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2013 Continues To Be The Quietest Fire Season On Record

Acreage burned this year has been less than one third of average for the date. National Interagency Fire Center

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Understanding “Weapons Of War”

Lefties say that “military weapons of war” (self-reloading rifles) don’t belong in civilian hands. If you point out that 99.9999% of these rifles are never used in a crime, and are an excellent deterrent against both crime and tyranny, they then … Continue reading

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500 Dead In June, 1842 Tornado

30 Dec 1896 – The Sydney Morning Herald – p6

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1975 : Mondale Predicted The Future

Senator MONDALE. Given another day and another President, another perceived risk, and someone breathing hot down the neck of the military leader then in charge of the NSA; demanding a review based on another watch list, another wide sweep to … Continue reading

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Genocide Can Only Happen After They Disarm The Victims

The UN oversaw the genocide in Rwanda, and now they want to disarm Americans.

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Simple Ways To Reduce Crime, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Global Warming And Terrorism

Don’t let anyone own anything. All property belongs to the state and is evenly distributed. Allow the police to enter anyone’s place of residence at any time. This would greatly reduce red tape and delays in getting crimes solved. Government … Continue reading

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Understanding The White House Philosophy

My wife grew up in the Soviet Union. The core philosophy was to create a a safe and uniform society, largely by having everyone spying on everyone else. The KGB primarily consisted of tens of millions of civilians keeping track … Continue reading

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The Beauty Of Going Green

If we cut off the fossil fuel supply, every last tree would be cut down within six months. Tough call – a tiny increase in CO2 vs. a complete environmental and human catastrophe.

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Understanding The First Amendment

Free speech means that as long as you publicly agree with Obama – the IRS, EPA and DOJ are less likely to target you.

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Obama Says Congress Knew : Congress Says Obama Is Lying

Several lawmakers said they had not been briefed on the Obama administration’s classified programs to monitor cellphone and Internet traffic. That’s in direct contradiction to President Barack Obama’s assertion. The president said on Friday that “every member of Congress” has … Continue reading

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