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They Just Don’t Make Droughts Like They Used To

The current extreme drought in Colorado is typified by lush green vegetation, daily rain and floods. In the old days, droughts used to involve dust and dead things. That was also the days when hurricanes used to actually have hurricane force … Continue reading

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Romm / McKibben Think That Glass Melts At 114F

World class stupidity on display “WOW. It’s so hot in Oklahoma that the streetlights are melting,” ThinkProgress declared, noting the temperature topping off at 114 degrees. “Hey Senator @InhofePress, even your streetlights are saying #ImTooHot http://ow.ly/cHbX4,” the Climate Reality Project tweeted later, linking … Continue reading

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No Fires In Arizona, New Mexico Or Colorado

I wonder when was the last time that happened during summer? National Interagency Fire Center

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About Ready To Give Up On The Fox Soccer Channel

The only reason I own a TV is to watch European football on the Fox Soccer Channel. It was great for a few years, but they have started throwing ads up in the middle of the game – which normally block critical stuff going … Continue reading

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Why Isn’t This Guy Being Investigated For Racketeering?

After years of denying global warming, physicist Richard Muller now says “global warming is real and humans are almost entirely the cause.” Climate Skeptic, Koch-Funded Scientist Richard Muller Admits Global Warming Real & Humans The Cause He is promoting a … Continue reading

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Switching My Support To Romney

Until 11:00 this morning I was a hard core Obama supporter. Then I undertook the most important  political study ever undertaken, and the results shocked me. They showed that Obama is a terrible president who threatens to destroy the US. – Dr. … Continue reading

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UN Man Who Oversaw Rwanda Massacre, Resigns From Same Role In Syria Massacre

Annan Casts Blame Widely as He Resigns as Syria Envoy Frustrated by the seemingly intractable Syrian conflict, Kofi Annan announced his resignation on Thursday as the special peace envoy of the United Nations and the Arab League, throwing new doubts … Continue reading

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Why Has This Data Been Deleted From The NASA Web Site?

The data resided at this URL before they deleted it. http://www.giss.nasa.gov/data/update/gistemp/graphs/FigD.txt They also tampered with the graph below last year, before I called them on it. The only way that could have happened is if someone attempted to manually alter … Continue reading

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LA Times Continues To Lie To Their Readers

Climate change science, not hype The NASA press release said that this happens about every 153 years, and that this event was right  on schedule. The author of this article chose to intentionally mislead the readers of the Los Angeles Times. … Continue reading

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Why All The Okies Left Muskogee During The 1930s

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