Message From The CEO

IceFreeArcticLLC  Press Release

June, 2008

CEO Jaymark Zwalserslowski announces that at the current rate of growth, our company will be debt free by 2012

2012 update

CEO Jaymark Zwalserslowski announces that the 2008 announcement was a scenario, not a prediction. Any money we may have taken in as a result of our 2008 press release was purely conincidental

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  1. Ahhh. He demonstrates a mastery of the Humpty Dumpty theory of words: words mean exactly what they are intended to mean when they are expressed. Further, the meaning can change at anytime without notice. The reason it is this way is that the theory holds as a fundamental that meaning resides in the mind of the one who utters the words without regard for the reality to which the intent is presumed to refer. This destroys the ability to think or communicate clearly about either the content of ones mind or about reality.

    The payoff is that one never has to say what he means nor mean what he says. Neither does he have to accept any responsibility for what happens as a consequence. The hope is that one can never be held to be wrong about anything said. The unintended consequence is the cost of such a position is that neither can one ever be right except by accident. Unfortunately, since there are far more ways to be wrong than right, such an accident rarely happens.

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