Yes, New Orleans Is Sinking Into The Swamp

Even if sea level doesn’t change a bit over the next 100 years, the Louisiana Coast will drop by almost a metre. It is the fastest sinking location on the planet.

Sorry Joe, paying alms to the CO2 gods will not change a thing.

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5 Responses to Yes, New Orleans Is Sinking Into The Swamp

  1. SMS says:

    Subsidense is due to oil extraction, not CO2. Similar story for Longbeach California.

    • forparity says:

      Well, that has contributed to some extent, but the main cause of the subsidence is because the Mississippi was long ago leveed up, putting an end to the regular flooding which deposited silt.

    • Lazarus says:

      I doubt that subsidence due to oil extraction would be noticeable over such a large area but would be interested in any links you have to support it.

    • kaiya says:


  2. kaiya says:

    Lols what a bunch of bull

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