s efforts to maximize the pain of the sequester through air-traffic-controller furloughs, might have reported that the Federal Aviation Administration’s operating budget is fully funded by user fees collected directly from the travelers who were delayed.

    Airline customers are paying directly for the air-traffic control system and have done so since the passage of the Airport and Airway Revenue Act of 1970. The FAA fiscal year 2013 operating budget is $9.72 billion, while $11.53 billion in user fees were collected from airline-industry passengers in 2011, the most recent year available (source: FAA fact sheet, February 2012). As of the end of FY 2012 the Airport and Airways Trust Fund which holds these user fees had a surplus of $10.3 billion, enough to fully fund this year’s FAA operations budget from cash on hand.

  3. gator69 says:

    Arab Spring turns to Radical Islamist Summer, with a little sprinkle of Militant-Gro from Skeeter.

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