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Why Would Anyone Object To Letting The Opposition Head Coach Also Be The Referee And Scorekeeper?

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A Racially Balanced Blog

I have looked through my posting statistics, and have determined that I make fun of individuals of all races in correct proportion to their percentage of the population. For example – my previous post trashed a white Englishman, a black Englishman, a … Continue reading

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No Points No Goals

Man U at the bottom of the tables after getting beaten senseless by Everton.

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1935 : Russian Ship Sailed 500 Miles From The North Pole In Ice-Free Water

“Remarkable Changes” “Our generation is living in a period when remarkable changes are taking place almost everywhere throughout the world,” writes Professor L. Berg, of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. “‘Certainly these widely distributed phenomena cannot be due to the action of the Gulf Stream, which, however, naturally … Continue reading

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122 (50C) Degrees In Seville, Spain!

That happened 130 years ago. It was the hottest temperature ever recorded in Europe. CO2 was 280 ppm at the time. http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/globalextremes.html

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Met Office Climate Forecast Crashing And Burning

the Met Office’s decadal forecast predicts renewed warming after 2010 with about half of the years to 2015 likely to be warmer globally than the current warmest year on record. Global warming set to continue – Met Office Current score … Continue reading

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1923 Shock News : Radical Climate Change Melting Down The North Pole


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Hottest Year Ever Update

The world’s top climate experts said that an El Nino would make 2012 the hottest year ever. The El Nino came, and 2012 has been colder than 2010 every day except for nine days – averaging 0.36 degrees below 2010. … Continue reading

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Latest From The Experts : Global Warming To Make UK Summers Hot And Cold

Global warming is going to make UK summers cold. The shape of British summers to come? | Science | The Guardian It is also going to make UK summers hot. BBC – BBC Radio 4 Programmes – Costing the Earth, … Continue reading

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McKitten Moves 3,000 Miles East

Twitter / billmckibben: SKy News: ‘hellish’ heat wave … One warm day in Europe and he moves his snake oil show to the east. History | Weather Underground h/t to Marc Morano

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