Hansen Shock News : Soot Twice As Powerful As CO2

Plausible estimates for the effect of soot on snow and ice albedos (1.5% in the Arctic and 3% in Northern Hemisphere land areas) yield a climate forcing of 0.3 Wm2 in the Northern Hemisphere. The ‘‘efficacy’’ of this forcing is 2, i.e., for a given forcing it is twice as effective as CO2 in altering global surface air temperature.


CO2 is the most powerful force in the Universe, and soot is twice as powerful.

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24 Responses to Hansen Shock News : Soot Twice As Powerful As CO2

  1. gator69 says:

    It is much more than twice zero.

  2. scizzorbill says:

    All this incredible forcing; yet the global annual temperature is declining. If CO2 and soot don’t get the cooling trend reversed, they will have to do something drastic. I suggest changing the Earth’s orbit to Venus’s orbit, and moving Venus to our orbit, thereby giving Venus a break and Earth a quick warming trend the Alarmist’s so desperately long for.

  3. Jean-Paul says:

    I’m really astounded by the fact that no one realised till now – as far as I know – that the shrinking of the Arctic is essentially an oceanic fact. Greenland is not thawing. Neither is Siberia. The cold is on the land, and the warmth on the seas. The seas are warm, and not the atmosphere. Why? Nobody answered that question, let alone having noticed it. And yet, a quick look at the maps clearly shows it.

  4. edcaryl says:

    The southwestern edge of Greenland is thawing, in the melt season, because soot accumulates in the bottoms of the supra glacial lakes. Until the ice gets washed away by a pond draining, it will remain to enhance melt through multiple seasons. On the arctic ocean, soot is accumulating on the surface of all ice. As the melt season progresses, soot is concentrated on the surface, enhancing melt. More is concentrated on multi-year ice. When the ice completely melts, the soot goes to the bottom. Over time this leads to less multi-year ice because it gets preferentially melted. On land, soot on snow becomes soot on ground the next spring. When China cuts off the soot, the ice will recover. I don’t see that happening soon.

  5. Andy DC says:

    Soot is caused by evil humans. Same with CO2. The only solution is to exterminate them all (sarc)!

  6. donald penman says:

    The decrease in arctic ice may be caused by Asia but is it just a coincidence that all the ice that was causing so much trouble to the oil drilling operation has now gone.

  7. TonyS says:

    Soot explains the lack of warming. In other words, the world would have been in catastrophically warm temperatures by now and the forecasts of no snow, loss of Arctic ice and so forth would have all been true if it wasn’t for the soot, which has had little research. The alarmists had to come up with something remotely plausible to explain the lack of warming. Soot seems to be another straw to grasp.

  8. tckev says:

    IMO the Great Ocean Convey has more to do with the state of the Arctic that most things.


  9. papiertigre says:

    All in favor of Grist organizing volunteers with snow shovels to clear the fresh soot off of Greenland.

  10. bowdawg says:

    Arctic sea ice extent, area and volume are at record lows and still falling. (So much the the short melt season predicted by you, Goddard) All 6 of the the lowest years for sea ice extent from satellite records have happened in the last six years. Yet people here are still spouting myths about global warming not happening.

    You people are swimming in that big Egyptian river, bathing in the waters of de Nile.

  11. Me says:

    Some people do realize that allot of that is because of wind blown silt and sediment from bare and weathered rock and earth from which nothing grows under the ice up there.

  12. Chillville says:

    With the biggest NH temperature drop coming before next February 15th, what will the alarmists have to say?
    Our forecast is calling for an even 20 degrees F tomorrow night, which isn’t a record, as we hit that August 28th, 1918.

  13. PaddikJ says:

    “CO2 is the most powerful force in the Universe, and soot is twice as powerful.”

    At least until the particles melt the snow/ice around them & sink below the surface where sunlight can no longer reach them.

  14. BaldHill says:

    Soot was the preferred culprit for the coming of the next ice age in the 70’s.
    So it turns out that that 30 year cooling period was natural.
    Anyway you get the drift and the current 30 years are up.
    The best thing to do for everyone in the temperate climes is to enjoy the sunshine while still possible.

  15. Sleepalot says:

    …and asphalt is more powerful than soot!

  16. CraigM says:

    ” CO2 is the most powerful force in the Universe, and soot is twice as powerful” I have some rats in my garden maybe I should stop trying to trap/poison them and use some Co2 alchemy. I also am hoping that global warming will turn my lead into gold 😉

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