NOAA’s Phony “Hurricane” Coming On Shore With 33 MPH Winds

[Update : NOAA has lowered their initial estimate of wind speed due to a “sharp discrepancy” between airplane and surface data.]


NOAA claims the winds are 85 MPH, but none of the Weather Underground stations in the area report higher than 33 MPH winds. By definition, this is not a hurricane – and is just barely a tropical storm.


LOCATION…34.7N 76.5W


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762 Responses to NOAA’s Phony “Hurricane” Coming On Shore With 33 MPH Winds

  1. omnologos says:

    “Climate Crock” sadly reported the effects would be dangerous because of a previous weather front in the area. Accuweather now says the effects will be dangerous because of Irene’s size.

    You know it’s a dud of a hurricane when it’s forecasted to be dangerous for reasons other than being a hurricane.

    • But it isn’t a hurricane. It is barely a tropical storm.

      • Franv says:

        Keep up the good work. How about the reported rainfall of 10-12in already in NC?

      • sck says:

        Dr. Jeff Master’s WunderBlog -Posted by: JeffMasters, 7:58 AM GMT on August 27, 2011 As of 300AM EDT, Hurricane Irene was located at 33.7N, 76.5W, 60 miles south of Cape Lookout. It was moving north-northeast at 14 mph with maximum sustained winds of 90 mph, making it a Category 1 storm on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Irene has a minimum central pressure of 952 mb.

      • Matt says:

        Go tell the people whose homes are being flooded it isn’t a hurricane, tell the aircraft pilots with scientific data that it’s not real. 953 mb is not real, huh? It’s nice that you can “preach” from your cushy location.

      • em woo says:

        Maybe they left the anemometers set on “metric”

      • Brian says:

        What planet are you on??? I live in North Myrtle Beach and we had tropical storm force winds with gusts up to 55mph for the last 18 hours and Irene only came within 150 miles of us. I have friends in Outer Banks with Hurricane force winds. Perhaps you should check your facts before posting.

      • Bryan Steele says:

        I laughed when they said that the Northern Atlantic Seaboard wasn’t prepared for this type of occurrence. The nor’easters that occur up there are much worse than this.

      • Dr.Spock says:

        Has anybody checked with obama`s weather underground czar Bill Ayers on his forecast ? Never waste a crisis, whether real or just hype. It`s clear this regime will go to any lengths to prop up their front man barry sotero as anything but the phoney that he is.

      • Jim in Florida says:

        So, the storm has weakened – what is your point? The winds aren’t as strong as was expected so its a fake storm? Is it a fake storm surge? Are the tornadoes this thing is spinning off fake too? Perhaps we should discuss with the people in the Bahamas, to tell us what this fake storm did to them.

        It’s sad, really, to see these supposed “experts” whining about the storm on Saturday morning. I suppose you expected that the winds wouldn’t be as strong 3 or 4 days ago, right?

        God, leave it to the moddycoddled Yanks up the east coast to act like complete assholes during a hurricane.

        Perhaps you might want to ask the 2 dead men (at least) why is it that a fake storm knocked a tree on top of them and killed them.

        They will take comfort knowing they were killed by a tropical storm, not a hurricane, huh?

        Goddard you are one shallow SOB.

      • Rooob says:

        This is irresponsible dribble. Tell that to the at least 5 dead and the people that have already had homes destroyed in VA beach. You need your words shoved back down your throat.

      • Phil says:

        Trade places with some people in New Bern that have had well over 12 inches of rain. Trade places with some local news reporters on the NC coast that have trouble standing and looking into camera as they give live coverage.


      • Ric H says:

        Maybe it is because those sensors max out at 33 mph? Like a windsock at an airport, you know the winds are either less than 15/20/25 knots, whatever the windsock is rated for. But once that sucker is straight out, it could be 26 knots or 100, you just don’t know. Looking at the dudes out getting sandblasted on TV, I think it is slightly higher than 33 mph Steve.

      • Phil says:

        Fox News is still reporting 80 mph winds at Hurricanepalooza. I’ve been watching coverage all day and using Weather Underground. I haven’t seen a true wind at ground level above about 50 mph (Morehead City, NC-rainfall = 5.75). I’m working hard to verify FNC with readings from multiple weather stations up and down the eastern seaboard. What storm are they covering?

      • RichmondHurricane says:

        It’s barely a tropical storm? Yeah, in Richmond, VA…. where we have sustained 35-40mph winds with the center 100 miles away.
        It’s really shameful that you’re using this as a political statement….that it’s some conspiracy. I wonder what Bob McDonnell would think about that? Considering his state is a underwater right now.

      • F15EMoose says:


        At first I wanted to slam you, but after looking at the current observations from every buoy reporting on NOAA’s website, I couldn’t find a wind speed in excess of 40 knots–ANYWHERE on the East Coast. This thing has been so overblown because Obama wants to be the great recovery leader…..he couldn’t lead a troop of Brownies through a mall without getting waylayed…..

        Moose out.

      • To everyone who is jumping all over this guy, he isn’t saying that a tropical storm can’t do damage or that Irene won’t hurt anyone, he’s just saying that words mean things and that a tropical storm is different than a hurricane, and when you see people who know the difference calling it a hurricane when it doesn’t meet the definition, then that’s the definition of politics entering into the equation.

      • Jerry says:

        You are right on. I’ve been telling everybody all week this is going to be a big media overhype.

      • Sean says:

        Hey i got a great idea!!! lets argue on a blog about mother nature, and whether or not its killing people….cause it is. grow up.

    • Russ Felix says:

      Its nice to have your intuition confirmed by a national forcasting agency and the entire (almost) news media. That intuition being that this is not a really big storm…. Let the back-peddling begin!

    • Ima Idyot says:

      Three biggest fallicies of the 21st century in the U.S.

      1. Al Gore predicts “Global Warming” is the end of human kind.
      2. Hurricane Irene will be Obama’s Katrina, only done right.
      3. President Obama will go down in history as the U.S.’s greatest president.

      • Kyle says:

        The Gulf oil spill was Obama’s Katrina

      • Kelly says:

        Yes – 3 points of good lies.

      • sck says:

        Thank you Ima- the only problem with Irene is the people actually heeded the warnings to evacuate. 🙂 But no worries, BHO will create a …….something!

      • Irene is a low grade tropical storm. However, Obama will still use it as an opportunity to ride to the rescue. Not one to let any imaginary disaster “go to waste” the boy king’s Chicago Mob will will create a back door multi-billion dollar stimulus. The result will be a half-dozen union types to pick up one tree limb. Watch and perhaps you will learn!

    • tmbttd says:

      Whether Irene is or is not a “real” hurricane is a moot point, especially from my perspective here in Texas where, like Lousiana and Florida, Carolinas, who know what “REAL” hurricanes are…the rest of you are mere rank amateurs. However, what would have made me laugh until I fell out of my chair would have been if a weather reporter was suddenly blown off his/her feet and some moron out driving in the goop with they and their vehicle wound up being turned over and wrapped around a utility pole.

      Gotta love Gov. Christie’s admonition to get “….the hell off the beach.”

      Tickle me silly if you gawkers got electrocuted or impailed by a piece of flying storm debris!

      • jon says:

        Yea the rest of us are real “amatuers”…meaning we’re not stupid enough to live in a place that can be hit by a hurricane…congrats for being a moron…

      • Cindy says:

        I lived through two hurricanes in Houston (Alicia and Ike), but Tropical Storm Allison was no slouch herself when it came to property damage and lives lost. Over it’s entire path it killed 41 people, 23 in Texas alone (mostly Houston). It shouldn’t be taken lightly just because it’s a tropical storm.

      • slp says:

        If you look at the tracks of the 2004 storms Charley, Frances, and Jeanne, I live very close to the intersection of the three. Charley was category 4 and the eye passed probably about a mile from my house. I did not lose power during it or Frances, and only a few hours while Jeanne passed, which moved much slower than the others. These were all within about 6 weeks so the ground was rather saturated, the main reason for downed trees rather than wind. And, as I mentioned in another post, tropical cyclones are not typically as violent as our summer thunderstorms, it is the longer duration and larger area covered that leads to a greater chance of damage.

      • Sam says:

        TMB, you are an idiot and you are laughing at a storm that has claimed five innocent lives so far. Hurricane, tropical storm, bad storm, what the hell ever. What a smug ass you are.

    • NunyaBidniss says:

      Yeh, only a million people don’t have power. No prob, bob!

    • looneytoonsindville says:

      If the deceiver-in-chief is leading the response to this storm, then you know it has to be an “oh, never mind”; otherwise, they would have a competent leader in charge!

    • Beve says:

      A cat 1 isn’t enough to convince Floridians to bring the lawn furniture inside. Let us know when you get a real storm. The hype is unreal and utterly stupid.

      • NYCMe says:

        A dirty shanty town in backwoods Florida isn’t like a real city. Let us know when you get a real building. The hype you backwoods couch warriors post is unreal and utterly stupid.

  2. papertiger says:

    the storm band directly East of Boston, that’s being blown on a trajectory of it’s own out to sea.
    It was over Maryland around midnight. I’m thinking whatever moved it will be moving the whole kit shortly.

  3. mwhite says:

    “Hurricane Irene: Obama warns of ‘historic’ storm”

    “President Barack Obama has warned that Hurricane Irene, currently looming off the east coast of the US, could be a “historic” storm.

    Seven states from North Carolina to Connecticut have declared emergencies ahead of Irene’s arrival.

    Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in parts of four states, and in low-lying areas of New York City.

    The category two storm has weakened a little and is expected to make landfall with winds of up to 100mph (155km/h).

    David Willis reports.”

    • Jay Cee says:

      Ah heck, everything with Obama is “historic”. No one cares about him anymore…too uncool for skool.

      He’s overused the word so much that no one really understands the meaning anymore. It’s not “historic” – unless you consider the hype the entire east coast has endured to get consumer spending up for the month…. Watching all the cars on the road in Norfolk on TWC gives you that knowledge.

      They should have been more careful about the “catastrophic” coverage and scaring little old ladies off a cliff.

      • Kelly says:

        I had a Historic Obama Doll this morning after my coffee

      • NYCMe says:

        Wow, you watched Norfolk? On TV and stuff? You obviously are better informed than the President of the United States.

        My family lives in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Richmond, and Hampton, VA. Nearly all of them are without power, the streets are horribly flooded, and hundreds of thousands are without power.

        Additionally, this marks the first time a Category 1 hurricane has hit the NJ coast since 1903. How is that not historic?

        But thanks. I’m always happy to hear expert reports from members of the 101st Armchair Battalion.

    • bucknaked2k says:

      Obama needs another excuse as to why the economy is still in the toilet. Tsunami, Arab Spring, Hurricane Irene…..anything but his failed stimulus and redistributive policies.

    • Russ Felix says:

      One of President Knuckle Knock’s greatest shortcomings is that he actually believes the people around him that are feeding us the bull. .How do I Know? I know because keeping your mouth shut until you know all the facts is necessary if you don’t want to reveal how little you actually know…. Something he violates on a regular basis….Beer sumit anyone?

    • Ima Idyot says:

      But remember, according to Hillary Clinton, “never waste a good crisis.”

    • tony moloney says:

      never let a crisis go to waste.

    • It’s only Obama’s amazing administrative skills that have kept Irene from being a Category 4 Hurricane. Come on. Get with the PROGRAM!

    • Russ says:

      You guys are morons im in Richmond VA not even near the eye and it is howling here. A Cat 1 here is like a cat 3. You need to realize the vegetation, animals, and structures around here are not built for even tropical storms. You can mock the power of this storm all you want. The truth is its no laughing matter where im at nor will it be when it hits NYC which hasn’t seen something like this in nearly 100 years.

    • Bobbie Butler says:

      I live in Texas and as you know we had the misfortune of having Hurricane Ike a few years ago. My husband and I moved here from Biloxi, Ms. so we have had to contend with many hurricanes through the years. Without a doubt there has been more hype over this storm than I`ve ever heard.I do understand that it doesn`t take a Cat 5 to do serious damage but, come on now! I have prayed for all those in the storms path because I do know exactly what you`re going through . However, we tough Texans, during and after Ike, just pulled ourselves up by the bootstraps and got on with the business of cleaning up, rebuilding and getting on with our lives. My home was severely damaged and we were without power for weeks and yet I felt extremely blessed because I had my family and they were all ok. My heart and prayers go out to all whose lives will be affected by this storm but don`t let the media scare you worse than you already are.

