Hayhoe : Your Energy Choice Will Cause A Permanent Drought In Texas

 what we can say is that this summer is a picture of what it would be like every summer if we made certain choices regarding our energy sources


What total bullshit.

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15 Responses to Hayhoe : Your Energy Choice Will Cause A Permanent Drought In Texas

  1. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Sorry, but this girl really needs to grow up.

  2. Ralph says:

    When I read the statements, articles, and interviews from “climate scientists” it reminds me of alchemists who were trying to change lead into gold.

  3. Paul H says:

    When a scientist says things like :-

    I“Who doesn’t want renewable sources of energy? Who doesn’t want cleaner air?”

    I have serious doubts about their objectivity.

    • Kaboom says:

      Especially considering the noises they make if you say “I do. Let’s build more nuclear power stations!”

  4. mt says:

    No, she’s absolutely correct.

    Feb 2, 2011 – HOUSTON (Reuters) – Texas imposed statewide rolling blackouts for only the second time in over two decades on Wednesday after frigid weather

    Aug 4, 2011 – The electric grid operator in Texas, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), is warning that it may need to begin “rotating power outages” as early as this afternoon to stabilize the electric power grid.

    AUSTIN (August 24, 2011)—The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which operates the state’s power grid, issued a power warning Wednesday afternoon and said rolling outages were possible, but later canceled the notice ending the threat of blackouts.

    Switching to weather-based energy sources (wind, solar) means less reliable energy, which will lead to more rolling blackouts in the summer.

    • Mike Davis says:

      I suppose you are not familiar with Ms Hayhoe’s claims because she wants more unreliable energy!

  5. Latitude says:

    “Who doesn’t want renewable sources of energy?” Hayhoe told Yale e360 senior editor Fen Montaigne. “Who doesn’t want cleaner air and a thriving economy? Who doesn’t agree that we should be conservative with what we have? I think this is the way to move forward on this issue.”
    …..sounds like a drug commercial

    • Mike Davis says:

      For the types of drugs not approved by the FDA!

    • Mike Davis says:

      WOW Man! Did you see that pink elephant flying past the moon last night? It was totally awesome Man! 🙂

      • Latitude says:

        LOL…..I was thinking the drug commercials that promise to put hair on your head, fix your blood pressure, and put lead in your pencil…..
        ..and then list a million side effects that will all kill you

      • Mike Davis says:

        AH HA! You mean the ones that should not have been approved by the FDA!

  6. suyts says:

    She’s gone completely off her rails.

  7. dmmcmah says:

    I had also posted about her comments on my blog and she took the trouble to respond:


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