OK For CEOs To Talk Trash To Investors

I have learned from Tony Duncan that it is OK for CEOs to make up any facts they want to investors, as long as it isn’t at a meeting of the board. That is just politics!

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5 Responses to OK For CEOs To Talk Trash To Investors

  1. Tony Duncan says:


    you have learned the wrong thing.

    “Investors should look at what is actually written down, and not just take the CEO’s word for it.”

    • Dave N says:

      Your quote says the same thing. CEO’s shouldn’t be making up stuff that investors are exposed to, regardless of whether or not investors can choose to believe it.

    • Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

      What we’ve learned is that Tony Duncan isn’t as bright as he thinks he is.

      You have to expand your horizons Tony. Your elevator isn’t quite reaching top.

  2. In short, Tony Duncan doesn’t believe that Bernie Madoff should have been prosecuted by the Bush administration. Those bilked investors should have read their prospectuses more closely.

  3. Blade says:

    I wonder how much money Tony Duncan has in Carbon Trading.

    He sounds like someone that would defend that outrageous Pump and Dump scheme.

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