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Visualizing The Hansen Effect

August 6, 2012 Recent heat waves that have triggered wildfires, droughts, and heat-related deaths in the United States and around the globe “almost certainly would not have occurred” without global warming—and will become more routine in coming years, NASA climate scientist James Hansen says. … Continue reading

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2012 – Nothing Like 1936

The Ministry Of Truth needs to get on the ball and censor these sort of images

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Rewriting History To Push A Political Agenda

My sense is that the destruction of the US temperature record is a scandal comparable to any in US history, but it is certainly not the first time history has been rewritten to push a political agenda. That was a central theme … Continue reading

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Joe Bastardi Discusses The Record August Weather Turnaround

Guest Post By Joe Bastardi ————————————————————————————————————– Greatest Summer turn around ever? If we take the hot Julys of 52,53,54,34,36,10,11 And look at the August average of what follows we notice the mean of all this can be looked at to … Continue reading

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Nebraska Used To Be Much Hotter

All records from the last ten years were set at new stations which didn’t exist during the 1930s. August 14 Nebraska USHCN record temperatures Temp Year(s) HASTINGS 4N 110 1936 FRANKLIN 108 1936 PAWNEE CITY 108 1936 TECUMSEH 1S 108 … Continue reading

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No Ice At Barrow?

How is it that the satellites are missing all this ice? //ARCTIC.IO/OBSERVATIONS/8/2012-08-14/8-N71.799266-W153.693448 The Arctic rowers stuck at Barrow are complaining that the ice-free claims they are being told are incorrect.  There is lots of ice blocking Barrow now, and it … Continue reading

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A Disturbing Trend In Atmospheric CO2

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Shock News : Top Cycling State Is Also The Thinnest

The bike trails here in Fort Collins are packed with commuters, and we are also the thinnest state. By contrast, in Columbia, Maryland I spent 2-3 hours a day on high quality dedicated bike trails, and maybe saw a dozen other cyclists over a … Continue reading

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Tiger’s Plane Arrives For The Greenland Open


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A Good Vantage Point To Watch The Zwally Ice Free Arctic Unfold

We can watch the North Pole melt out through this frozen lens. http://psc.apl.washington.edu/northpole/NPEO2012/9.jpg

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