Proof Of Global Cooling : 660 Record Lows In One Week

We are all going to freeze to death. It is all the fault of global cooling deniers. They made this happen.

HAMweather Climate Center – Record Events for The Past Week – Continental US View

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11 Responses to Proof Of Global Cooling : 660 Record Lows In One Week

  1. Interesting about record cold is that there is no factor artificially adding cold to it like record heat has UHI and siting factors.

  2. fishnski says:

    Looks like that puff of cool air from up north left the Arctic with nothing left to keep the ice from holding…I know in the big picture this has happened b4 but it is still unsettling to me.

    I have a lot invested in winter in the mid Atlantic…I hope the record low ice pack doesnt mean that it will rain on my snow parade this year….will winter continue with little ice in the Arctic?

  3. As I have said ,this is the decade which is going to determine who is correct and who is wrong as to what the temperatures will be doing going forward. I expect to be on the correct side, which is the temperatures by the end of this decade will be lower for the globe, with a greater drop taking place in the N.H.

  4. John Perram says:

    Michael Mann was correct!!!!!!!
    He predicted this in the 70’s

    • fishnski says:

      HUH PART 3…i guess a simple question is too simple for the rocket sturgeons here…
      Im going to guess that a very depleted ice pack will mean a little shorter winters..maybe some more stronger storms including both snow and rain..shorter cold snaps and longer warm spells keeping any snowpack down….thank u for ur support..

  5. I said it before and I will say it again…Neither Record Lows nor Record Highs in certain areas of the Globe during any One Short Period of Time Pretends Global Warming nor Global Cooling! These Seasonal Variations have been occurring over Thousands of Years and are the Result of Many Factors Other than Human Interaction with the Environment!!! Looking the Weather Conditions on the Earth as a Whole will Show you that if you have Warmer than Normal Temperatures in One Place, there will likely be another place on the Earth Experiencing Below Normal Temperatures at that Very Moment!

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