99% Of Scientists Agree – Continents Can’t Move

The discussion is over!

Wegener and Continental Drift Theory

Since his ideas challenged scientists in geology, geophysics, zoogeography and paleontology, it demonstrates the reactions of different communities of scientists. The reactions by the leading authorities in the different disciplines was so strong and so negative that serious discussion of the concept stopped. One noted scientist, the geologist Barry Willis, seemed to be speaking for the rest when he said:

further discussion of it merely incumbers the literature and befogs the mind of fellow students.

Barry Willis’s and the other scientists wishes were fulfilled. Discussion did stop in the larger scientific community and students’ minds were not befogged. The world had to wait until the 1960’s for a wide discussion of the Continental Drift Theory to be restarted.


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6 Responses to 99% Of Scientists Agree – Continents Can’t Move

  1. Lance says:

    back then, there was not enough co2 in the atmosphere to affect the plates, several miles down….

  2. Gator says:

    Thankfully now we know it as plate techtonics. Continental drift was the previous theory that said continents plowed through seafloors. It was daft, but on the right track. Science evolves, alarmists do not.

  3. Independent says:


  4. Mike Davis says:

    You mean the Gods are not throwing lightning bolts from the sky and beating giant drums. When did this change come about?

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