    • Mike says:

      What a joke, a cat 1 storm hits the east coast and they all crap their pants… The gulf coast just calls this rain…

      What a bunch of pansies.

      • Hotrod62 says:

        Hey Mike,,,,
        I;d like to see you get 20 inches of snow. Here in New England we laugh at that.
        I was in Washington DC once when they had 2 inches. The whole government shut down…cars were smashed all over the place…unbelieveable.
        Let’s just say that each part of the country has it’s own special strengths when it comes to weather.

      • Cindy says:

        2 inches of snow shutting down a city? Heck, we here in Houston only need sleet to shut down a city! Part of it is not the right equipment to de-ice the roads and bridges, and part because people around here aren’t used to driving in it, but some is because when it snows here we just like to play in it since it’s so rare (though it actually snowed twice in one season here a couple of years ago, which is amazing considering it’s probably only snowed five times in the 38 years I’ve lived here).

        And don’t let these people in here fool you. A Cat 1 hurricane would shut down this city too. But you’ve got to admit, the media these days practically salivates when they can be on air for hours at a time reporting this kind of stuff. They over-dramatize every weather event, to the point where people no longer pay attention.

      • inetmon, tampa, florida says:

        I moved out of upstate-NY to get away from the 13 months of winter every year. Now down here in Tampa, after 18 years, I can appreciate those who moved just a litte above (Carolinas for example), yet still out of NY. I won’t cause I love this little town and area, but summer gets oppressive at times. So seeing ‘heat-wave’ elsewhere can be almost humerous if the tradgidy that people die from it was not so true and serious. But it’s true that most regions have their plight (is that spelled right? ;). Small wonder so much coffee is related to Washington state… and such a suicide rate! Three days of no sun and the temp depression sure feels real.

        Shouts to Hotrod62… and keep the snow.

      • Mike says:


        There’s a difference between 20 inches of precipitation, frozen or otherwise, and a borderline cat 1 storm (with winds of 60mph technically a tropical storm) which causes 7 states to declare state of emergency and activate the National Guard, FEMA and Department of Homeland security with mandatory evacuations throughout.

      • Buildings are built in certain areas of the country to protect people in normal weather conditions and natural disasters that are common in that area. California’s building protect from earthquakes, midwest- tornadoes, florida- hurricanes, northeast- blizzards, Hawaii- volcanoes. Northeastern US has gotten both tornadoes and earthquakes in the past 3 months. We are still rebuilding some of our cities from them, and now have a hurricane (or tropical storm -whatever) on our hands. DO NOT downgrade the potential of any storm on any city UNLESS YOU ARE THERE FOR THE EXPERIENCE!
        We are not freaking out about this, the media is. And I think that anyone who has to go on and on about it, and let people know what they think are giving them the ability to rent space in their heads. Let people feel however they need to feel, and worry about whoever they need to worry about. THAT is none of your business. So what if the weather channel is right or wrong? Who cares if the media, or Obama, is making it bigger than it seems. People worry about their kids when they cross the street… why can’t they worry about their friends, families, and homes during a large storm that travels up the coast and is causing flooding everywhere along the way. Since Hurricane Katrina, people get worried about floods constantly. In some places ie even happens during a small thunder storm. Who are you to tell people how to feel? AND if you believe in the “end of the world,” then why would you want to make people feel better by telling them, “ah, its not so big!” ?

  4. truthsword says:

    I watched 5 towns in “landfall” area and no windspeeds went above 62, and the highest gust was 76… I know the response to this is higher up the windspeed is greater, but still….

    • truthsword says:

      Oops that highest gust should be 78, not 76…

      • Jared says:

        National Weather Service observations from Hatteras, NC so far indicate a very strong tropical storm, almost a weak Cat 1 hurricane.

        7:51 EDT: SE 57 G 75
        8:51 EDT: SE 59 G 79
        9:51 EDT: SE 55 G 87

        And the anemometer at Beaufort, NC is offline. That often happens in hurricane-force winds. Last reading:

        7:54 EDT: NE 49 G 63

        I trust the official 10-m anemometers that are kept by the National Weather Service more than the anemometers in the unofficial networks that are used by Weather Underground, Weather Bug, etc. You’d need to check out the location of every anemometer, make sure it’s located at 10 m AGL, and that there aren’t trees or buildings blocking the wind.

      • Combatweather says:

        I agree with Jared below. The NWS sites are maintained, calibrated and used for climate monitoring. I have seen some of these private “tinker toys” at various heights and locations. How often are they calibrated? How often are the ball bearings changed? If they are rusted, there can be some major starting thresholds. NOAA and the NWS are doing a great job and I fully trust the observations. Check out the METAR obs in the Carolinas. Some of the winds are 45-55MPH. As a nation this is a wake-up call. You should always be prepared. The power can go out for a week in a big storm like this and the government is not always going to be there to save you.

      • sck says:

        Agree with Jared and combat- i also questioned the position of the so-called gauge. To determine the category the speed is calculated close to the eye. Plus the writer didn’t tell the truth, the meteorologist for weather underground did in fact concur with twc.

      • Jack says:

        Don’t worry, combatweather, Carolinians stick together. Those of us farther inland will be giving supplies and shelter by tomorrow, just like in Floyd.

  5. DEEBEE says:

    Another thing BHO can blame for an anemic economy. Wait for devastation stories rivaling Katrina, not in optics but in $s

    • Adam says:

      Stop with the Obama shit already, my God! Get a life or a hobby!

      • Kelly says:

        Yes – re-elect somebody else

      • Weathaman says:

        ummm….. so you’re here for recreation???

      • Pork from Mork says:

        Pound Sand Dorkhead! Everyone hates Obummer because he is a Failure, adang communist, and a LIAR.

      • wabmaster7 says:

        Sorry you (Adam) don’t think the two are related … given BhO came back “early” from that vacation … he was SO hoping this was his Katrina. It was a dud — responding from NC.

      • DEEBEE says:

        Have a reasonable life, did ot have a hobby — but gues have toi settle with just pissing you off, or can I be your Eve Mr. Adam you frolickingly handsome man.

      • highdomer says:

        Okay, it’s Bush’s fault. Better?

      • inetmon, tampa, florida says:

        ooooohhhhh, no man…. you don’t get that wish. weather like this is always the fault of one of the Bush family according to some, and people who want to point out that this is over-blown and predict that Obismal would use this if he can are quite valid in their voicing their opines in this kind of forum.

    • Independent says:

      But Paul Krugman says it will stimulate the economy…all those broken windows to repair and such.

    • MFinSC says:

      Unfortunately it took too long to get to Martha’s Zoo.

  6. says:

    This one had the Potential…to be a real bad one. Ones that look like nothing can suddenly turn and slam into someplace unexpected. Better safe than sorry.
    I evacuated my family out of the path just in case. We sat through a Super Typhoon when we couldn’t evacuate on a pacific Island. I will never disrespect a tropical storm!

    • bobb says:

      I’m sorry you were greatly misled by the Obama administration. I hope this did not have a significant impact on your family or your wallet.

      • RealityCheck says:

        You are insane with yor Obama Derangement Syndrome. My whole office is laughing at you. Keep it up with your idiotic comments, crazy people like you can be funny.

      • inetmon, tampa, florida says:

        bobb, keep up the good work.

        RC, either you are working in hell (or some other left-falling organization that produces nothing valuable and wastes my tax money) or you are a liar for saying that your ‘whole’ office is with you and your lack of objectively-observed-inspired humor. the fact that you take his post and refer to it as ODS make me suspect that you are ashamed of the result of your vote and have to refer to others in your post to get the spine to post anything based in your own reality-illiterate (ding me on spelling) mind, rather than standing on your own strength and oppinion.

    • Obeservationist says:

      It was the “prayers” that saved the east coast!!

  7. truthsword says:

    I can’t find any sustained windspeed above 55 mph, can’t find any gusts more than 75….

  8. Mike Mangan says:

    God is taunting Bill McKibben.

  9. WxDude says:

    Might want to look a little harder, guys. 14:35Z (10:35 AM EDT): Atlantic Beach, NC, sustained wind 85 with gusts to 101. That’s only one of several 80+ sustained and 95+ gusts reports this morning. Nice try…

  10. richard c says:

    What a bunch of wussys. Livin in southeast tx, ive been dealin with hurricanes my whole life. A cat 1 is nothinng…they never had this much media coverage when Ike hit us 3 yrs ago.

  11. john says:

    I agree with this guy. i have lived in Wilmington, Nc for 36 years, been through many hurricanes and this was nothing but a tropical storm from the beginning. We have had winds stronger than this in Winter. This was a giant bamboozle to bail out corporations like Walmart, HD, Lowes and the big grocers. Total fraud and once again Obozo has proven that you cannot believe a word he says.

    • andy says:

      Hurricane Andrew and Katrina were major pivots in my life and reasons for moves in and out of the New Orleans and the Keys. The old timers of these areas would be seroiusly saying this is not the storm that would deserve the media it is getting. One thing people do not realize is that people die every day in 5 mile an hour winds with .01 inch rains. It is not the deadly nature of the storm that people are dying, it is the deadly nature of life. This seems to be an event that is being used to help economy and practice fear mongering capabilitiy. Power outages can be staged.

  12. Two things seem to be at play here. One is the media’s nauseating overblown coverage, forewarning everyone about the coming storm. They will not be wrong! Two is the Governor’s fear of another Katrina. Everything else is just clouds and rain.

  13. truthsword says:

    Cool wind data by surfing around this noaa place

  14. skink says:

    The winds are only half the story. It’s the storm surge that presents the grave risks and the potential for monetary loss.

  15. Bogjohnd504 says:

    We have daily summer thunderstorms in New Orleans that produce more wind and rain then Irene!!

    • Nunyo Bidness says:

      I’ve had farts that produced more wind!

    • Duh says:

      Good for you. Your mother must be proud.

    • ldenton says:

      Well, I live in Mobile, Bogjohnd504. You obviously have never ridden a hurricane out. A thunderstorm lasts for what – 30 minutes to an hour? How about 12 or 14 hours of high winds and rain? I have been through many, many hurricanes. They are all dangerous because of the length of the storms. We’ve lost several trees and fences in Cat 1 storms. Get a life, or at least use your brain when you are replying.

  16. cjbomb says:

    I could care less about the govt or the media- what I do know is never underestimate big mama nature.

  17. True Believer says:

    Good reporting. You fail to mention that most of these stations haven’t reported in about two hours. Additionally, NHC has continually said that the strongest winds would be to the north and east of the eye, which has not come on shore yet. So hopefully you’re sitting on your front porch watching it come in and laughing at the “weak” storm when your neighbor’s house gets picked up.

  18. Storm says:

    Man – you people are dense. The danger from this storm is NOT wind speed. In fact, it’s not related to the storm at all, but to the area it’s impacting. Up north NY is an island – a low level island that is extremely susceptible to flooding. It’s much like a Katrina situation as far as the location goes. Storm surge will be the problem. This problem also applies to much of the east coast. It can also just decide to “sit” on the coast and pump water inland. To focus on wind is sophomoric. It also ignores the extreme possibility that this storm will strengthen as it moves back over water (which it will) and experiences eye wall regeneration. Wake up people.

    • Melee says:

      Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! The issue at hand is whether this storm is being properly labeled by meteorologists. If the winds are below 75mph it is considered a Tropical storm, if they are below 34mph it is a tropical depression. It is being hyped and everyone is trying to figure out why they would do that as a hurricane would cause mass hysteria and put the public in more danger than the storm itself could bring. The fact is that it will not strengthen because it will be moving into colder waters up north and it will dissapate, hurricanes get their strength from warm waters… hence the “tropical” designation it gets when it forms where? that’s right, the Tropics. Wanna talk about sophmoric! You obviously have no meteorlogical understanding, I am a novice when it comes to meteorology and I understand the basics about hurricanes! Sounds like you were the one sleeping through class and the only one that needs to wake up to reality, or come back to planet earth! LMFAO!!!

