Stop Lying About Greenland

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What a load of BS.  It has been cold all month and lots of snow. The albedo of the Greenland ice sheet is very high. These people have got to stop lying at some point.


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15 Responses to Stop Lying About Greenland

  1. tomwys says:

    Desperation is setting in!

  2. Andy DC says:

    Nothing alarming about that photo!

  3. Shooter says:

    And a study was released saying that Greenland is not as vulnerable as once thought. Greenland is a mass of rock, after all, and it melting would be great for the people that live on it!

  4. Olaf Koenders says:

    I wonder if these bullshitting zealots even know where Greenland is – maybe they could ask a few Vikings..?

  5. Billy in NZ says:

    Sorry,forgot to mention,that is if man made global warming is actually happening.

  6. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings.

  7. Andrew Troup says:

    I’m *bored* with my syunce class.
    I’ll just take a look around the webthing while teecher’s not looking and see what’s new.
    Swayull, hereall’s another page of “science about climate”. Meltfactor ! Waydego !

    Now, where’s my JCF secret codering, handshake diagram, and tablets of stone?
    Right here thay am. Now….. thumbin thru tablets to that thayre Junior Climate Fundamentalist’s “Real Science” checklist:

    Step One: Did they get it Wrong?
    Skip to the bottom and see what answer they get.

    HA! COURSE they got it wrong ! Syuntists alluz do. Looooosers!
    Un-bee-leevible quick, y’no, not having to scope thayre stoopid data or lame method, (yikes – check out their crazy graphs ‘n shit – who’re thay tryin to impress? bet thayall cain’t pull no chicks) like some stooopid suckface sy-unce tee-cher. Ooops – jerk spotted me givin’ dirty-eye … take it EASY Stephen babycakes … don’t wannabe held over ANUTHA year. Alreaday been hyar since thuh Ed Sullivan show …

    Step Two: Verify how they got it Wrong

    Go onto Google to get a clue what they’all’s on about. Oops, Libido, hooo boy, gettn kinda warmin here… get a grip, Steevie … Albedo, schmalbedo…. OK, Here gose: white’s good, black’s bad. Near enough f’ this kid…

    Step Three: Seek independent Data (Data which proves they got it Wrong)

    Hmmm. .. I no, pursuede sum geekbrain t’find a sat’lite snap of that thayre Greenland -is that near Greaseland? You know, where the Grecians come from? Great. Tell loser geekbrain he can slymoff back to his hole. No wunner theyallers lie lyke flatfish. ‘Cos thayre ugly Virjins, is why… He’ll be a syuntist, forshore, fore’n’I gettoudahear.

    Step Four (optional): Verify new Data appears to prove they got it Wrong.

    Hmmm – photo sho nuff looks white to me ! Yee ha Granpa ! Case Closed ! Plus I happened to accidennal inner wunna them thayre backpackering websytes n somewun rote they heard somone else say thay’d talked two a baggige hannler who heard some guy say it was REAL cold ‘n Iceland or Greenlan or Labrador a whiles ago.
    Co-Robber-Aydiv Evay-Dayunts.
    Plus one time it SNODE ! Imagine that ! Hoodathunkit ?

    Step Five: Publish
    NB: await sycophantic chorus of astonishment and delighted support from other JCFs

    Shucks, Haven’t had this much fun since I proved thu earth was flat. Like my paw said, lookin out over them ‘backer fields: “Boy”, he said, “any fool can see it’s flayut.”

    Them thick-rimmed glasses, pocket-protector-wearin’ teachers-pet goons at NASSER shaw must be thicker’n a hog raised on chittlins. Funny how them lyin’ sh*ts are the only uns whose photers make thu earth look curvy. But that’s syuntists for ya !

  8. Gondo says:

    Greenland is losing quite a bit of mass after 1995 and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it could still accelerate a bit if the acceleration of ice streams keeps progressing North.

