The Ultimate Cherry Pick

Summit Greenland got barely above freezing for a couple of hours, and those became the only hours of interest for the year.


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8 Responses to The Ultimate Cherry Pick

  1. Michael Spencer says:

    But! But! ‘Scientists say’ the ice is melting as we hurtle towards a tipping point.Fires, floods, famines, and pestilence will surely follow!
    Of course, we need some more funding to study this ….

  2. Andy DC says:

    It is apparent from all the golf cart tracks that the course is getting plenty of play on this beautiful August day. Tiger should be arriving soon, to work on his game for next year’s Masters.

  3. Blade says:

    What is it about increased water flow under a bridge during the short ‘melting season’ that is surprising? A warmie called “Phil” showed the same video in this WUWT thread.

    I took a look at it and said “LOL Phil! The video is entitled ‘Broen over Watson River i ruiner 12. juli 2012’ and shows a bridge over a fast flowing river. The Broen (or ‘bridge’ as I can tell) has water flowing under it. Yes, you heard that right, water under a bridge. If you watch the wide shot at 0:23 it looks as if everything is working exactly as designed. The geography shows a well-planned water channel with high embankments (where the roads and people are) and a deep channel where the annual melt-water goes.

    Of course if there really was dangerously increasing melt (there isn’t) then the people could easily convert such a location from a simple bridge to a damn and harvest some of that green energy. The fact that it has not been done (well I cannot be sure from the video, I do see what looks like poured concrete forms of some sort) tells me there isn’t enough predictable energy there to justify the cost. Try again Phil, you can do better than the proverbial water under the bridge!”

    It begs the question, why aren’t you warmies flying up to Greenland to lead a movement to construct dams so that they can save their precious glacier water from running into the oceans? Sounds like a win-win-win to me. Win: the world will be saved from seal-level rise, Win: clean electrical energy is produced, Win: the warmies that fly to Greenland will freeze their asses off while realizing how insane they are.

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