High CO2 Levels During The Jurassic Caused Life Forms To Be Small And Distorted

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8 Responses to High CO2 Levels During The Jurassic Caused Life Forms To Be Small And Distorted

  1. Shooter says:

    Clearly CO2 killed them all, too.

  2. Steve Tabor says:

    Always a fascinating subject. Reading in the 1970s about past climates in the deep geologic past is what convinced me that CO2 theory was bunk, right from the first time I heard it.

    A fascinating book published in 2006 is “Out of Thin Air: Dinosaurs, Birds, and Earth’s Ancient Atmosphere” by Peter D. Ward. He keys in on oxygen levels, anywhere from 13% to 28% back in that time. A good read with novel ideas.

  3. cb says:

    Clearly increased CO2 causes some really nasty skin conditions, I mean, just look at what it did to that cow in the picture!

  4. PeterMG says:

    2 very good reads in these links should get the thought processes working. CO2 has obviously been critical to all forms of life over earths history, but their is very little evidence it controls the climate. An I believe that when we learn joined up thinking we may come to the conclusion that in the past CO2 was even higher than we think now and may be it will disappear altogether and then what would happen to life as we know it. Certain even if we could clone a large dinosaur it could not grow to the size they once were. Enjoy



  5. Eric Simpson says:

    Hikers in Idaho are being attacked and killed by the non-native Canadian Wolves put there by the lib econuts. Non-native bears put there by morons are now swarming the foothill areas of suburban L.A., and these non-native black bears are also moving into Big Sur CA where we already have mountain lions and rattlers and 3 inch wasps to worry about.
    Imagine being a hiker and we have the jurassic park technology (extract DNA from insects in amber, or bones possibly) so the libs decide they want the “native” animal life back, and you run into one of those babies, a T-Rex. I hope you brought the bear spray, and that .38 Special aint’ going to do no good. Nor a f’n bazooka. Probably the “T-Rex pepper spray” would be pressurized in a big fire extinguisher, and you have to lug that along for your hike. Or the libs would have a genius idea why not fill the extinguisher with straight ‘fatal’ CO2. That’ll kill the T-Rex, just like it did circa 200,000,000 bc when we had ~ 3000ppm co2.
    Hey, where was the much ballyhooed runaway greenhouse effect that would have caused temperatures to go through the roof and boil away the oceans? Where was this runaway GHE that the taxpayer supported James Hansen scare-mongers about? There was no runaway greenhouse effect, because the whole notion that CO2 affects climate scale temperatures is baloney, or if it did than there would have been a runaway greenhouse effect. But there wasn’t.

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