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My Forecasts

I predict that there will be heat, cold, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and other kinds of bad weather in the future. While we can’t tie any specific weather event to the drop in the average IQ, we can say that attributing … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather In 1871

Florida was hit by two hurricanes during the second half of August 1871, including a major hurricane. A few weeks later, massive forest forest fires burned up two million acres in the Great Lakes region – killing thousands of people … Continue reading

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US Summers Getting Cooler Since 1895

Two of the five coolest summers in US history occurred during the last ten years. The summer of 2003 was more than six degrees cooler than 1936. Afternoon temperatures were much hotter during the 1930s, with many more record maximum temperatures.

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Intervention Required : To End The Stupidization Of America

“A large majority of Americans believe that global warming made several high profile extreme weather events worse, including the unusually warm winter of December 2011 and January 2012 (72%), record high summer temperatures in the U.S. in 2011 (70%), the … Continue reading

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Visualizing The Greenland Meltdown

summit:site The Greenland Summit camp is on stilts, so that they can jack it up to keep it from getting buried by the metre of meltdown which accumulates every year.

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Only A Few Days Left For The Jay Zwally 2012 Ice-Free Arctic

Temperatures will drop below freezing at the North Pole in a few days, ending any possibility of melt there. COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut With 70% of the Arctic Basin covered with ice, that … Continue reading

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CO2 Bubble Abandons The Midwest

A giant CO2 bubble has been sitting over the midwest and fueling a phenomenal barrage of spectacular climate lies  from James Hansen and other IPCC members in recent weeks, but the bubble is dissipating – leaving only unseasonably cool weather later in the week. … Continue reading

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Trenberth/Hansen 15 Years On

Kevin Trenberth told us 15 years ago that El Ninos were increasing due to global warming, even though there wasn’t one shred of evidence or rational thought process behind it. Hansen forecasts a big El Nino every year. Sadly, the first couple … Continue reading

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Is Today The Day Which NOAA Will Lie About July?

I’m looking forward to NOAA’s fraudulent claim that July was the hottest ever, so that I can rip their claim to shreds.

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Florence Suffering From Depression

Another cloud free storm from NOAA

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