    • Melee says:

      Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! The issue at hand is whether this storm is being properly labeled by meteorologists. If the winds are below 75mph it is considered a Tropical storm, if they are below 34mph it is a tropical depression. It is being hyped and everyone is trying to figure out why they would do that as a hurricane would cause mass hysteria and put the public in more danger than the storm itself could bring. The fact is that it will not strengthen because it will be moving into colder waters up north and it will dissapate, hurricanes get their strength from warm waters… hence the “tropical” designation it gets when it forms where? that’s right, the Tropics. Wanna talk about sophmoric! You obviously have no meteorlogical understanding, I am a novice when it comes to meteorology and I understand the basics about hurricanes! Sounds like you were the one sleeping through class and the only one that needs to wake up to reality, or come back to planet earth!

    • “Sophomoric” is not even knowing NY is not an island, then implying everyone else is as short on facts as you. Manhattan is an island. It does not sit below sea level as NO, La. does. Katrina – strong cat 5. Irene, barely a hurricane, more tropical storm. Yes, lots of water. We have been hyped by Wolf cryers of Obama admin that this will be horrific. Go back into mommies basement and “fall back to sleep”. When YOU wake up, mommy will feed you! You voted for Obama didn’t you???!!

      • singlestack says:

        Katrina was a Cat. 3 when it made landfall near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. The storm surge was equal to Cat. 5.
        Katrina didn’t hit New Orleans directly. The only reason parts of the city flooded is because 2 levees failed when storm bands pushed water from Lake Ponchartrain against them..

    • wabmaster7 says:

      Hey Storm … how do you think all that water gets to where you fear? Answer: wind causes the vast majority of the storm surge
      That’s why the wind discussion is relevant.
      7 ft of surge caused a lot of flooding problems in New Bern, NC. If 7ft will cause something likewise in NY, then it will be a problem given the relatively small winds from this ‘cane.

    • WENDY says:


    • ACR says:

      It’s like Katrina except Manhattan is actually above sea-level …. water will drain off of Manhattan.

    • gorbud says:

      I’ve lived in NY my entire 67 years. We have had many hurricanes hit NY and LI and they caused damage and flooding. The storm of 1938 was a true killer. But during my lifetime no evacuations or subway closings! No Mayor on TV and radio giving over detailed instructions of what to do or not to do. Guess it is a more cautious time or I was a kid and did not really understand what was going on. Or maybe Cable News needs the viewers and people “like” being scared like when you go to a movie. This seems over reported. And is underwhelming by half.

    • Max says:

      Thanks for saying that.

    • Owill Saveus says:

      New York is not new to storms. The potential for flooding in Manhattan especially is way overblown. They evacuated parts of the city for the first time ever. They closed hospitals and moved sick and elderly people. Deaths and injuries can also result from evacuating people. I think it was a political stunt.

  19. R Jones says:

    I just road out 70MPH wind / rain in a tent in Noblesville Indiana on Wednesday Just for a Concert. Why the hype? Be prepared not scared!!! We are turning into a big fat whiny nation.

  20. russb24 says:

    noaa buoys southeast of Cape Lookout report highest sustained winds of 51 knots… a strong (but weakening) tropical storm

    • nclady says:

      Ok so the wind iss 55 sustained at 3 pm. It pased Cape Lookout at 7 am. So the storms main winds were definantly over 80 then. Come check the damage tropical storm winds can’t cause this much.

  21. Forecheck says:

    Agreed this is an over-hyped storm, but keep in mind maximum winds are just that – a maximum – somewhere. It’s just not where the home weather stations are.

    Ike was technically a Cat 2 storm, with a Cat 4 integrated wind field, but no place in Houston had more than Cat 1 winds.

  22. truthsword says:

    Like the intellicast windspeed map….

  23. JR says:

    What planet are you on? I have family that hunkered down to the west of the eye and they had 60-70 mph wind, piers gone, local flooding. This may not have been as bad as predicted, but it’s not ‘phony’.

    • RD says:

      These people are idiots. If it was downplayed and it was worse than expected these guys would be first in line pointing their hypocritical fingers.

      • DEEBEE says:

        Do you want to tangle with these guys. They have brains in their entire body. Why even their fingers have a mind of their own to be hypocritical.

  24. whodat1 says:

    Interesting. After reading this article I checked the storm on Storm-Pulse. It shows Irene due west of Cape Hatteras with winds of 85mph.

    Checking weather at Cape Hatteras on Intellecast show wind speeds of 45mph with maximum gusts of 71mph.

  25. Chad says:

    I think someone was desperate to one up Bush, and had a little media help.

  26. abc says:

    Regardless of whether the media hype over the hurricane may involve exaggerations, this blog post is either uninformed or purposely misleading. For someone who seeks to guide public opinion by presenting scientific evidence, either one is unfortunate and potentially dangerous.

  27. Douglas Hoyt says:

    Table of NC wind speeds at
    Highest wind speed I noticed was 47 mph.

  28. Steve says:

    WOW! 12 mile per hour winds in Va Beach! Call out the NATIONAL GUARD!!!!

    In DC they are forecasting 1/4 inch of rain today and 1-2 overnight. We could use the rain.

    Common Cents

    • John says:

      I’m in VA Beach, are you….?
      It’s a HELLUVA lot stronger than 12 mph sustained winds…LOL. 12 mph doesnt uproot trees like it just did 2 houses down.
      Damn you Drudge for posting this BS blog!!

  29. John P. says:

    I remember in 1957 when Hurricane Audrey hit southwest Louisiana; it was the first one I experienced. We lived about 40 miles north of the gulf, but the winds and rising water were unbelievable. The one thing that is burned in my memory is the loud cracking and crushing sound of the wind blowing down large trees (2′ dia. +) around our house. I think there were about 300 fatalities in Cameron and the surrounding communities.

  30. Guest says:

    Having lived along the gulf coast all my life and enduring hurricanes such as Betsy, Andrew, Katrina, etc., I can tell you that the hype surrounding this storm is unbelievable!

  31. Jeff Hagar says:

    When you flood agencies with eco-activists you get this type of sensationalism using the MSM and very highly respective agencies as their platform. Again, eco-activists use this opportunity to promote Climate Change and Global Warming. And again, another dude.
    When is the MSM going to grow up and stop with the activism? this is getting way too predictive. Weather, equals climate change, which means man caused it, which means we have to social engineer our economy away from success and into a level equal to an African tribal village. why? Because is guess they do it better than we do.

    • Jeff Hagar says:

      spell check just changed my word,, ugg.

      And Again, another Dud.

      • TC Austin says:

        Don’t worry, nice post, got the message. Maybe these useful idiot alarmists will now understand why they respond to the global warming dog whistle. Looks like some rough climate change, uh, I mean weather.

    • krrrampus says:

      Ahh… the hallmark of a drudgetard. Predictable, alarmist, and just plain stupid. Who ties your shoes in the morning?

  32. MikeTheDenier says:

    Fighting For Mother Earth’s Civil Rights: Al Gore Says Debating With Him On Climate Science is The Moral Equivalent of Being A Bull Connor Racist

    • Independent says:

      The curious thing is he is emphasizing people having conversations about global warming/climate change/global climate disruption/global weirding, yet Al Gore refuses to actually debate anyone on the subject. By his own words he is a coward who refuses to confront an issue with the “moral equivalence” of segregation and racism.

      Come and debate someone, Al, on the subject, and then you can criticize others for not talking about it. Until then you’re a hypocrite, hysterical alarmist and lying idiot.

      • JERRY says:

        In the great climate discussion few things are conveniently missing:
        (1) global warming and cooling have been here since the beginning of Earth, with no people around
        (2) our mathematical climate models are inadequate – they can not even “predict” known past, so, if there is a warming trend now, we do not know how strong and long it will be (depending of the time scale studied, you can always find cooling and warming trends – there has been warming for the past 10 000 years!)
        (3) we do not have any good quantitative estimate how much human activities influence the climate – in one way or the other
        (4) IF there is a significant global warming – and we do not know well its magnitude – there is no good economical estimate of its effect. Do not forget that there are countries that would benefit from global warming (Canada, Russia, …)
        (5) LAST BUT NOT LEAST, there is no cost/benefit analysis to show how much we would have to do (and what) and how much we would have to spend in an attempt to control the climate, and how much we would actually gain from it. Without such an analysis, all political (and economical) “climate changing actions” are totally insane and idiotic (well, that’s how our politicians work, right?).

        But what can I say, I only have an PhD in atmospheric physics (including climatology in a part) – all those elected street and neighborhood organizers must know better…

        Ask a molecular biologist how much do we know about processes in the human body. I suspects that the climate is a system with a similar level of complexity.

    • George Johnson says:

      Hahahahahaha! That’s the kinda thing they do when they have no facts, nothing to back their argument up. Just sling something like that and make the other side afraid to show up for fear of beinng called a racist. Hahahahhaa! Lost the debate already.

    • questioner says:

      He does know that Bull Connor was a Democrat, right?

      • They don’t know Robert Byrd was a KKK Grand wizard. They don’t know that MLK was a Republican. They don’t know what LBJ said he would give the “N”N words to keep them voting for him. They don’t know what party Lincoln belonged to. They don’t know who stood with black Americans on the civil rights vote. They don’t know lots. That will never stop any of them from instructing you on how dumb YOU are! Algore. Isn’t he that idiot that said the molten center of the earth was 2 million degrees?!?!?!?!?! He doesn’t have even basic knowledge correct, yet is the end all be all authority on everything he speaks about. He is the religious leader of the “Cult of Carbon Dioxide” He is a scam artist making MILLION$$$ off his idiot minions. He is selling carbon credits (air) to redistribute wealth from us, to his pocket. When I am done visiting all 57 states (hmmm, there ARE 57 Islamic states!), I will write more… Bye for now!

    • Buck O'Fama says:

      CERN: ‘Climate models will need to be substantially revised’ thanks to their recent discovery that the sun affects earth’s climate.

      I guess they’re just oil and coal company shills to Al.

      • Bill says:

        Wait a minute…..the sun affects climate? I thought it was the NHL? Clearly what is needed is more government involvement. Specifically, additional regulations over guitar manufacturers’ raw materials and beauvine exhaust. This will create or save jobs and eliminate killer storms that are the result of the failed policies of the Bush Presidency.

  33. Kenwood17 says:

    Weather warning experts – Dam* if they do Dam* if they don’t. Who dam*s them – Anyone critical of them who types or talks against their good intent to save lives. Those people are more devastating to America then any catagory 5 hurricane.

  34. Bill says:

    I’m no fan of the government, and am skeptical of many so-called “experts” as well. But you are the one making a fool of yourself with these posts questioning the legitimacy of Hurricane Irene. Do you have eyes and cable television? Clearly hurricane force winds along the coasts of NC and VA right now. Moron.

    • rich leonhard says:

      historic storm ? why would obama start being right now?

    • ssd says:

      Actually he got it spot on, as they say. I applaud people with the courage to still value truth and not those just out looking to make a parasitic living off terrorizing others for profit.

  35. Travis says:

    New Bern, NC: sustained winds of 46mph, gusts up to 74mph.

  36. DirkH says:

    “1507: Some bridges, streets and subways are virtually deserted in New York, AP reports, amid stern warnings about the approaching storm. As rain started falling, one resident expressed his disgruntlement. “What the mayor did – shutting down the transportation system – is more dangerous than the storm,” said Daryl Edelman, a comic book writer. “People could be left stranded – especially the elderly,” he told the news agency.”
    “1405: At a news conference Mr Bloomberg said this was a matter of life and death. Staying behind was “dangerous, foolish and illegal.””

    • gorbud says:

      Mr. Grand Jackass Bloomberg has been living in his own bubble far too long. This little political dilettante takes every occasion to lecture, hector and otherwise harass people about their eating, smoking and now their safety. He thinks NYC is his own little experiment in social engineering and making people do what is “good” for them. Wish he would just shut up and go away.

  37. docfjs says:

    Ahh, the chicken little syndrome strikes again Aided and abetted by the 24 hour news channels. I am a Fox News junkie but I tune out when Shepherd Smith starts to get his panties in a bind. If this thing fizzles I fully expect the alarmists to take credit for it as if they have control of mother nature.
    PS Can anyone tell me why the New York subway system has to flood? Can they not block the entry ways and prevent flooding? I know it is a huge system but they have closed it down and it seems logical to seal the tunnels?

