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1961 : Most Powerful Hurricane In US History

The 1960s brought three of the most intense hurricanes in US history, led by Carla – which made landfall with 173 MPH winds. Joe Romm wasn’t around at the time to blame it on Barry Goldwater. Hurricane Carla – Wikipedia, … Continue reading

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The 25th Anniversary Of The Harmonic Convergence

Twenty five years ago I was living in Sedona, Arizona. On August 16, about 20,000 of the leading whack jobs from all over the planet showed up for a planetary alignment called the “Harmonic Convergence” They were expecting to see a space ship … Continue reading

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The 190 Mile Per Hour Winds Of Hurricane Camille

A few weeks after the first moon landing, the US was hit by a category five hurricane with 190 MPH winds. Hansen tells us that temperatures were cold and CO2 was safe in 1969. Daytona Beach Morning Journal – Google … Continue reading

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The Danger Of Relying On Statistics

From 2008 200805_Figure4.png (2967×1635)

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Droughts Becoming Much Less Common In Iowa

  Iowa, Palmer Modified Drought Index (PMDI), August-July 1896-2012

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Someone Thinks We Are Stupid

August 15, 2012 “We’re going around the country, talking about, ‘How do we put people back to work? How do we improve our schools? How do we make sure that we’re producing American energy? How do we lower our debt … Continue reading

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Disturbing Real Time Imagery Of The Permanent Drought In The Midwest

KMOV Cameras | KMOV.com St. Louis

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Exceptional Drought Nonsense In Macon Georgia

Macon, Georgia has received more than eight inches of rain the last six weeks, and is listed by the US Drought Monitor as having an exceptional drought. The only thing exceptional is the level of BS coming out of the US government.

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Second Coldest August 16 On Record In Fort Collins

Temperatures will probably not make it above 70 degrees today here, which will make it our second coldest August 16 (after 2008) going back to 1893.

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Arctic Melt Season Getting Shorter And Ending Earlier


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