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Obama Saturday Speech : Global Warming Is Wrecking The United States

75% of the US is below normal temperatures this year, and Obama tells the American people that dictatorial action is needed to keep the US from overheating. YearTDeptUS.png (688×531)

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McKibben Has Succeeded In Driving A Nation Insane

In July, 1989, I drove my German Shepherd from Flagstaff to Newport Beach in my Honda Civic with no a/c. It was 122F in Needles and I brought a few gallons of water to pour on the dog and keep … Continue reading

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Telegraph Going For The World Record Global Warming BS

Death Valley is 121F this afternoon. 7-Day Zone Forecast for Death Valley National Park In July 1913, they hit 134 F – during a week which averaged 129F for the high. The only world record is the amount of nonsense … Continue reading

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Another Day Of Record Cold Over The Arctic Ocean

The summer of 2013 is blowing away all cold records north of 80N COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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Understanding Alarmist Spam

Reggie has been spamming all day about “insanely hot weather melting the ice at the McKenzie River delta” Temperatures today offshore of the McKenzie River delta were more than 2.5C below normal. Animation using Javascript Animation Player

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Team Goebbels In The Arctic

The NW Passage Rowing team has been generating publicity all over the world, claiming that they can row through the Arctic because global warming has melted the ice. Now we find out that what they are actually doing. They are … Continue reading

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Beaufort Sea Ice Getting Jammed Up Against The Coast

arctic.io – Daily Satellite View + Observations: Canada-Inuvik, 8-N71.670629-W126.965164 The animation above shows how ice in the Beaufort Sea is getting packed tightly up against the Canadian coast.  Drift forecasts for the next week indicate that this pattern will continue.

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Quit? Or Cheat?

The Northwest Passage rowers are facing 100% concentration ice, which is being further aggravated by a strong drift of multi-year ice from the pole. The ice is moving south at a rate of over 1000 feet per hour. Their boat … Continue reading

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This Woman Can Save The Planet

(CNN) — An Indian airline has hit on possibly the worthiest excuse yet for hiring slim women as cabin crew — it saves fuel and therefore money. Airline recruits women to save fuel – CNN.com

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Arctic Conspiracy Theorists

Climate nutjobs are spreading rumors all over the Internet that this region near the North Pole is a huge hole in the ice. arctic.io – Arctic Terra – (2013/179)

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