    • ppicalino says:

      Most stations have open sidewalk grates above them – this is a primary source of ventilation. It would be impossible to seal all of these. Plus, the subway goes above ground in the outer boroughs and upper Manhattan, so in addition to sealing grates and entrances one would have to seal the tunnels as well. It’s inconceivable. Take it from a New Yorker – heavy rain always causes subway flooding somewhere in the city, and it’s just a fact of life.

  38. Bob Stenning says:

    It’s barely a tropical storm. Zzzzzzz.

    What was all the hype about I wonder? Who benefits?

  39. JuliaB55 says:

    I live in southern coastal NJ, just north of Atlantic City, on the mainland but by the Great Bay. The problem as we see it, regardless of the wind, is that the ground has been saturated for the past 10 days. Not even the few days of sun and (humid) heat dried it out. So, with more rain, there’s sure to be troublesome flooding. And even 55 mph winds can knock down trees (which are plentiful in the Pinelands) that are already sitting in mud. That said, I hate everybody, especially Big Sis and Big Brother. I trust no one and nothing except my own judgment (and not even that all the time).

  40. MikeTheDenier says:

    3 cheers for Goddard… He made Drudge!!!!

  41. Travis says:

    Frisco, NC: Winds reaching 60+ at times, gusts close to 90mph.

  42. Mack Hall says:

    If the event turns out to be less than feared, BE GRATEFUL.

  43. It’s Bush’s fault that it … (you fill in the answer)

  44. gr8dismal says:

    Spend a lot of time in NE NC, viewing this storm from NYC- Wunderground PWS in our area down there( Corapeake) has shown at worst heavy rain, low wind, looks thus far like got lucky compared to other storms we’ve ridden out there.

    Bloomberg gets the Scaredy Cat award… a usual, he’s such an old lady.

  45. Friedman's Ghost says:

    My first visit to you blog. Very cool.

    Being in the midwest I can say we do not pay attention until a thunderstorm forecast calls for gusts of 60-70 mph. Of course, east costers (Philly to Boston) considerthemselves the epicenter (pun intended) of the universe. My only hope was it woudl swallow Wall Street and it’s inhabitants.

    C’mon Irene…whoa I swear…at this moment…

  46. Travis says:

    Nags Head, NC: maximum sustained winds: 74mph, current 56mph.

  47. Frank says:

    These are the same people still beating the same drum that global warming is real even after its been debunked by scientists throughout the world. Think about the hypocrisy of this organization before taking their information seriously.

  48. binthere222 says:

    Wow ! The hurricane is there but it has anemic windstrength.

    Only one thing causes that. LOWER than normal Ocean surface temperatures.

    Sounds like global cooling to me, but no one is reporting that.

    Lots of nerdy little grant grabbers and lefty news tools are reporting the opposite, “climate change” to the warmer is causing this, they say.

  49. gr8dismal says:

    Corapeake- about 45 miles due west inland, 6 miles +/ south of VA:

  50. Warren says:

    What was it Hillary said, “never let a good disaster to to waste”.
    It appears that the government (NOAA) has been cooking the numbers to make it appear worse then it actually is. Now the news media who have been hyping this hummer are going to have to Cover Their Asses with video of big rains, flooding and paper flying through the air.

  51. NOAA has become so politicized that their data has become not only suspect, but entirely useless.

    • teabag truth squad says:

      And the people responding to this blog are apolitical, even the ones with anti-Obama diatribes? lol

  52. Dave says:

    For you a-holes bitching about the strength, it’s bad enough here. Carolina is being spared because of low tide, tides coming up later in VB where I am and storm is coming. Already had loss of life and property in the region, you panty-wastes need to get a life.

  53. John says:

    Im pretty sure these comments erase the validity of the original article u are want to be against what the main stream is saying to seem defiant bro

  54. Wil e Shith says:

    It has to look bad so it is one more thing little o can blame for the lack of economic recovery which is really his fault. Just wait, this storm will be added to the Japan Earthquake, and Bush for causing the economic devistation caused by his policys. This will be a good reason to give the unions more money and to extend unemployment for those that have no intention of working. And of course the Goreacle can blame it on Global Warming er, I mean Climate Change.

  55. David says:

    Are you kidding me?We have 35 mph winds already in Hampton Roads.Somebody is not reading the wind measurements correctly.Downplaying a storm this big regardless of it’s strength is what gets people hopping mad about forecasters.One group hypes it up and the other acts like it’s no big deal.I say we fire all forecasters from their jobs and get hourly weather maps on news so we can read for ourselves.

  56. Layla says:

    Well, those 30 mph winds blew down the pier at Atlantic Beach, NC.

    This is not a phony hurricane. I have friends in NC and VA riding it out.

  57. Traitor in Chief says:

    A Hype-O-Cane and a lawn chair thrashing Super Quake all in the same week!
    What next? Locusts?

  58. TC Austin says:

    Testing the goverment sheep dogs and their ability to move the herd? How many people can you move(control) and how fast. Kind of blows for the sheep.
    Unfortunately, the situation is driven more by bureaucrats, fearful of taking responsibility for a possible disaster, now scrambling to cover their tracks and not look like a putz. Our tax money hard at work, feeding the goverment busybodies and bureaucracies, in a never ending cycle to justifying their own existence.

  59. Travis says:

    Nag’s Head max. sustained windspeed now 81mph.

    • JR says:

      Those are gusts, not sustained. Big difference.

      • Travis says:

        JR: Weather Underground has it as both, which means it was a wind “gust” that lasted for more than one minute. That is the definition of a sustained wind.

    • Steve Goddard says:

      Nonsense. Look closer at the graph

      • Travis says:

        Steve: Given the number of peaks and troughs in the graph, I suspect the data on the graph is averaged over two or three minutes, thus not entirely representative of one-minute wind speeds.

  60. Joe Bastardi says:

    There are winds gusting to near 120 mph. The storm may destroy every boardwalk up the coast. Please, you are doing a disservice to our side of the debate by downplaying this. ITS A 951 MB LAND FALL… 6th strongest on record in NC.

    This is not a fight you should be fighting with these people. Lets not resort to the tactics they have ( warmingistas) by twisting examples. The exposure of some of the ob sites is leading to some of the reports, but other areas are getting hammered in the way this should 951 mb is similar to the pressure of IKE which was ridiculed before hand cause it was downgraded to 2

    I beg of you guys. Make fun of me after if this is not a 5-10 billion dollar storm , but wait till the game is over because we are setting ourselves up for problems if we find the boardwalks destroyed and people without power for a week like I think.

    LETS FIGHT THEM WITH TRUTH on the facts .. Hurricanes are not caused by global warming, but lets fight them on the merits of the issue, not with examples, whether I am right on how this turns out or not!

    • Travis says:


    • Latitude says:

      Joe, the NHC had this as a cat 4, going right up the middle of Florida last Sunday.
      Freaked the entire state out, first thing Sunday morning.
      At one point, they claimed a Cat 4 into the NE……

      That is over hyping out of ignorance…..
      ….Whether they like it or not, it’s also crying wolf

      You know this…..and you know that has been the biggest problem

      I know you’re going to say, better safe than sorry….
      …and I know you know what I’m going to say to that

    • George Johnson says:

      But you have no “facts” or “truth”. Only alarmist made up data.

      You sound like one of those global warming nuts that sees every storm as being man made and a total disaster. And you sound like you’re living on another planet. Where are you getting your information (besides

    • TrueNorthist says:

      With all due respect Joe, this isn’t about AGW, or anything in that vein as far as I am concerned. The only ones thinking Irene is due to AGW are the alarmists, and we all know they are being foolish. To me this is about media malpractice and government incompetence. I have not seen such hysterical scaremongering since, well, the last hurricane that turned out to be a dud. But this one took things to a whole new level of madness.

  61. Susan says:

    Nothing more than the mis-use of science (weather reporting) as an opportunity for political gain. obama desperately needed to blow this storm out of proportion to take the press of his luxury vacation as the economy tanks. More excuses for the communist boy president.

  62. tonysolo says:

    I just checked the weather underground site for Nags Head, 0 wind? How is the government and Obama getting away with lieing to us about this fake storm?
    On a seroius note, i suspect that there is a probkem with the Underground network, its kinda hard to fake a hurricaine.

  63. Steve Goddard says:

    Joe do you disagree with the weather underground numbers? I don’t understand what you are saying.

  64. Meteorologist says:

    Out of the local NWS office in Morehead City, NC:
    First, in the northeast part of the eyewall at landfall, and about 30 minutes before your radar map posted above…


    Secondly, in the southwest (weakest) part of the eyewall…


    And further, there are numerous, numerous observations from the Hurricane Hunters showing this storm has a large area of winds greater than hurricane force. Even zooming in on the Wundermap would show about 2-3 times more obsevations, many of which are sustained tropical storm force.

    Please, explore all the available data before making criticisms of the people who are doing an excellent job of analyzing and forecasting this storm, some even risking their lives to do so.

  65. georgeins6 says:

    “O”whatabummer relection generated storm. Is nothing just like him.

  66. George Johnson says:

    This sounds like the media and the weather people, are sort of trying to “give” obama the lawless his “Katrina”. Build it up into this HUGE, dangerous, devastating storm, and then when there’s no damage, they can post these nice photo’s of all the emergency services going in there (and doing nothing) and say “This, THIS is how it should be done folks, obama the lawless saved us from utter devastation once again!! All Hail obama the lawless!!!”
    Judging from the way the media covers for him on a daily basis, and the way they try to build him up (because remember, THEY selected this loser and have to CYA). I don’t see it as anything else. They’re just using the opportunity to build him up and change the direction of his ratings.

  67. Fred says:

    OK. We’ll be sure to send this report to the family of the man who was just killed by that weak-a$$ed flying tree branch.

  68. I am afraid Weather Underground monitoring sites did not account for the global warming effects on wind speeds. They should artifically inflate them to 2x or 3x so to be inline with scientific consensus.

  69. jim a says:

    Better to report the worst and be prepared.

  70. bobby light says:

    Do you guys believe in HAARP manipulating the storm?

    • ragtag says:

      The super-hype NYC is getting over this ‘rainstorm’ (subways and buses shut down & they have NEVER been shut down, talk of turning off G&E before we even see a raindrop) prompts me to think the gov. has a special nasty surprise in store for the NY/NJ area. “Operation StormSearch” is 24/7 on all radio stations, the goony dictator made a speech about it yesterday….something is definitely up. This amount of attention for the people’s welfare is VERY suspect.

    • Vicky says:

      I think that HARP is definitely doing something for Texas to have the weather that we have been having.
      So why couldn’t they manipulate the hurricane?
      I think it all relates to Obama. He needed to see how long/how hard it would be to empty out the biggest area of the United States.
      And Texas, well he hates Texas.

  71. JB says:

    While this was not a Category 3 storm and certainly a marginalcategory 2 at landfall, it was a hurricane. During the next 24 hours reliable reports of sustained winds in the 70-80 MPH range with gusts up to 90-100 MPH. Some reports are already arriving. See the link below for more details.

    1042 AM EDT SAT AUG 27 2011


    1036 AM HURRICANE 1 N DUCK 36.18N 75.76W

    84 MPH.



    0848 AM HURRICANE 1 NW AURORA 35.31N 76.80W


    0800 AM HURRICANE CEDAR ISLAND 35.00N 76.33W


  72. cjbomb says:

    Wow- common sense instead of snark- what a concept.

  73. Bob says:

    What kind of an idiot reports this. I’m looking at no less then 7 reports of gusts 70-110 mph. Just because your stations aren’t getting it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. How arrogant can you be. Look at the radar data. Look at the radial and storm relative velocities.

  74. Fred says:

    I am currently in Greenville, NC with the eye wall ~ 30 miles away from my current location. Greenville is ~ 80 mrs from MHC.
    I am unsure of the precise windspeed but this is a significant storm. Driving rain, numerous (large) downed trees, multiple small tornadoes and widespread power outages. The wind is strong enough now for the rain to ‘fall’ perpendicular to the ground at 1-2 inches per hour.
    It is kind of tough to hear someone armchair
    critique a storm when they personally are not
    dealing with it’s effects.
    No one in NC hyped this storm. The hype has come from certain media personalities /outlets who manage to make the storm more about how they are dealing with the storm while standing on a sand dune 10ft from the ocean. Personally, I think this area has been somewhat overlooked as the media has focused on larger metropolitan areas further north.
    Just my 2 cents as I sit here in the dark and scan the radar loops on my phone.

