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NSIDC : Satellite Measurements Of Ice Are Consistently Wrong

“NIC charts are produced through the analyses of available in situ, remote sensing, and model data sources. They are generated primarily for mission planning and safety of navigation. NIC charts generally show more ice than do passive microwave derived sea … Continue reading

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One Hurricane In Virginia Since 1955

In 1955, major hurricane Connie struck Virginia. Since then, the only other hurricane was category 2 Isabel in 1993. During the 1870s (when CO2 was very safe) Virginia was hit by three hurricanes, including a major hurricane.

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Almost 110 Years Since New Jersey Was Hit By A Hurricane

The last hurricane to strike New Jersey occurred in 1903.

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Obama Hoping To Put All Americans $50,000 In Debt By Election Day

debtiv.gif (421×41)

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Cancelling My Labor Day Tee Time

The massive July meltdown wrecked the Greenland Country Club. I simply can’t play on fairways with such low albedo. summit:status:webcam

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Shock News : There Were Icebergs In 1901

Our alarmist friends are trained to drool when they see a picture of an iceberg, but apparently they existed before the soccer mom was invented. 20 Sep 1901 – A CRASH INTO AN ICEBERG. Over Forty Lives Lost. …

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Clean Sweep Of Google

Looks like the White House has been busy. The May 18 Obama born in Kenya Dystel/Goderich pamphlet story, has disappeared from Google News.   News search May 2012

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Twenty Five Degrees Cooler In Iowa Than 1936

The forecast high for Rock Rapids, Iowa tomorrow is 84 degrees. It was 109 degrees on the same date in 1936. Experts tell us that 2012 is hotter than 1936. Iowa temperatures August 24, 1936 ROCK RAPIDS 109 LOGAN 108 … Continue reading

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Tom Karl Shock Claim : All Weather Is Affected By Physics

OCT 23, 2001 Do most scientists who believe in the greenhouse effect say that we should expect to see more environmental catastrophes in the next 25 to 50 years? I don’t think of this as a futuristic problem but as … Continue reading

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End Of The World Update

An ice cube broke off the Petermann Glacier last month and floated away, which prompted warnings of imminent doom for all humans. //ARCTIC.IO/OBSERVATIONS/8/2012-08-22/Greenland

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