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Shock News : White House Finds Out That They Have Squandered All Of Their Credibility

Yesterday Today Perhaps Obama will  send some drones to Hong Kong in order to  further enhance his international reputation.

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Washington Snowden Strategy Explained

Stake US credibility on having China return him Make sure he knows that he won’t receive a fair trial back in the US Declare him to be an enemy of the US, while he is in Russia and still in … Continue reading

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Obama To Change Government Role In Coal Pricing

Coal companies used to conspire to keep coal prices up, and the government used to have to intervene to keep coal at fair market prices. No Obama is conspiring to keep coal prices up, and coal companies are fighting to … Continue reading

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Aztec President To Announce That Sacrifice Is Needed To Prevent Future Bad Weather

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White House Teleprompter Smokes Too Much Choom – Gets Confused

Tuesday, June 25 The overwhelming consensus of people who make their living off spreading climate alarmism tell me that I can take people’s attention off my scandals by blaming every weather event on Republicans. They also say that I need … Continue reading

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Almost A Year Away From His Favorite Sport

It has now been almost year since Obama “(did) skeet shooting all the time” The sacrifices he makes as President are heartwarming.

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Dramatic Decline In June Hurricanes As CO2 Has Risen

US June hurricane frequency has declined by 80% since the 1850s.  June hurricane landfalls used to occur about once every four years, but now they occur less than once every 20 years. Chronological List of All Hurricanes Obama is hoping … Continue reading

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No US June Hurricanes Since CO2 Rose Above 350 PPM

The US hasn’t had a June hurricane since 1986, when Bonnie hit Texas. But in June 1957, Louisiana was hit by a category 4 hurricane with 145 MPH winds which killed 500 people. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Google News Archive Search During … Continue reading

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Google News Gives Snowden A Clever Disguise

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Obama To Punish China By Sending More American Jobs There

Obama is very upset that China didn’t send Snowden back to the US, so Obama plans to punish China by raising US electricity rates and thus sending more US jobs to Asia.

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