  75. Dean Grubbs says:

    The problem here is the focus on the top wind speed. Obviously the winds are elevated and lack a mechanism to drive the 75+ sustained winds into the ground. We are receiving local reports and pictures of flooding that exceeds Hurricane Isabel. The storm central pressure has only risen 1 mb over land in 3.5 hours. Top wind gust at Cedar Island was 115, so some winds are there but the big story is the strong Cat 3 flooding. So… this is not a Phonycane … it is a different kind of storm which I refer to as a Hybrid Hurricane like Fran, Floyd, Isabel, Ivan, Katrina, and now Irene.

  76. TrueNorthist says:

    I had the feeling Irene was being massively overblown. (Pun not intended) What is truly a hoot is that the media is still freaking out and making wild eyed claims of destruction due any minute now. I don’t think they even know how to admit they were wrong and stop making even bigger fools of themselves. I think Fox News raised the bar for hysterical scaremongering. What a sorry debacle.

    What is truly most sad is that the White House was all set to roll out several hundred billion dollars worth of “hurricane relief” money. I guess they will have to stuff the genie back into the bottle — again — and hope for another calamity to hide their pilfering.

    Congrats on making Drudge!

    • Fred says:

      Now that the widespread destruction and four deaths are already being reported in NC and Virginia, I’ll look forward to YOU admitting you were wrong.

      • TrueNorthist says:

        I stand by my statement. This hurricane is being massively over-hyped.

      • suyts says:

        Fred……..we don’t know the circumstances of all of the deaths, but so far, what I’ve been able to discern…….
        One was from a heart attack …..over exertion in preparation for the storm, and another a surfer. If the surfer poned himself trying to ride the waves……. well, I don’t think that’s what we can consider hurricane destruction more than death by stupidity.

        There were also two children…… again, one has to believe that if two children died, and the parents didn’t……. well, that’s probably more due to neglect than wind and rain.

  77. David says:

    I agree with Joe.Wait until after the storm passes to pass judgement.The nuts that act complacent about these storms are the same people that got others killed in Katrina.Keep downplaying it,the next one that hits hard you nutbrains that act complacent will running around like chickens with your heads cut off.Measurements,by the way,read differently depending where you’re at.

    • ldenton says:

      You got that right, David. Complacency and hurricanes don’t mix too well. I live in Mobile, and have weathered many hurricanes over the years. I’ve lost trees in a Cat 1 – one of which we got 24 inches of rain in 24 hours. So all of you armchair weathermen – come walk in my shoes and then we’ll talk!

  78. Fred says:

    By the by, I do not believe one iota in man made global warming.

  79. david says:

    sounds like another case of you can’t believe anything the government tells you. They must need funding for some abscure agency

  80. Darth Vader says:

    Give me an EQ any time. No warning, no hysteria, no worry. Just Boom — and you change your shorts after it stops shaking. DV in Los Angeles

  81. Bob says:

    Steve, I used to enjoy reading your articles. Not anymore. This is pure lunacy.

  82. Jenny says:

    Love how your own plugin shows 79 mile hour wins… your dumb

  83. Luke says:

    smart way to boost the economy a little bit! emotional buying and empty stores all around the coast… think about it
    Fear and scarcity. We’re in 2011 but it still works like crazy, bizarre forces behind human psychology.
    And then they will speak again as the carriers of good news, nothing happened, we’re really organized and bad ass.

    Anyway that being said I truly hope that everybody get trough this safe.

  84. Ken says:

    I think we’re just talking about what the numbers are showing. That’s it, Joe.

  85. P Gosselin says:

    Congrats Steve – you made Drudge!
    You just reached the 3 million mark – bet you never dreamed 4 million would come so fast! Soon you’ll be right up there with WUWT.

  86. hell_is_like_newark says:

    Joe was just on the Larry Kudlow show re-stating what he said above. I scrolled through a mess of those station (including an off shore buoy). Highest wind I found was 53 mph. The storms that hit up here in March had winds close to 70 mph.

    So will this storm still produce a super storm surge? If it doesn’t, its not going to do a whole lot of damage.

    My purpose is not to criticize the weather gurus.. I am just thrilled that this storm is nowhere near the Cat 4 monster that was originally predicted. This means I will likely have power, water, gas, and undamaged apartment buildings come Monday morning.

  87. Latitude says:

    You know, get a pair…..

    This is no historical storm for the NE…
    “boardwalks destroyed and people without power for a week” You’re putting me on………

    Back up and look at Cat Island and Eleuthera, there’s real honest to God people that live there too.
    They are picking up, cleaning up, looking at half a house, after a real Cat 3 went right over them. People had to actually go out in the middle of the storm, because their house was falling apart. There’s no roads from Miami to Eleuthera, in case no one noticed.

    …and we’re in a panic about some over hyped squall line

  88. P Gosselin says:

    You ought to hear the German media here -“unprecedented global climatic catastrophe of Biblical proportions” kind of reporting. Propaganda is making a great comeback in Germany.

    • Freemon Sandlewould says:

      Sig Heil !!!

      Heil Atmosphere! Heil Trees!!

      If you they are not hard over about this they are hard over about that!

      First militant Hitlerites…..Now militant Greens! Nothing has changed but the person they salute to!

    • DirkH says:

      Oh yeah, it’s really funny.
      “Irene” tobt an der Ostküste – erstes Todesopfer
      27.08.2011, 18:44 2011-08-27 18:44:11
      Zerfetzte Stromleitungen, peitschender Regen, ein brodelndes Meer und Hunderttausende Haushalte ohne Strom: Mit voller Wucht wütet Hurrikan “Irene” an der US-Ostküste, es gibt bereits ein Todesopfer. Mehrere Bundesstaaten riefen den Notstand aus, die Nationalgarde steht für den Katastropheneinsatz bereit.

      I try to bring the tone across.
      “Irene ravages the East coast – first death.
      Electricity lines torn to shreds, whiplash rain, a seething sea and hundreds of thousands of households without electricity. With full vengeance hurricane Irene rages on the East Coast, there is already one death. Several states declared emergency, the National guard is ready for the catastrophe deployment.”
      This from the Süddeutsche, supposed to be a serious newspaper (halfway left-leaning).

  89. t says:

    Bed wetter, cry baby, candy ass nation……T

  90. melanerpes says:

    Like your Feynman quote. It’s particularly apt right now.

  91. Bob says:

    Looking at new video from Morehead, NC clearly showing wind gusts over 75 mph. You should turn in your degree and stop accepting grant which I help pay for.

  92. I P Standing says:

    callimg a cat one “historic” is dopey

    • ldenton says:

      I guess it depends on where the cat one lands. I believe the last one that made NYC was in 1985. You ever been through a cat one? I have – plenty. We had 24 inches of rain in 24 hours during one. Put up or shut up.

  93. Big Frank says:

    Evidently the administration of our ‘Dear Leader’ and the MSM are running out of bogeymen to scare us with. We have heard it all before and are tired of this phony alarmist BS fed to us ad-nauseam.We were going to run out of oil and natural gas by the mid 90’s, a terrorist attack at any minute, global warming will kill us all, the ocean will have no life by the yr. 200, etc., etc.

  94. Freemon Sandlewould says:

    global warming ……..eeet! global warming!

    run away!

    but pray to my made up god first!

  95. Now they’re at the same 70 odd mph the NHC is reporting, maybe you should wait untill the thing actually gets there before making a fool of yourself with articles like these.

  96. mike says:

    It may indeed be weaker than expected, but it is a hurricane. Hatteras at 10am, sustained at 65 gusts to 87mph

    • Phil Nizialek says:

      If your numbers are mph, and not knots, then they are not indicative of a hurricane. Look, Goddard’s point is simple.The media and meterologists have been overhyping this thing for a week or more, driving everyone into a panic. Simple precautions protect life and propert from a Cat 1 storm. Shutting down the NYC transportation system, and forcing evacuatuions is over-reacting. Things will be back to normal in the affected areas in less then a week. A Cat 1 hurricane is not the apocylypse. Calm down, you guys.

  97. Matt says:

    This weather station is reporting winds in the 70 mph range for at least two and a half hours, including 15 minutes of 80+:

    Several others in the area are reporting max sustained winds in the 50-60 mph range.
    At this point, you might be able to argue that 85mph is a little high, but it’s certainly BS to say it’s “barely a tropical storm.”

  98. omnologos says:

    I’m Joe’s #1 fan but as I wrote to him on.Twitter : .this was.described as an apocalypse the world over. It ain’t by a long shot.

    • Squidly says:

      I too am a HUGE fan of Joe Bastardi (I really am Joe), but come on Joe, perhaps you need a good vacation. I have been watching this whole episode roll out from start to finish, and this has to be the MOST over hyped thing I have ever seen in my life. I was up working late last night and watching the various news outlets, and even while trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, I had to hold back from hurling on my shoes.

      And to some prior comment, your are wrong, this thing WAS indeed hyped by some outlets as going to be Cat-4 (and even possibly hit Cat-5 status). I have seen it reported in several different places that this was thought to become a Cat-4. I don’t believe I have ever seen so much nonsense bullshit surrounding a weather event in my life.

      And Joe, please remain one of my idols by toning yourself down, use a little common sense and screw your head back on straight. I think you are a brilliant guy, I have agreed with almost everything you have ever said and I appreciate your work and your view as much as anyone, but you are way off base on this one my friend. This is the “boy that cried wolf” in a big major way, and that my friend is just as dangerous if not more so. Once the public loses trust in authority figures, the next “real” hurricane will cause more loss of life as people won’t believe the hype and expose themselves to dangerous situations.

      • Johnboy says:

        Hey Squidly..yer right on. All the good looking weather babes here on thr Left Coast
        were talking about a category 4 by Thursday/Friday. It got us glued to watching their
        big boobs which kept that #4 outta mind. Imagine, a hurricane as big as the state of
        Arizona and it’s cleavage, uh, eye with winds up to 175 mph. Whew!

  99. RobNC says:

    As a North Carolinian who has been through 56 years worth of these idiots are a disgrace….guess you needed mass destruction and hurting people devastated …you idiots should have been tied to that pier ….. Mother Nature rules fools…

  100. JMWinPR says:

    In a couple of hours the talking heads will be congratulating each other on their heroic efforts to report nothing new for marathon periods of time.
    It is fun to watch a breathless reporterette call our attention to new video showing blowing sand and foam.

  101. Ray in Aiken says:

    Could it be there is a software glitch that is not adding the little triangle (50 knots) to the temperature/wind speed symbol?
    If it was on the symbol that would make the data pretty much agree with NOAA’s data.

  102. eduardo garcia says:

    Hello, I’m reading the days description on the most recent weather underground you have actually posted. It says winds 65 to 80 mph, that’s before the wind gusts.

    Your need to defy the “experts” and the authorities is simply a narcissistic need to feed your ego at the expense of safety. Grow up.

  103. floodguy says:

    Buxton is over land. Besides its well east of the landfall. Look at Hatteras USGS, only 12 miles west of Buxton yet you get a clean windfetch. No, this isn’t the storm that was hyped about, but 33mph 60 miles east of landfall isn’t comparative either. You are a far cry from being knowledgible about hurricanes my friend, and just because Drudge linked you doesn’t mean squat. What what will happen and see it live come Sunday/Monday. Just because the area of damage is narrowed, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I’ve been in the business for 20 years and have been on-site on every major cat 3+ since 1993.

  104. samiam says:

    One would think by the news that this is the end of the world. LOL. Us Gulf Coast residents are laughing at you yanks. Look for Obama to blame his missed put on 17 on Irene. What a joke.

  105. hell_is_like_newark says:

    Joe was back on the air stating Irene cold re-strengthen as the storm heads back over water.

    • Mike Davis says:

      It has to strengthen because of all the warm water there.
      How does a Climatologist say F U? Trust Me!

