Winter Comes Early To The North Pole

Temperatures have dropped to -4C, and new sea ice likely will start forming in a few days.

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15 Responses to Winter Comes Early To The North Pole

  1. terrence says:

    This MINOR COOLING is caused, OF COURSE, by Global Warming, Mann-made Global Warming.

  2. Me says:

    Keep a watch on what’s going on Steven, there are other Skeptical sites going down lately. Just letting ya know if ya don’t already.

  3. Tony Duncan says:

    Wow, Steve has discovered that it goes below freezing in the arctic!
    So does this mean that the minimum is about to happen? Based on this post, what is your prediction for the arctic minimum this year? Should I have stayed with 4.9 foolishly not guessing that that melt season would end three weeks earlier than ever before seen?

  4. Andy DC says:

    That is quite a breathtaking water hazard. Ideal setting for the 2015 Masters.

  5. My response has been pasted on our facebook group:

  6. mkelly says:

    Still curious as to what the black and white markers purpose is in the photo.

  7. Olaf Koenders says:

    -4C huh? It should begin melting any moment now according to the McKibbenites. I can see them now.. vast swathes of flailing arms, gnashing teeth and shedding of tears – because they’re stupid and parrot anything the Media-Gore-Hansen PTY LTD scare campaign imagines. Can’t wait for a group of ’em to try and save some “cuddly” polar bears on a feel-goodery mission to pat some on the head.. The result would should look something like this::

    Just a note.. After all this incessant hype about drowning polar bears and Arctic melts, there’s no shortage of images anymore 😉

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