Readership Doubled In October

If we double every month, we will have more than one trillion readers in less than two years. Using the same math approach which Hansen uses to calculate future sea level and temperature.

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7 Responses to Readership Doubled In October

  1. omnologos says:

    This is an announcement from Emission Control. It is my sad duty to inform you of a four-a-day restriction in humanoid readership.

    Your website is killing polar pandas by its very popularity

  2. stevecrouch says:

    Sooooooooooooooooooo, it’s back to the future again. Clearly the trillion plus outcome must be correct given the impeccable pedigree of the modelling behind your proud boast. Ergo; those august seers who 1st rose to prominence in the 70’s with the humanoid culling program (and who I note you have not treated with all the respect august seers should and would prefer to be treated to with) clearly deserve an apology or even a Nobel gong perhaps.

    A link to Humility 101 may be found at

  3. lance says:

    starting to become a hockey stick graph! Congrats on the increase Steve!

  4. Tony Price says:

    Nonsense – it’s gonna be a trillion and ONE with this comment.

    I predict a new play will be written in the next few years – “Waiting for Goddard”. This of course refers to GISS not Steven. The title refers to our waiting for a response from the Rev.James Hanson about his failed apocalypse predictions. “There’s a lack of apocalypse at the moment….”.

    Signing off from the newly opened Monckton Institute for Global Cooling and CO2 Generating Technology

    Al Gore (Treasurer, Secretary and Publicity Officer)

  5. Tony Duncan says:

    congratulations. You certainly are the most fun denier site. Climate audit is so serious.

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