    • Squidly says:

      While I understand this concept, I also understand that water temps below 70F some degrees will weaken, not strengthen a hurricane. I am also under the impressions that the waters north of NC are below this magic number. I am NOT a meteorologist, and certainly not anywhere near the knowledge of Joe, but I just don’t see this happening. Perhaps I will be proven wrong, but even so, how much could it really strengthen in those conditions so close to the coast? … Sorry Joe, I just don’t see it.

  106. Tom C says:

    Central pressure still suports a cat 3 hurricane but the wind field is so vast that the relative vorticity drops. There is a core of winds the
    northeast that supports 75-85 kt and in between reporting obs. That is evident on enhanced IR. Additionally, core of storm will still pass almost directly
    over Manhatten with limited storm surge and incredible rainfall. We are reminded that more people have died from the floods produced by
    tropical depressions than from winds from a major hurricane. As is so often the case, this type of forum becomes trapped in an either/or fallacy with seeemingly everyone on an emotional vendetta projected towards anyone that they suspect has an agenda. Generally, real time Meteorologists don’t aspire
    to religious delusions, as playing, but are charged with extending assertive public warning systems when lives and property are perceived to be at risk, while atempting the balance of maintaining longer term credibility. They have much more immediate accountability than the climate change
    grant money provacateaurs that populate university, government agencies and media.

  107. Klimt says:

    Wow I have been watching these wind speeds all along the coast. I have found the same thing on other storms as well.. Then I go on the weather channel on TV and watch the drama queens perform. Mayor Bloomberg may have something to say , if he is made to look foolish for closing the subway etc.

  108. Rod Anders says:

    You can’t trust a damn thing government or the MSM tells you !!!

  109. RealTexan says:

    I am a native Houstonian and have ridden out 3 major direct hit storms since Carla. They are nothing to joke about. They are also nothing to get hysterical about. If you live in a zone 1 or 2 mandatory evacuation zone, get out. If you live inland and not in a mobile home or house boat and you are healthy you should be fine. Clogging the roads like the dislocated yankees did in Houston during Rita because of the hysteria from Katrina kept people in the evac zones from getting out.

    Stay inside, stay away from powerlines, be patient, don’t do stupid things and be patient if the power goes out.

    The media tends to overblow things because it generates viewers they would not normally have, like on Satuday morning. Politicians over react because it is safer than being blaming in the next election.

    All that said, I agree that this is not going to be the devestating storm that Ike was in 2008. Ike was a real storm. It had a 20 ft storm surge with some waves reaching 70 feet. Ike had a very defined eyewall, look up the satellite images of it right before it hit land. Where is Irene’s eyewall? I have not seen a well defined one yet. No doubt NC is gettin walloped but compare this to Hugo. Ok, it really does not compare.
    The aftermath of Ike ripped up through the middle of the country knocking out power in Ohio. Even Canada and Iceland were affected.

    My guess is that it will weaken to a TS after it crosses Virginia and its colder water. NC and Virgina will have the most damage and deaths, yes deaths, as I said these things can be dangerous. Worst thing the other areas get will be tons of rain.*

    • Phil Nizialek says:

      This fellow is right on. Common sense, people. Even 70mph sustained winds will not cause damage beyond breaking off dead limbs and knocking down a few trees. Of course there will be power outages where lines are above ground, but the utilities have already manned up to get power back quickly. This is aminimal hurricane. it will not be a catastrophe The east coast will be back to normal in a week.

  110. dp says:

    I agree with Joe on this one – gloating when it’s over is harmless no matter how it turns out. Doing so now only to have it turn out bad is risky, and since this article has been drudged there’s no telling what level of influence it will have. If it turns out good in the end this post will still look bad. JMPO.

    • Latitude says:

      The news just showed a picture of a house with a couple of small pieces of siding missing……………….

    • trixlette says:

      You anti-drudge people crack me the hell up. You act as if Matt Drudge makes up stories, and reports each and every one on his own, with his own reporters. All he does is have a simple website that he put LINKS (you do know what a link is, yes?) to on his page. The only thing he is responsible for is putting all the links on pone page, on stories that usually go unreported/under reported, by the lame stream media like BSMBC and their ilk. None of the stories are false, none of the stories are made up, none of the stories are written by Matt Drudge. In fact if any of YOU braniacs had the intelligence, you could make a similar site, and put LINKS up to all the stories YOU find pertinent. But, most of you are too lazy and stupid. Apparently you read Drudge as well, must be for a reason…oh yeah… to bash anyone who tries to report what the lame stream doesn’t, instead of making your own site. Make your own anti-drudge site, instead of whining.

      • dp says:

        If you’re calling me a Drudge hater you’re nuts. I’ve been on Matt’s site daily since day one. I go there because his is one of the best news aggregator sites on the web. But if you’ve never been slashdotted then you won’t understand the import of traffic being driven to your site by a high-volume site. If Drudge directs visitors seeking comfort in their decision to ride out the storm to this “scientists” site, it becomes a big deal if that turns out to be bad advice. In the case of hurricanes, storm surges, and an environment including large old trees that have not seen this kind of wrath in more than a generation, taking on more risk is just that, and some stories help ease people in that direction. That is Joe Bastardi’s concern and mine.

        This site doesn’t have normally have enough traffic to impact much of the population normally, but that changed when the site was drudged. In these circumstances it is now not very unlike shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

        Having nothing to do with this site’s decision to play down the storm, in the news today two men have been killed by falling limbs. A child was killed by a falling tree. Surely more to come because people have decided to stay home or were unable to avoid staying home.

  111. Ryan says:

    Cape Hatteras was reporting 60 mph sustained winds with gusts to 75 mph at 8am. Took me about 10 seconds to find that and that’s one reporting station.

  112. WS says:

    HAARP did its job and prevented major damage…
    Thanks guys!

  113. Here’s a cool time series plot of wind speeds and pressure readings from a buoy in the NE quadrant of the storm, buoy ‘ORIN7’, Oregon Inlet Marina, NC, just south of Nags Head.

    Yep, a strong tropical storm at best, at what appears to be the peak of the storm for this location.

    Here’s the full page:

  114. steve says:

    These global warming leftists/ GE employees… will stop at nothing to sell there scam.SO CALS Santa Ana winds have longer sustained wind gusts of 75 plus mph then this media driven fraud. The tornado in Joplin will have 1000x more damage in prpoperty and life then this joke of a late summer storm.But Joplin is in the middle of the country ,”Where those people live ” so it has zero meaning to these sick leftist morons.Congrate BARRY at least you got the economy moving for 2 days on the east coast…..LOSER

    • Squidly says:

      Fargo, North Dakota (look it up Joe), frequently has sustained winds over 50mph (with NO protection, it is flat as can be) and even micro-bursts producing winds up to 120Mph for more than 3min sustained. In the winter it can be even worse, with temperatures below -20F and sustained winds over 60Mph.

      I fear all of this hype because back in the 90’s they used to hype up blizzards a lot in the Dakota’s, and low and behold a real bad blizzard (total white out) occurred one evening, nobody believed the BS coming from the authorities. The result, 19 people died on 19th Avenue N. in Fargo, ND … no more than 300-400yrds north of the NDSU campus, basically almost right in town (between the airport and NDSU campus). All because people got used to the “boy that cried wolf” and ignored everything. An entire family was found dead in their min-van the next morning, right there on a major roadway barely 1/4 mile from Buffalo Wild Wings. For Joe, this is what I fear more than this hurricane. Keep it real!

      • ldenton says:

        Well, Squidly, I live in Mobile, AL, in the heart of the Gulf Coast. I was born and raised in Great Falls, MT. I assume you know where that is. Here’s the difference between the two: we have a subtropical climate with tons of old-growth trees. When it rains in torrents and softens the ground, the trees come crashing down on houses, roads, power lines, etc. They are reporting one 12 year old boy dead from this storm because a tree crashed through the roof of his apt. We also have to deal with intense flooding. During one cat 1 hurricane, we got 24 inches of rain in 24 hours.
        The reason why these things are hyped is because more people will ignore it if it isn’t. Yes, some will ignore it any way. The lesson was learned down here during Camille in Biloxi, MS during the 1960’s. I’m sure you could google it if you aren’t familiar.

      • Squidly, you are clearly a voice of reason. Ldenton’s reasoning, if followed, means that we have to blow the next storm up, no matter the intensity of the storm, so that people will continue to pay attention. And why aren’t people paying attention? Because they have packed up and left their property based on hyped-up pre-reporting of previous storms. I have experienced White-Outs while living in Colorado (Scary! if your not prepared) and I have experienced three hurricanes in one season while living in Florida. There are no comparisons! The point isn’t to compare natural weather phenomenons, the point you are making, which I agree with, is that we rely on news sources to report the readily available scientific data in a responsible way so that we, who may/or may not be affected, may draw conclusions as how to best prepare/or not. Don’t hype it! Just give me the facts as they are assimilated. I have livestock and animals depending on me to make an informed decision. Trees over your house is your choice, but damn, your potentially susceptible to water rot, ice storms, high winds and other “disasters”. Be responsible for your own decisions and don’t hype up the blame like the “forecasters” hyped up the storm. Good to get that off my chest. Now I need to go on to more productive things.

      • Squidly says:

        Ron, you probably said it better than I, but the point is, facts, not hype. You cannot make accurate and rational life bearing descisions based upon hype. There are equally dangerous scenarios with decisions made either way when they are based upon incorrect information. For example, there is a report that a fellow has died of a heart attack while boarding his windows today. Was it really a wise decision to perform that activity? or was he just following hype? .. unfortunately for him, he will not know, but his family and loved ones will, and they may feel differently.

        Point is, making decisions without facts is dangerous in any case.

        Btw, I have lived through a whole lot of bad ass blizzards, I have also lived through a few hurricanes when I lived in Florida, and now that I have been living in Tennessee I have been dodging tornado’s left and right. Mother nature is all around us, make the right decisions and you live, make the wrong ones and you die. And trust me, the “precautionary principal” isn’t lot always a good policy, just ask the two fellows in Florida killed on a golf course by a falling tree. There wasn’t even a hurricane that day!

  115. ejmohr says:

    Steve, this is great. I’ve been watching the same stations and thinking the same thing. Lots of hype about a rapidly weakening storm. The sad thing is every time there are evacuations for a dud of a storm, like this one, you have more people who will not heed the warnings when a truly dangerous storm arrives.

  116. David says:

    it seems that it was intensional,as a picture is worth a thousand words.the people playing in the surf,living their life as they know it.and the weatherman or woman all bundled up with a mic in their hand telling how bad it is or going to be.showmanship.that costs us all big time.they have cut production of oil,gas,nuclear power.results higher prices for everything that one needs.with no job and income how much worse can it get.

  117. BreezyDog says:

    I have a Weather Underground personal weather station.
    Not by any stretch do I think the wind speed measurements are close to reality. My speed is recorded on a deck in back of my house surrounded by eight 100 foot oak trees. My guess id that 90+% of the stations on weather underground do not have it set up to properly measure wind speed. I would use buoy’s at sea to measure wind speed. Personal weather stations on WU are for hobbyists mainly.

  118. C Farris says:

    The”Chicken Littles” of the world are working overtime. Thanks for exposing them. The only thing this generation has given
    us is a guilt trip. Global warming, Light bulb panic, the extinction of honeybees,etc. Today in the NYT comes an article that children who pack their school lunch sandwich in Ziplock should be made to feel guilty..they are not “bleeding green”. Guilt, guilt guilt! Take your own shopping bag
    to the grocery, don’t drink bottled water, use one ply toilet paper. ODrama is the worst…everything is a crisis! The”historic storm” should have us all quivering in our boots… all the while assuring us government aid should a limb fall. Sure there will be limbs down, docks washed away, and electrical outages as in any tropical storm…but the drama. I am so sick of all the drama. Today half the country is obese… yesterday… half the children are hungry or was it starving although those showing up at the food kitchens …have never missed a meal. Thank you for at least letting us know what we might actually experience with this storm. I hope Irene fizzles out…no one needs the damage a full blown hurricane brings.
    The story of overblown hype is a refreshing gotcha on a rainy day.

