1938 : New York Papers And UPI – Clueless As Always

Doesn’t get much stupider than this …..

The Franco-Russian mili tary alliance has been nullified and Stalin’s dictatorship will eventually collapse, due to the unprecedented suc cess of German diplomacy.


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  1. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:


    Unearthed video:

    Obama in 2008 on campaign trail said Bush was “unpatriotic” for adding trillions in debt “all by his lonesome” :

  2. Blade says:

    Stunning and amazing. God save us from liberals and their sycophantic news media. Here is the complete text:

    The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA) Saturday 24 September 1938


    Mr. Chamberlain And M. Daladier “On Spot”

    NEW YORK, September 22.

    Little or no comment seemed available tonight concerning the American attitude to further developments in the European situation. American opinion remains for the greater part reserved.

    The New York “Daily News,” which has the largest American circulation, continued to take Mr. Chamberlain’s side. “We should like to ask Liberals if they seriously think Britain and France should so to war against Nazism,” it says. “Mr. Chamberlain and M. Daladier are ‘on the spot’ and are unable to preserve Czechoslovakia without war. Do Liberals think that war would be better than what has happened?”

    The “New York Times” says that every day it becomes more apparent that at the back of the revision of the man of Central Europe swarms a whole brood of unlaid ghosts that must hang over the Rhine today like vanguards from rising armies. The anxiously waiting world can only hope that the great sacrifice sealed today at Godesbei^ shall not have been made in vain.

    The Mexico City correspondent of the The United Press sends an interview with Trotsky in which he says that the way for Hitler’s drive to the Black Sea and the Soviet Ukraine has been cleared by the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia. The Franco-Russian military alliance has been nullified and Stalin’s dictatorship will eventually collapse, due to the unprecedented success of German diplomacy.

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