Drudge Says Worst Fire In Colorado’s History

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Amazing! Bigger than the 1898 fire which burned 50,000,000 acres.

FOREST FIRES IN COLORADO. – People in Northwest Part of the State Said to be Fleeing for Their Lives — Loss Will Be Enormous. – View Article – NYTimes.com

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14 Responses to Drudge Says Worst Fire In Colorado’s History

  1. Andy DC says:

    Maybe you should start a trash fire in your back yard and get 24/7 coverage on 20 different stations for the fire of the millennium.

    Today, after 3 days of hysteria about severe weather in Washington, DC, with everything shutting down early, we had garden variety 10 minute summer shower.

  2. Tim says:

    I was wondering how long before you posted on this misleading story…..it is ONLY accurate if you count number of homes destroyed, but of course it doesnt say that….

    • Over the past 20 years, there has been a huge amount of construction in pine forest which normally burns every 20 years or so.

    • ACR says:

      Good point, Tim. So the term “worst” fire is really a function of the number of homes in Colorado and not the severity of the fires. That said, I’ve got to believe the 1898 fires destroyed more than 360 homes.

  3. Jorge says:

    This is part of the campaign from the warming nutters to scare people into thinking weather activity this summer is abnormal. They’ve gotten to the point where any activity at all, be it normal or not, is spun as abnormal or unusual. They tried to spin that tornado as the worst ever, remember? They were salavating at that storm which never became more than a tropical storm and they’ve been trying to link these very normal, and below average, forest fires to AGW for a month or more now. Every event will be spun as worst ever, count on it. It was like last summer in Australia, where “climatologists” all summer made headline news over every weather disturbance and heat wave. By summer’s end, they declared it the hottest EVER. The satelites said it was the 14th hottest in the past 34 years. These people are liars and nuts. They’re like the followers of Charles Manson waiting for Helter Skelter.

  4. ACR says:

    Re: TS Andrea

    Did any land based stations report tropical storm force winds from TS Andrea? The highest winds associated with TS Andrea that I’m aware of were 37 m.p.h winds recorded at Punta Gorda, Fla. The NHC claimed tropical storm force winds lasting for days all along the Eastern Seaboard.

  5. Jorge says:

    It was just like that storm we were supposed to get yesterday which was to affect one-fifth of all people. That turned out to be a whole lot of nothing.

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