  119. trixlette says:

    This is a Democrats version of a hurricane, just a bunch of hot air, so they can needlessly spend more money. When Virginia had that earthquake, they made all that fuss about poor, poor D.C., the quake wasn’t even centered there. They made it sound like the end of the world was coming. I think FEMA and Salvation army together had to open a 12 pack of water. The hype sure did put a boost on the local economies (except for the big bad evil casinos), so I guess this can be called another great success by the obama administration for pumping money into the economy. Also, the Virginia earthquake, that caused about $25 worth of damage in DC, and this hot air rolling in over the coastline will be obama’s next excuses as to why he is such an utter failure… he was running out of natural disasters to blame…I know he is relieved.

  120. rpo says:

    Steven: You should try researching the website you yourself posted as proof winds were no higher than 33 MPH. When I researched on Wunderground, I found winds of 59 MPH sustained gusting to 89 MPH. That most certainly is a hurricane!

  121. steve says:

    All anybody had to do is Google any weather site, other than NOAA OR the WEATHER CHANNEL and you would have seen this FRAUD developing before it even became IRENE. These scumbags will stop at nothing to advance there bought and paid for THEORIES.. Believe it or not I am not as cynical as i sound…Except when Barry and his boys and gals enter the picture, and they have there hands all over this garbage.But again, at least Barry got all the dupes to waste there unemployment checks and food stamps on this 100 year storm.

  122. rpercifield says:

    What this causes is warning fatigue. This fatigue was apparent in the Joplin Tornado, where people were ignoring the sirens until it was too late. The NWS has significantly improved the warning areas for severe storms, however, with many media and government outlets over driving the panic on this storm, some for ratings reasons other for relevancy, this is to be expected. Many people has questioned the measurements of wind speeds in hurricanes used for the severity classification. At some point real measurements and remote measurements will have to be aligned to better depict reality.

    Someone mentioned Catrina’s severity. The damage caused by Catrina to New Orleans was not due so much to winds but flooding. Precipitation is not a factor in the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale. When Catrina hit the city it was no where near it’s peak level of Cat 4.

    There is a fine line between adequate warning and over warning. However, it was easily seen that the hyperbole for this storm was over the top. All this has done is show many uninformed individuals that hurricanes are not as dangerous and the media has led them to believe. And this is the true danger from this storm, for it will make people less likely to pay attention to the experts.

    • ldenton says:

      Well, it’s spelled Katrina, to start with.
      I suggest you go to Biloxi and Gulfport, MS if you want to talk about the impact of Katrina. That’s where it landed. New Orleans was flooded because the levee system broke. I live in Mobile, AL. Katrina hit 90 miles west of us. 95% of the houses in our neighborhood lost their roofs.
      The last Cat 1 hurricane to hit NYC was in 1985. Could it possibly be that, since people in that part of the country aren’t used to them and might take their safety for granted,
      they’ve spent so much time on it? Ya think?

  123. Listen to me. It is a major hurrican because I ordered NOAA to say it is. This is my Katrina and I am doing a GREAT job.

  124. Greg says:

    Lotta Faux Newz viewers in this thread parroting exactly what they were told like good little sheep.

  125. hell_is_like_newark says:

    Been checking out the webcams on the Outer Banks (a few are still up):

    Houses on the water front are not being hit by a storm surge. They are still intact.
    Pier at Nags Head is still in one piece and is not flooded
    And this surf cam is still in one piece and broadcasting:

  126. Rick says:

    This storm is turning out to be unimpressive, except for the fact that it will provide photo ops for Obama to look like he knows what he is doing.
    53 people were murdered in a Mexican Casino, and it is getting virtually no coverage. All weather analysis is predictive, so my prediction is that less people will die in this phoney crisis, than in that Mexican Casino! Mexico is in North America, and 11 Million of them are here illegally. The drug war in Mexico is a greater threat to us than this storm.

  127. Branton Burleson says:

    Huh….that’s funny. I live in NC 400 miles from the storm and I have gusts well over 20 mph. This was, in fact, a hurricane when it made landfall. This blog is absurd.

  128. BC says:

    Not so fast people, coastal observations in NC have been steadily reported 65-70 knots for 4 hours.

  129. STORMWHAT says:

    Stupid fake-i-cane kills “one to three” “people” in “North Carolina”. LOL at Alarmist Hurricanist Global Warming nutjobs who definitely killed themselves and did not die by the hands of Hurricane Irene. Everybody play outside this is obviously NOBAMA pulling his SOCIALIST strings to ensure our WHITE SLAVERY.

    God, it was hard to be that narrow minded just now.

  130. Paul H says:

    Hatteras and Buxton come up tie tops for windspeed right now at 74 kmh (46mph).

  131. hell_is_like_newark says:

    I pulled up some of the NOAA buoys / weather stations of the coast of NC and VA. Haven’t click on a one yet showing near hurricane strength.

    The highest one I found was at Harkers Island. Its not even 60 mph

  132. Nct51 says:

    Dude – Are you high? Take a look above ground. It’s a hurricane. Whether it will be as catastrophic as anticipated remains to be seen but this is a pretty damn big storm.

  133. mk says:

    The Weather Underground wind speeds aren’t that high…OK. Of course, since an anemometer on top of an elementary school is not what’s used to determine the wind speed for classification of a tropical cyclone, that doesn’t really mean anything.

  134. steve says:

    Damn. How bad do we need a Patton, in this country right now. They ,”THE LEFTIST”Have made this country into a pathetic version of 1930s France.When you depend on your government to feed you, think for you and pay you to sit on your ass 99 weeks This is what you get a bunch of sheep that can do nothing for themselves and will listen to anyone and do anything” AS LONG AS THERE WILL BE A HAND OUT IN THE END. Hence,you get 2 million americans to FLEE there homes…And there is your 1930s France only its not a POWERFUL German military making them flee.. no it is a bunch of lefty propagandist,dispatching fhe 1million year storm there way.

  135. steve says:

    Maybe this is the kind of 1 BILLION year storm that killed off the DINOSAURS, Ask JOE B. he would know………..

  136. Brian says:

    Good to know people are taking this monster of a storm seriously.

  137. mike says:

    What is it that you would rather have had done? The dropsondes show pressure below 950mb, all models showing a path over NC and toward NYC. Major damage and giant surge in Bahamas. Should all officals have just said, ehh, probably not gonna do much, go about your business, have a nice day. Seriously, what the heck do you want them to do?

    It’s easy for you all to criticize, but you are not in charge of a city of thousands or millions. You’re sitting at your desk like me and being an monday morning quarterback.

    • steve says:

      FREAKIN MAN UP…..Everyone got along just fine Before government funded NOAA and NBC owned THE WEATHER FRAUD CHANNEL came into existence. You should not need some scum bag political hack to tell you what to do or think, Grow a pair and think and do for youself. Nobody should ever order you to FLEE your home unless” YOU” want to flee your home. Stay the @#%$%## out of my life.

      • mike says:

        I agree. I’m not advocating for mandatory evacuations. I am opposing the idea that this storm was somehow “overhyped”. We did not get along fine before NOAA. 10,000 people died in Galveston due to lack of forecast tools that have been developed in the 20th century. I bet those people wish they had some hype before they all drowned. Ditto Audrey, Camille ,1935 Labor Day storm, 1938 Long Is. Express, etc

        If you think the Weather Channel is hyping then use all your liberty and change the freakin channel. There is no hurricane coverage on ESPN or the food network. For all your talk of personal responsibility take some and turn off your TV.

      • Brian says:

        If you decide to stay in your home then there should be no rescue for you if you get stranded.

  138. jonni says:

    Well – what they forgot to tell you is they factored in the “Wind Index”

    Which works just like the Heat Index

    The wind is 33mph — but it — FEELS LIKE 85 mph

    Specially when you are standing outside – in a rainsuit – lookin stupid…

  139. John B. says:

    If you’re going to rail against NOAA, why are you using some much non-NOAA related data? Since when is Wunderground a NOAA institution?

  140. JN says:

    Ah so this isn’t really about hurricane coverage it’s just anti-obama rants disguised as a weather reports. Then linked to Drudge and picked up on conservative blogs for more ranting. I’m no fan of Obama, never voted for him. But sorry, I don’t buy that all the weathermen on TWC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc. are ‘hyping’ this for the benefit of Obama or global warming or whatever. Also I have yet to hear anyone on TV say the storm is weakening “rapidly”. They’re all still predicting it to be a cat 1when it hits NJ/NY.

  141. Rob S. says:

    As the winds that are measured are aloft, wouldn’t it make more sense to show the dropsonde data instead of ground level home weather stations?

  142. mike says:

    By the way, since most of you obviously have no experience covering hurricanes, Hurricane Ike never registered sustained hurricane force winds ay any ASOS site. It caused $30 billion in damage. Highest measured gust? 92mph and HOU. Bottom line, most of you are ignorant about real world tropical cyclone strikes.

    • rpo says:

      THANK YOU.

      Hurricane Irene never recorded sustained winds over 80 MPH in the Bahamas, but was considered a strong category 2 storm at the time.

      • steve says:

        OH my… no political hack ever uses Tragedy for political gain.YOU are that sad little fellow that will follow your ilk into the pits of hell. SO sad you just keep dinking the coolaid. What a MORON.

    • Jeff B says:

      Agree, I’ve ridden out several hurricanes including Rita in Houston a few years ago. If this site and its author ever had any credibility its lost now. The link on Drudge gives this high profile and spreads bad information to people who are potentially in danger from the storm. If I were in the hurricane’s path i would likely stay put, but I’d get my family the heck out.

    • steve says:

      Stop this crap… The Santa Ana WIND driven fires cause more damage every 6 monthes the this crap[. How about Joplin,or is that in the wrong part of the country for you.The point is this whole mess has been overblown on purpose for pure sick political gain, What you have is a late summer wind and rain storm that will have not anywhere near the horrors of the 2 examples above.SO PLEASE JUST GET BACK UNDER THE TABLE AND WAIT FOR THIS 1 TRILLION YEAR STORM TO PASS.

      • rpo says:

        Who is benefiting politically from this? NOBODY. You are the one that is sick if you think politicians want destruction to happen.

      • Chris says:

        Federal aid did go to Joplin, MO, federal aid has been plentiful in AL after their tornado outbreak…and if you think you’re better off without NOAA…you know how many people would have perished if NOAA/NWS did not provide, on average, 15 to 25 minutes of lead time on the tornadoes that hit Joplin and areas of Alabama.

        Educate yourself.

        I’ll gladly “go back under the table”, if you promise to take off your tin foil hat and stop thinking everything is a conspiracy.

      • Brian says:

        Steve is proof that sometimes people have to have their thinking done for them.

      • Steve, you need to be quiet or I will send my goons in to set things straight. Of course I want this storm. It makes the sheeple look to my government for help. And as you know, when I help you I expect your obedience and loyalty without question.

      • ldenton says:

        I just hate to see someone’s ignorance so easily displayed. I’ve lived through the Santa Ana winds in Los Angeles county. I live now in Mobile, AL, and have been through several hurricanes. Being a Californian, you have no concept of what you’re talking about. Why don’t you go outside and ride your tricycle. You wouldn’t last 30 minutes in a hurricane.

    • steve says:

      LOSER…….I am on the golf course right now and just hit a shot into a 35mph wind..Which is stronger than any wind in your 10 TRILLION YEAR storm. Now get pack under the table AND DONT WET YOURSELF before the wood hut you live in falls down….Because of this 25 TRILLION YEAR STORM

    • mike says:

      Yeah, what kind of wussy plays golf. I wonder if he has those checkered pants on

    • Phil Nizialek says:

      Thanks, mikey. i often forget how lacking in real world experience I am about tropical cyclone strikes, having been in New Orleans for Katrina, Rita and Gustav, and in The Woodlands, Texas for Ike. I also appreciate a dialog starting out with the other guy calling me ignorant. It sets just the right tone for productive discussions.

      That being said, I’ll give you that Irene has more than 33mph winds. The point here is the overhyping by the media of a Cat 1 skimming the coast, and then hitting the real population areas as probaly a minimum Cat 1 or even as a TS. These type storms are incovenient, will take shingles off roofs, cause some short lived flooding, and cause tree limbs to disrupt power for a day or two. There won’t be Katrina like flooding, nor will there be an 18 foot strorm surge hitting a heavily developed and populated barrier island. In short, Irene is not cause to go screaming into the night. My guess is the hysteria created by the politicians and media will cause more disruption and damage than the storm.. And next time a storm like Irene was prophesied to be does come up the East Coast, people will be less likely to listen to needed warnings. We saw it in NOLA with Katrina, when people didn’t evacuate because they thought the warnings were BS because otf the evacuation of the city for Ivan a year earlier.

