USA Today : Global Warming To Make High Tides More Common

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5 Responses to USA Today : Global Warming To Make High Tides More Common

  1. Kaboom says:

    We probably should push the moon from orbit to avoid that.

  2. Mike Davis says:

    Extreme wind patterns associated with cooling and extreme temperature gradient. Changes in the declination of the moon also play a part.
    The lunar orbit is the most erratic and variable of all of the planets. Not only can the moon exceed the solar maximum declination but it can also reach its maximum declination 5° below the solar maximum. That means that in some years the moon only reaches its maximum southern and northern declination at 18° of celestial latitude. Finally it also can reach its maximum and minimum declination in synch with the sun. These rhythms can be seen in the following diagrams.
    From here:

  3. Ivan says:

    All been done before…
    ON Wednesday afternoon (November 3) there was an extraordinarily high tide, and the Thames, about half past 1 o’clock, had risen to a height of three feet three inches above the high water mark, as shown by the index at St Paul’s Pier.”
    The reason?
    “A telegram, dated Blackpool, Thursday evening, says – “Since Tuesday night a great storm has been raging here, and at noon to-day it appeared to culminate. For many hours the wind has been blowing at a hurricane pitch, and between 11 and 1 to-day the tidal water rose to a greater height and with more violence than the oldest inhabitant can remember.”
    ~28 Dec 1869

  4. papertiger says:

    Is that San Francisco? Boy, I hope a great big wave comes through and clears out that clamoring mob.
    Never get that lucky though,

  5. Gator says:

    Good thing we have King Canute for POTUS.

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