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Full Stupid At Huffington Post

You can`t make this stuff up So why should we listen to Hansen as opposed to, say, Sen. James Inhofe or radio personality Rush Limbaugh? For starters, Inhofe and Limbaugh have absolutely no background in climate science. Their (inaccurate) assessments … Continue reading

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Summit Camp Missed The Imaginary Meltdown

The Greenland Summit Camp takes part in a regularly updated Arctic blog. No one seems to have mentioned the NASA phony meltdown, apparently because it was a total non-event. Archives for July 2012 | Field Notes

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August 2012 – State Of The Climate Report

Quietest tornado summer on record Quietest hurricane summer on record Quietest long term hurricane period since the Civil War No global warming for 16 years No change in sea level rise rates Record cold in the midwest Average fire season A … Continue reading

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Canadian Climate Expert Needed : Ability To Lie Is The Only Requirement

Higher seas, more storms for Victoria, B.C.: climate report CBC News Posted: Aug 18, 2012 The report predicts temperatures in Victoria could rise by more than two degrees by 2050, the amount of summer rain could drop by 32 per … Continue reading

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GISS Diverging From RSS At A Spectacular Rate

It is the mid-troposphere anti hot spot, aka Hansen data tampering. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs h/t to Suyts

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Long Hot Summer Is Over

The BPL is back in action, with Villas-Boas stinking up his second London club in two years.

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Another Obama Green Energy Scam Bites The Dust

Green energy firm sacks two-thirds of American workforce days after receiving $32 million government loan AP BY: CJ Ciaramella August 16, 2012 5:00 am Just days after the Export-Import Bank approved a multi-million dollar federal loan guarantee to benefit a … Continue reading

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The New Extreme

NOAA counts the mild US weather in March and August as “extreme weather” because it doesn’t suck like the weather normally does during those months. A mild day in winter is extreme, as is a cool day in summer. Definition … Continue reading

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Record Lows Outnumber Record Highs Twenty To One


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1950 : Glaciers Melting – Sea Ice Disappearing – Animals Migrating North – Viking Farms Reappearing


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