      Oh, and by the way, over $10 billion of the $30 billion in damage from Ike was in the Caribbean, when Ike was a Cat 4. A lot of the rest was in Galveston, a heavily developed barrier island subject to a destructive storm surge. In other words, very different demograhics on very different geography.

      Now, back to working on raising that storm IQ.

      • mike says:

        I guess all those blue tarps in Houston were just there for decoration, Phil. The three weeks without power for thousands was just an attempt to conserve electricity too right? Reliant stadium was closed down because they didn’t feel like playing football anymore. Much of the damage was not done in Galveston, Mr.IQ King, so yes you are ignorant of the facts. Do some research before you take others to task and stop being so much of a douchebag.

      • mike says:

        Also, I searched your name in google and it seems that posting snarky, smarmy, pompous blog posts is a favorite pastime of yours.

    • mike says:

      lol…that was actually a funny response. How can you play golf and worry about responding to me? Sounds like I’m messing with your game more than you are with mine. I wonder if while you’re out blogging on the golf course who is home banging your herpes infected wife?

      • Phil Nizialek says:

        Good. Now we are getting somewhere, as we have established that I am not only ignorant, but a douchebag as well. Where did you learn your debating skills, mikey, in sixth grade? I think I was in 5th or 6th grade the last time i used that word.

        I’ve looked, and can’t locate where in my post i said that there was no damage from Ike in Houston. Please enlighten me. Or, could it be that you set up and knocked down a strawman? I guess that is sound practice when dealing with ignorant douchebags.

        Of course Houstonians lost power, and had roof damage. I was merely clarifying that your $30 billion damge figure from Ike’s Gulf Coast hit was a bit hyperbolic. Come to think of it, that would be consistent with all your posts here. Carry on.

      • steve says:

        First my game is horrible right now. It must be those HURRICAIN force winds i am hitting into. so this is much more enjoyable reading all the leftist crap that the world is about to end.,AND second, my wife is not herpes infected ,however she really is annoying. And last I can always count on the weeeeeee little leftist to give me hours of amusement before or after they play with themselves and then start there pathetic .sick , moronic the world is comming to an end nonsence “LIKE THIS FRAUD HURRICANE” to justify every pathetic, sick moronic thing they do to this country. Now pull up your pants MIKEY ,THE wind storm passed and your hut will survive. JUST SAVE yourself for a rainy day.

  143. Sean Delevan says:

    These weathermen and news media outlets need to be sued for creating chaos. My girlfriend was falling for the hype and I kept telling her – They are full of sh**…, I guarantee it….

    If a civilian was to make some statements that caused people to panic and believe that they were in danger, they would be arrested and charged with inciting a riot or causing possible harm.

    People have just spent their food money on other things because the media wanted to attract viewers.

    It is disgusting.

  144. Kerry says:

    Well that’s even more scary. Trees falling, three dead already in such low winds!

    • Squidly says:

      We also probably had 3 dead today already just in car crashed on highways around Nashville … should we send in the national guard?

      • TrueNorthist says:

        Excellent point Squid. I recall reading somewhere that deaths usually go down in New York and other major centres during some storms due to the fact that folks can’t go out and shoot anyone or run them over with their cars when the weather is really bad. Nevertheless, just what were these people that were hit by falling trees and/or branches doing outside during a cat 1 hurricane!? I would stay indoors even if it were just a TS or TD — unless I had no choice, as may be the case with these unfortunate folks.

  145. mike says:

    Well, all media has an East Coast bias, that’s for sure. It’s the same reason that people tend to know more about the Steelers, Giants, Jets and Pats than the Seahawks or Cardinals. That being said, the Joplin tornado was a short-lived event. If there was a way to forecast specific tornado locations 3 days prior to an event, you can bet the media would be all over it. You can’t compare a 500 mile wide hurricane to a tornado that hits one town.

  146. Gary Martens says:

    I think they’re cooking the books, but the problem with relying on Wunderground weather stations is how many are connected to a computer that still has power, and still have an Internet connection to report?

  147. Bret Rickert says:

    I’m right across from NYC. They have now downgrade the expected winds from 90mph 55-65-mph. It was supposed to start raining at noon it’s three and only a light drizzle. Less than 48 hours ago this was going to barrel in at a cat. 2. Won’t know what the storm surge will be, but the wind predictions are a bust.

    • sean says:

      yes Bret, nobody knows the future. surprised?

      • jukin says:

        AlGore knows that the planet is burning with a FEVAHHHHH!!!

        Yet he will not debate this with anyone in between private (corporate) jet flights of mansions that he owns near the ocean.

        You are known, by Lenin, as a useful idiot. Aith emphasis on the idiot.

  148. John says:

    Just stepped outside my home in Virginia Beach….

    Are you seriously telling me I didn’t just feel sustained hurricane force winds?? They very nearly blew me over

  149. Andy Weiss says:

    This may not be a major hurricane, but any landfalling hurricane with 28.05″ pressure is not nothing. The only landfalling hurricane with a lower pressure in NC was Hazel in 1954. Even Fran in 1996, considered a major hurricane was around 28.20″

    I don’t know why this should be, but up until the last few years, any hurricane with a 28.05″ pressure would be considered at least a 120 mph storm. Both Ike and Irene had that pressure and were considered only 100 mph storms. Maybe that means in the old days, they tended to ovrstate the winds?

    In any event, given the track thru a highly populated area, there are going to be massive power outages and quite a bit of flooding. Probably not all that much sturctual damage aside from trees falling on buidlings. Also slow movement will allow it to weaken as it passes over land and/or cooler water.

    • Airwx says:

      Consider the following… The storm surge at/near NYC will not be a universal event. JFK will be protected by the easterly winds draining Jamaica Bay, while the Port of Newark, Sandy Hook State Park and other east facing areas could be heavily impacted.

      When a storm trades tight high winds for broad lower winds it can still take the same central pressure. Look up data on Wilma versus Hugo and you’ll see what I mean.

      Far too much hype, but not coming from me…I have been warning of the rainfall amounts, uprooted trees and power outages with isolated tornados……and yes, I do this for a living.

  150. dougx says:

    We don’t yet know what is going to happen. You have to consider the totality of the effects of a hurricane, not just measured wind speeds at specific places. What is nothing to 1 nincompoop on a golf course can mean death for someone else. A lot of this is random.

  151. Candy says:

    Where I live the sheep are showing up at the shelters with no food,medicine, clothing, water,bedding – nothing and asking when they will get these things! They want to know where the hot food is and who will be waiting on them! UNBELIEVABLE! There are these poor 3 local women working one of the shelters and the people who have shown up are angry with the workers because the shelter does not have all of the comforts of home and free hot meals. One of the workers was just on the radio begging for food and medicine, especially for the diabetics who did not bother to bring their medicine with them.

  152. Pete says:

    Obama is the Nation’s Katrina.

  153. Jen says:

    Isn’t it rich that Drudge is linking to this article after actively participating in the media frenzy surrounding this storm?

    I, for one, am tired of this smug attitude that Easter Coasters (and I am one) shouldn’t be alarmed by natural phenomena that they aren’t accustomed to or particularly prepared for. If you deal with earthquakes and hurricanes on a regular basis, congratulations–give yourself a sticker. And please remember that it’s not noteworthy if you get half an inch of snow.

    I am hearing reports from people north of the storm who have power outages, flooding and even roofs ripped off. Who, except for self-important scientists, really gives a damn what category storm this is? It has killed people and is damaging property at a time when we already have a lot to worry about. A little empathy would be nice. I don’t pay attention to the MSM – they hype everything. But I do know that people who don’t deal with this stuff regularly are genuinely scared regardless of what the TV says, and I won’t dismiss them as being stupid or “sheep”.

  154. Adam says:

    Steven Goddard… What are the maximum sustained gusts your data is showing? Surely greater then 33mph. Aren’t you just doing the opposite of what you are accusing the media of doing? Exaggerating on the low side?

  155. itsahurricane says:

    Just from the weather map posted above, you can see this is a serious storm with a hurricane force winds of up to 80 mph extending over a 200 mile wide wind field. This is a serious and potentially life-threatening situation; to call it otherwise is misguided and rather foolish. So far NOAA’s predictions seems to be spot on, from the intensity of the storm at landfall to the projected track along the east coast. It’s their job and responsibility to issue these warnings and they should be commended for their response. Calling the Irene a “bust” is little consolation for those who will lose their lives to this storm, or at the least, face significant property damage.

    • Jeff B says:

      Exactly my sentiments, and I think the author of this article badly miscalculated. Jumped the gun and called it “barely a tropical storm” and didn’t realize how wrong he would be and that Drudge would link to it and expose his idiocy to the masses.

  156. DirkH says:

    ” 2031: Some people appear unwilling to leave areas of New York in the line of the storm. City Councilman Michael Nelson, whose Brooklyn district includes Brighton Beach is quoted by the Reuters agency as saying: “My sense is that the majority of the people are staying put,” He said about 50,000 people in his district had been ordered to evacuate.”

  157. electroj says:

    You’re getting your first news reports of storm-related deaths. It doesn’t take much of a hurricane to kill people. Did you folks work for FEMA in the second Bush administration?

    “[Update 2:37 p.m.] Four people have died as a result of Hurricane Irene, including a boy killed after a tree crashed in Newport News, Virginia, emergency officials said Saturday. Officer Holly McPherson of the Newport News police department said the child went missing after a tree crashed on an apartment complex. Authorities were waiting for cranes to arrive to lift the tree. Three others died earlier in North Carolina, according to officials.” —

    I imagine this is all part of some conspiracy too? It must be! It is the only explanation… some weather stations only registered 33mph wind readings!

    I’ll mention it here, as I’m sure someone will point out that one of the fatalities was due to someone having a heart-attack boarding something up– thus their death can be blamed on The Weather Channel, Obama, and Al Gore. Maybe the gold standard would have saved them?

    Why is everyone wearing a tin foil hat these days?

    • Squidly says:

      While I have a lot of sympathy for anyone that is harmed by these events, I will also point out that we have probably had at least 3 people die today here in Nashville from car accidents too. Either is a shame, but neither is an excuse for taking advantage of a situation for gain by over hyping the situation.

  158. Rob says:

    I wish someone would come get rid of all of these phoney downed trees and phoney flooding out of the Hampton Roads, VA area.

  159. sean says:

    I got here from a drudgereport link. I’d like to say that this all starting to border on irresponsibility. By sending the message that the NOAA is just ‘crying wolf’ and its forecasts can’t be trusted or should be taken with a grain of salt some real harm might be done.
    regardless of how much media coverage a storm gets, we should all stress that all we can do is ‘forecast’ or guess what’s gonna happen. the best guesses from 2 days ago warranted taking precautions, especially in areas that are not used to dealing with this type of storm. and…

    its not over yet. remember, it wasn’t the hurricane that caused all the destruction in NO. Can anyone say for sure what the secondary effects of anything will be? better safe than sorry for sure.

    • hstad says:

      Sorry Sean, hate to rain on your preconceived notions, but it was politicians not maintaining the canals and berms that caused most of the damage in NO!

    • hstad says:

      Sorry Sean, you got that wrong! NO largely got damaged due to politicians spending money on something other than maintenance on the canals and berms. But yes better safe than sorry, however, stop the trains in NYC for what? Tell me which hurricane in the past was that ever done? You don’t believe that action wasn’t over the top? Historic hurricane announced before it even happened? You have got to start thinking for yourself, friend.

  160. Stpehen,

    Regardless if a computer system reports incorrect information or if someone reads incorrect information from a system and makes an alert about it. You’re an idiot. The fact of the matter is that these systems are in place to provide information to others to ensure the safety of one another. This has nothing to do with whether or not something is ‘phony’, but whether or not the public is notified of anything incoming to ensure the safety of one another. If they were fake, who FUCKING CARES. What matters the most is that my family is aware of a possible situation that exists, and we’re safe..