Joe Romm Takes On Hansen

Joe hates those Antarctic disinformers, like James Hansen who forecast major ice loss.

Joe tells us that they expected Antarctic ice to increase all along (LMAO) and that the southern oceans are warming. Below you can see just how hot the Southern oceans are!

Joe explains how more ice forms in warmer water :

It makes perfect sense that warming oceans would have more ice – if the science portion of your brain is largely non-functional.

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31 Responses to Joe Romm Takes On Hansen

  1. YFNWG says:

    Unfortunately for Joe, the Southern Ocean has been COOLING since 1999 (see: and the ice extent is STILL increasing.

    • YFNWG says:

      I put a similar comment on C.P. last night. Big surprise, Joe did not allow it through. Nice censorship Joe Romm.

      • Carbonicus, the Copernicus of Carbon says:

        YFNWG – This is standard for Romm/ClimateProgress. I’ve tried to post a few calm, factual comments over the last year. Any comments that do not comport to the Joe Romm view of the AGW debate do not get posted.

        Justice Brandeis said, “the best disinfectant is sunlight”. Joe keeps the Thermageddon Litany stewing on CP by doing anything and everything possible to avoid such sunlight.

        That, in and of itself, should tell us all we need to know. Unfortunately for US policy and the economy, those who read Joe’s CP blog would believe there is no counterargument out there.

  2. Chilli says:

    typo – sense not season

  3. James Sexton says:

    Its fun to watch whackadoodles turn on each other. Its like a competition to see who can become more inane. Hopefully Hansen or one of his lackeys will respond. Show make for some good theatrics!

  4. Marcia, Marcia says:

    I know this is off topic, but Ben Santer is talking about skeptic bloggers

    “These fringe voices now have megaphones,” he continues, “and have means of amplifying their voices and trumpeting shoddy, incorrect science. We’ve seen the rise of the blogs, we’ve seen the rise of these “independent public auditors” who believe that they have carte blanche to investigate anyone who produces results they don’t agree with…”

  5. Marcia, Marcia says:

    Bishop Hill links to you (your name in blue) and your post that uses the same Hansen forecast graphic

    “Stephen Goddard looks at Hansen’s 1988 predictions and finds that warming of 8 degrees in the Antarctic is probably somewhat (ahem) off the mark.”

  6. peterhodges says:

    ummm, doubt and progress go together…

    the so called political discourse in this nation is utterly fabricated, and has no relation to any reality. any actual progress is precluded, which i suppose is the point.

    and notice romm’s blatant political pontificating… now that’s anti-science

    i despise the man.

  7. Geezer1 says:

    What would you expect from someone who needs to install a window in his navel to see where he is going.

  8. Nobama says:

    Very telling how he addresses his troops: “Progessives should know the most commonly used arguments….”

    …..because, let’s face it, this is a Political Scam. Science is just the cover.

  9. Gneiss says:

    As usual, even the headline is fake.
    “Joe Romm Takes On Hansen”
    But Joe Romm does not take on Hansen.

    “Joe hates those Antarctic disinformers, like James Hansen who forecast major ice loss.”
    Joe thinks disinformers deserve rebuttal. He does not hate James Hansen, and Hansen is not a disinformer.

    Inspired by all the Romm-hating that’s been a staple here lately, I went and checked ClimateProgress out. Compared with “Real Science,” it’s like day and night, grownups and children. Romm actually writes and reads, and his readers can too.

    For example, match up the thinking and research behind Romm’s storm piece, and the reader comments that follow…

    … against stevengoddard’s Russian heat wave, with witty remarks by sunsettommy and MikeTheDenier.

    • He is arguing with Hansen. He just doesn’t know it.

    • D Bonson says:

      Romm does not allow comments containing evidence backed by studies adhering to The Scientific Method on his site. He acts like a petulant child when his dogmatic beliefs are challenged.

      • Jimbo says:

        I have commented on CP giving links to recent peer reviewed papers contradicted his relevant post. I have been polite and to the point. I have constantly been deleted. He says he does this because we are disinformers. How can commenting on recent papers contradicting AGW predictions be disinformation?

        Echo chamber comes to mind. Converting the converted.

  10. sunsettommy says:

    “… against stevengoddard’s Russian heat wave, with witty remarks by sunsettommy and MikeTheDenier.”

    I agree with Steve’s sarcasm.

    That is why I then posted the cold,warm and hot ditty.

    It was Joe Romm who cried to the heavens over a weather event and treated it like it was climate.

    Just the way so many AGW believers do.

    AGW believers would say when told about a great cold spell,Would call it weather.But when a heat spell such as in Moscow comes along,you guys go into spinning eye’s,drooling mouth and dragging knuckles deliriums.Claiming this is proof of …….. Global Warming.

