University Of Bremen : Sea Ice Gone By September 1

extent_n_running_mean_previous.png (1201×962)

h/t to slimething

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8 Responses to University Of Bremen : Sea Ice Gone By September 1

  1. jak says:


    That graph does not show that the Arctic sea ice will be gone by September 1. It shows that it is currently by far the lowest on record for this time of year.

    You could possibly extrapolate from it that it is almost certain now to be the lowest minimum on record come September.

    But maybe not:

    OTOH, Sea ice area is now a near certainty for a record minimum:

  2. eqibno says:

    Weren’t they the ones that went “off-line” last year, rather than show an increase in ice-area?

  3. Eric Webb says:

    Bremen claimed last year was the lowest when it clearly wasn’t, I knew they were going to pull something like this, they are full of it.

  4. slimething says:

    “For the described reason, please use these maps carefully. Any feedback is welcome.”

    “However, no warranty is given for the data presented on these pages. As we are using SSMIS data instead of AMSR-E data, the quality of the resulting maps has yet to be assessed. “

  5. NoMoreGore says:

    I can’t wait until they adjust it into the negative numbers. That will be fun.

  6. jcally says:

    Ok, now I’m worried about the farm I wagered last month.

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