Met Office Challenge Part 2

The red line represents the HadCRUT global cooling trend over the last decade (1/1/2001 – 10/31/2010.) The green line represents GISS.

There’s a very clear warming trend but it’s not as rapid as it was before,” Pope told reporters yesterday in London. Where the average temperature rose at about 0.16 degrees per decade since the 1970s, the rate through the 2000s has been from 0.05 to 0.13 degrees, she said.

The Met Office has been slacking, as they have been unable to locate the steep warming trend which GISS has clearly identified. But I have full confidence that with enough elbow grease they will be able to turn their “0.05 to 0.13” warming cooling trend around. England does not want another own goal against the Americans

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8 Responses to Met Office Challenge Part 2

  1. Sundance says:

    Well if the UK is going to threaten sanctions against the USA for not being stupid enough to jump on the EU wealth transfer bandwagon, they had better get busy producing some catstrophic warming trends.

  2. Mike Davis says:

    You must not have picked the right days or the right months to see the correct warming trend. Remember at the MET a decade can be any where from 3 to 15 years and you need to pick the correct starting month because a year can start in any month that gives the best results.

  3. Own goals have gotten people killed.

  4. Paul MacRae says:

    I think Pope means there has been warming of .05 to .13, not cooling. When I look at the HadCrut chart for 2000-2010, I see a slight warming of about .01°C. If extrapolated to the century, that would be .1°C, or one-sixth the warming of the 20th century.

    Pope’s comment also brought to mind Rajendra Pachauri’s comment, in 2008, that “We’re at a stage where warming is taking place at a much faster rate [than before].” Or the IPCC’s comment, in the 2007 report, that the warming of the climate system in the 21st century is “unequivocal.” No wonder the Met wants to “adjust” the temperatures upward for the 21st century. The “unadjusted” figures don’t match the hypothesis.

    • Mike Davis says:

      It all depends on who’s version of Hadcrut you are looking at. Steven got his from Wood for trees and DMI probably has a different version. Going to MET or UEA would probably result in another two versions of the same report. However! Take heart all versions are broadly consistent and the one that fits the agenda will be the one promoted. Static records are a thing of the past. In the ever changing world we now live in Dynamic historical temperature records are essential to better understand the hazards facing the Globe! 😉

  5. Green Sand says:

    Avast, me harties, there be divergence off the starboard bow!

    Jim me lad, it be time to splice the main brace!

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