    • Stephen Richards says:

      Post your data, gonzo so we can tear it to bits

      • Gondo says:

        In typical denialist style you know the answer a priori. There’s a community-paper under review in Science at the moment which shows that all the spaceborne techniques for mass balance estimation agree. That’s altimetry, gravity and InSAR, which all tell that Greenland is losing mass. Denialists cannot just go about inventing “facts”…

  9. David says:

    Even if the loss figures are accurate there is no acceleration in SL rise, even with sill ajustments. And Greenland has more rapidly lost ice many times before as in the 1940s and here…
    Soot may be a strong factor recently
    Natural cycles also

    or volcanism…
    “Scientists have discovered what they think may be another reason why Greenland ‘s ice is melting: a thin spot in Earth’s crust is enabling underground magma to heat the ice…………The ice thickness, the temperature at the base of the ice, and ground topography all contribute to the forming of an ice stream.” Ohio State University

    “Residual heat from volcanic activity may be causing a river of ice to flow in Greenland, a new study indicates……The old crust beneath this 600-square-kilometer region should melt about a few millimeters of ice each year; instead, up to 10 centimeters liquify.” Scientific American

    At any rate, nothing to be concerned about at all.

  10. David says:

    So Gondo, in typical chicken little fashion you wish to implement global goverment to alter likely natural processes, knowing full well that the government solutions will in fact have zero affect on climate, ice gain or loss, SL rise or fall, etc.

    • Gondo says:

      Are you mad? I have no political agenda, I’m simply reporting what is happening to the Earth as we speak. Sceptics still have offered no explanation for the near-catastrophic sudden loss of Arctic sea ice, so AGW is the best availalbe explanation. “Natural variation/cycles” won’t cut it this time.

      • tomwys says:

        Empirical evidence shows the Oceans are warming, and will continue to do so for a while. BUT Land surface temperatures are no longer linked to CO2 increase (and haven’t been over the past 1000 years. See:

        So what’s behind the Arctic melt, primarily caused by left over Gulf Stream waters entering the Arctic Ocean over the Bear Island sill?

        This is re-posted from Suyts Space, Gondo, and should help your understanding a bit:

        Ewing’s and Donn’s theory should be credited for figuring it out!

        As more Arctic Ocean becomes exposed for longer times before being sealed by seasonal pack ice formation, snows around the Arctic will fall earlier each year, in larger amounts, and linger on the ground longer into the spring. Albedo reflectivity from snow is negligible during the dark arctic winter, but both in early fall, and as spring arrives, the snow in higher latitudes remains on the ground longer, and reflectivity increases.

        Thus the central US and the East Coast will experience cooler springs and the transition into summer temperatures, although somewhat later, will be relatively rapid. The US West Coast will have warmer springs and summers, as will Western Europe. Warmer weather may may not make it through October’s end almost everywhere, and winters will be sharply colder.

        The massive pack-ice loss of 2007 followed by a similar loss in 2010 set up “ocean effect” snows on the Arctic Shores that increased reflectivity, and more than made up for the albedo loss of the pack ice that melted in the ocean itself. Colder Northern Hemisphere winters with sharp temperature contrasts were an inevitable result. Europe’s 2010-2011 winter was a consequence and in the US we saw 49 states with some (high albedo) snow on the ground during January 2011. The September 2011 Arctic Ice cover was almost parallel to the 2007 record open Arctic!!! However, a strong “La Niña” stratified weather and temperature over the Northern Hemisphere in 2011 and 2012. It was well covered in, a NYC environmentally oriented radio show on 12/13/2011.

        Watch what happens in 2012-2013 when enormous loss of solar energy resulting from the albedo increase creates a most “interesting” winter! BOTH Sea-Level & land Temperatures will drop!!!

        The multitude of consequences will be stunning, and sadly, improperly understood and reported by the media.

  11. Dave N says:

    Can’t see the lack of albedo for all that white stuff that’s in the way.

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