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Just How Dense Is Joe Romm?

Joe reports the shocking news that it is hot in Arizona – in the summer. Summer temperatures in Arizona peaked in 1896, and recent summers have been among the coolest on record. As I mentioned earlier, I was a student … Continue reading

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Shock News For Climate Science : The Earth Is Not Flat

Climate science is full of geniuses forecasting an ice-free Arctic, based on what has happened at 70 degrees north since the peak ice year of 1980. However, new research from the 15th century has determined that the Earth is not flat, and … Continue reading

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Canary Flies West To Escape The Cold

The canary in the global warming coal mine barely escaped the cold in Alaska, and was recently spotted in Chicago. The environs there have also become too cold, so it is has moved to Arizona. Twitter / billmckibben: NYT: Phoenix … Continue reading

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In Search Of The Ice-Free Arctic Camera

18.jpg (1024×576)

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New York Times Drought Stupidity : Part Two

In 1996 the NYT said that severe droughts were common in the past Anasazi had weathered many severe droughts in the past. Why did the one in the late 13th century cause an entire population to abandon the settlements they … Continue reading

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Pinheads Counting Angels Is Back In Style!

Melting over the Greenland ice sheet shattered the seasonal record on August 8 – a full four weeks before the close of the melting season, reports Marco Tedesco, assistant professor of Earth and atmospheric sciences at The City College of … Continue reading

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Trend Towards Permanent Darkness

In June, the sun set about 8:30 pm. Now it sets much earlier. At this rate, we will have a sunshine-free Colorado by next summer.  Zwally™

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The Trend Towards An Intelligence-Free Discussion About The Arctic

JAXA shows that we should have an ice-free Arctic in about the year infinity, which is why experts keep making fools out of themselves predicting dates from 2008 to 2030. Perhaps they have invented a new kind of ice which … Continue reading

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Blowing In The Wind

Essentially all of the remaining Arctic ice is either thick or north of 80N, where temperatures are below freezing. Any changes in extent over the next few weeks will depend almost entirely on which way the wind blows.

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CNN Accuses Romney Of Starting A War Overseas

In 1980, when they saw their bad ship Carter sinking, the press started claiming that Reagan was a warmonger who was going to kill us all. They are back at it in 2012 Will Romney and Ryan take America to war? By … Continue reading

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