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Syrian Rebels Celebrate 9/11 – Praise Osama

Obama is sending weapons to these people. Background checks are apparently only for Americans

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Record Cold Arctic Temperatures Drop Below Freezing Again

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut It looks to me like this is the latest below freezing mean temperature ever recorded in June. They have had 24 hours of sunshine for several weeks now.

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Taxation Without Representation

Obama plans to bypass Congress in actions which will force electricity prices to “skyrocket” (his words.) He also refuses to listen to any opposing opinions from the public “the time for denial is over” In the 18th century, this was … Continue reading

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Always Count On Dana To Introduce A Meaningless Statistic

Earth to Dana. The tweet was deleted from the White House account where I posted it. Obviously I didn’t delete it from my own account.

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White House Admits Climate Policy Is “Marketing”

Twitter / Revkin: Whatever your views on #AGW, … Factual data is not relevant to White House climate policy, only “projections.” “Who cares?”   “What difference does it make?”

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Andy Revkin Goes To Bat Against White House Censorship

(1) Andy Revkin (Revkin) on Twitter

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November 2012 : Obama Proudly Signs The Whistleblower Protection Act

President Signs Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA) – Government Accountability Project

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2013 Continues To Be The Quietest Fire Year On Record

National Interagency Fire Center

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Massive 1898 Colorado Fire Caused By Excessive Refried Bean Consumption

The fires which are reported cover most of the northwestern part of the state The Deseret News – Google News Archive Search

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A Change Of Plan

Climate alarmists spent the past couple of decades telling us that the land heats much more quickly than the ocean. But now that land temperatures have cooled for the past decade, they tell us that the oceans heat much more … Continue reading

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