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White House Fraudster Thinks Americans Are Gullible And Stupid

In 2008 he promised to bankrupt the coal industry . Now he needs votes in Ohio and is accusing Romney of being anti-coal industry.

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Smoking Something In Flagstaff And Boulder

From Northern Arizona University via the NSIDC website 30 July 2012 A new scientific study indicates the turn-of-the-century drought in the North American West was the worst of the last millennium—with major impacts to the carbon cycle and hints of … Continue reading

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The Man Made Hockey Stick

The graph below shows the almost two degree US upwards adjustment trend being applied by USHCN between the raw thermometer data and the published monthly data. The adjustments they are making are greater than the claimed trend, meaning that all man made … Continue reading

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The Disappearing USHCN Data

Besides the fact that they were caught red handed manually tampering with the post 2008 data, another possible reason why USHCN deleted four years worth of monthly data off their server on Sunday is that it makes it impossible to investigate when they make their fraudulent … Continue reading

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Time Magazine : Worst Magazine Ever?

Tim Magazine is convinced that global warming is going to kill us all. In 1974, they were sure that global cooling was going to kill us all. In 1974, they blamed drought and flooding on global cooling. Now they blame … Continue reading

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Worst Scientists In History

In Galileo’s time, scientists ignored some relatively subtle perturbations in planetary orbits in order to maintain their dogmatic beliefs of an Earth-centric universe. Things are much worse now, because scientists actively alter the data – and ignore the vast bulk of the available climate record prior to … Continue reading

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1972 Olympic Deja Vu

In 1972, the referee at the US/Russia  basketball match had his mind made up that Russia was going to beat the US. Spokane Daily Chronicle – Google News Archive Search We had a repeat yesterday in women’s soccer – with the referee determined … Continue reading

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New Paper Cherrypicks The 1970s Ice Age Scare For Comparing Heatwaves

Yes,  the 1970s were cold. Why not compare against the 1930s? This is junk science at its worst Extreme Heat Is Covering More of the Earth, a Study Says – NYTimes.com In 1999, Hansen said the exact opposite of what … Continue reading

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Time Magazine Goes Full Stupid On Drought

Why the Drought Won’t Be Getting Better Anytime Soon — and Why This One Won’t Be the Last The droughts gets broader and deeper, covering more than three-fifths of the continental U.S. And scientific studies show that this sort of … Continue reading

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More USHCN Madness

The graph below shows last month’s version of USHCN final minus TOBS. TOBS itself is completely out of control, but what is this additional steadily increasing two degree adjustment about? It is not documented by USHCN, which only admits another 0.2F above TOBS. … Continue reading

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