    That is why we get sarcastic over the stupid hypocritical B.S. you guys spew out.

  11. Gneiss says:

    stevengoddard writes.
    “He is arguing with Hansen. He just doesn’t know it.”

    Naw, you just made that up like a tabloid headline writer. Which is all your fans require.

    Hansen’s piece was an early-80s exercise in modeling the effects of doubled CO2. And I don’t recall more than one sentence in it about Antarctica.

  12. sunsettommy says:

    It was similar during the 2005 Hurricane season.When you guys rolled in delight,hollering this is evidence of global warming.The science papers were quickly published pushing that angle that was straight out of the mental hospital ward.

    5 years have passed and not once has there been an exceptional season since.This year not even a SINGLE land falling hurricane has happened yet for America.

    Skeptics remember this crap because it was stupid then and it is still stupid now.Skeptics at the time tried to point out the rare favorable atmospheric conditions.That made it possible for so many Hurricanes to form and crash into the continents at a well above average rate.But we were shouted down because you were so sure it was proof of global warming.

    It turns out that it was a weather event of just a few weeks and not a true climate trend.Therefore you guys were wrong,badly wrong.But did you hypocrites ever admit it?

    You guys are so freaking hypocritical about it.

    If it is cold and/or exceptionally snowy.It is WEATHER nothing more

    If it is unusually hot.It is Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Disruption/climate orgasm

    The hypocrisy is so obvious.

    • truthsword says:

      You are wrong….

      They think:

      If it is cold and/or exceptionally snowy.It is Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Disruption/climate orgasm

      If it is unusually hot.It is Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Disruption/climate orgasm

      • drewski says:

        How about if we have set 18 national (ie country) heat records so far in 2010 and 0 cold national records. This is also reflected in the overall change in record breaking heat days vs record breaking cold in individual locations. In the 60’s the ratio was almost 1 to 1, since then there has been a steadily rising imbalance to hot records — the ratio worldwide is close to 2.7 to 1.

  13. Brendon says:

    “It makes perfect sense that warming oceans would have more ice – if the science portion of your brain is largely non-functional. ”

    Open your brain.

    • truthsword says:

      Any article/paper with models (that already assume AGW exists) as evidence and the word “may” in every other sentence is not of any real scienctific value. You MAY start posting something that makes sense tomorrow. We’ll see how accurate my MAY is…

  14. Gneiss says:

    stevengoddard writes,
    “Ten years from now they will say the same thing about climate predictions made today.”

    Perhaps you mean 26 years from now, the Hansen piece you harp on was published in 1984.

    We know more now, 26 years later, although in many respects Hansen’s work has stood up fairly well. No doubt by 2036, we’ll know an awful lot more. Reality is always more complex than our models, but we’re running an experiment with the planet.

    • Barber said last year that Arctic ice will be gone by 2015. Three years ago Maslowski said it would be gone by 2013. Hansen is still forecasting 3-5 metre rise in sea level this century. If anything, the forecasts have become much worse.

  15. Steve Coss says:

    The tide is starting to turn but as has been mentioned it is only a matter of time for them to come up with something else to scare the beejezzus out of the public.

    I will raise my hand to acknowledge that I am woefully ignorant on this subject. I have however read a fair amount and everywhere I look I see words such as “maybe”, “possible”, “uncertion”. I also see many references to cloud cover as a defined reason for temperature fluctuations. DUH!! A good example is in the Hanson story attached here where he says words to the effect ” The SUN may (again with the may) account for the increase of CO2 of some 7% since 1958 but we havent tested or measaured this effect!!!
    I don’t know where you folks went to school but if I turned in a report with a statement like that my 6th grade teacher would have given me an incomplete and I would have deserved it!!

    I do caution folks to be ever wary of the next disaster as we all know that an impending crisis is a great way to get people to take their eye off the ball. The next thing you know we will turn around and be in a socialist state…..oops I think I am to late.

  16. Jean Rochefort says:

    “It makes perfect sense that warming oceans would have more ice – if the science portion of your brain is largely non-functional. ”
    Romm’s south brain has physical laws upsidedown compared to his north brain.

  17. Jimbo says:

    “Not only is the Southern Ocean warming, it’s warming faster than the global trend.”

    I may be wrong but I thought that AGW stated that the canary in the mine would be the Arctic. Or was that air temps only? I’m confused?

    Now see the following link which has warmist statements and references.

    “Can everyplace really be warming much faster than everyplace else?”

  18. Jimbo says:

    January 12 2010
    Antarctic sea water shows ‘no sign’ of warming
    SEA water under an East Antarctic ice shelf showed no sign of higher temperatures despite fears of a thaw linked to global warming that could bring higher world ocean levels, first tests showed yesterday.

    Norwegian Polar Institute

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