Lewis, The Pole Is The Other Direction ….


Perhaps I have been overusing the “Manhattans of ice” analogy? Other cities deserve equal time.

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8 Responses to Lewis, The Pole Is The Other Direction ….

  1. Tony Duncan says:

    This too is funny!

  2. Mike Davis says:

    You could use Londons of ice or Rhode Islands of ice.
    From WIKI: RI
    1,214[2] sq mi
    (3,140 km2)
    London 607 sq mi (1,572.1 km2)
    Or you could settle for how many Ice Lands
    – Total 103,001 km2 (107th)
    39,770 sq mi
    For our SH visitors you could use Sydnet AU:
    Area: 12144.6 kmĀ² (4,689.1 sq mi)
    For the LEFT Coast you could use Los Angeles
    City 498.3 sq mi (1,290.6 km2)
    – Land 469.1 sq mi (1,214.9 km2)
    – Water 29.2 sq mi (75.7 km2) 5.8%
    – Urban 1,667.9 sq mi (4,319.9 km2)

  3. suyts says:

    Makes you wonder if the pinhead really believes he can kayak to the north pole. I’ll make a bold prediction and say uhmm, no, he won’t.

    • He tried it in 2008 after Serreze forecast an ice free pole. He made it about 20 miles out of the 800 required from Svalbard.

      • omnologos says:

        I better don’t start on Pugh. For example less than $5,000 are needed for a routine tourist trip that will you have you kayaking nearer to the North Pole than Pugh has ever done.

        There HAS to be a reason why people like Mr Pugh are never challenged with these most basic of questions.

  4. PJB says:

    Note that “kayak” is a palindrome, which may help to explain the bipolar nature of the participants.

  5. Paul H says:

    Many people do not realise that Robert Peary’s expedition to the North Pole took place during February + March ( he was back at base by the end of April.).

    Whereas Antarctic expeditions like Scott’s took place in summer, Peary knew that he could not walk in summer because much of the ice would be melted.

  6. NoMoreGore says:

    An ingenious way to extort donations from politically correct sponsors to fund your freeloading free spirit lifestyle. Much like the 10:10 crew. Climate thuggery.

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