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Obama Elevates Himself Above The Laws Of Economics And Thermodynamics

In Saturday’s statement, Obama emphasized the economic opportunities that could come from tackling carbon emissions. “We’ll need scientists to design new fuels, and farmers to grow them,” he said. “We’ll need engineers to devise new sources of energy, and businesses … Continue reading

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American People: “We expect White House to comply with the US Constitution”

The White House has shown no respect for the rights of people inside or outside the United States, and now makes demands based on an imagined moral authority?

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They Care About The Poor So Much – That They Want To Freeze Them To Death

Obama wants to “make electricity prices skyrocket” in order to protect the poor from global warming. CNN’s Christiane Amanpour speaks with Nobel Prize-winning climatologist Richard Alley about why the poor will be more likely to notice the effects of global … Continue reading

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1871 Climate Alarmism Identical To The Present

During the 1870s, society was plagued with climate alarmists imagining a change in climate – and claiming that every weather event was unprecedented. Exactly the same foolishness which we hear today. IMAGINARY CHANGES OF CLIMATE. We have often noticed that … Continue reading

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No Progress In Climate Science For Nearly A Century

13 May 1926 – CHANGING CLIMATE OF EUROPE. WINTER BECOMES WARMER. The only difference is that now they say that CO2 makes winters colder in Germany.

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Perfect Farming Conditions In Greenland

With temperatures just above the freezing mark at mid-summer, the corn crop is really taking off.

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Al Gore Upset That Scientists Want Him To Stop Lying About The Climate

6/11/13 2:07 PM EDT Former Vice President Al Gore lamented today that scientists “will not let us link record-breaking” tornadoes in Oklahoma and elsewhere to climate change because of inadequate record keeping on the twisters. “But when you put more … Continue reading

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Thin, Rotten, Doomed Arctic Ice Grows 15% Since Last Year To Ten Year High

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut Leading government climate experts say that it will all be melted in a few weeks. BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’

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A Couple of Comments about the Oppenheimer and Trenberth Op-Ed in the Washington Post

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NCEP Forecasting Continuing Record Cold Over The Arctic Ocean

10-Day Temperature Outlook First time I have  seen them forecast below freezing temperatures over the Arctic Ocean this time of year.

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