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Sea Level Falling In 2010

http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Low_tide_in_Brittany.jpg We are constantly being told that 2010 is the hottest year ever, and that the polar ice caps are melting down at a record rate. Dr. Hansen tells us to expect 3-6+ metres of sea level rise this century. … Continue reading

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Unequal Protection Under The Law

A Tale Of Two Short Movies “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” – Orwell Movie # 1 : Murdering school children for not obsessively worrying about global warming. Hate crime/inciting violence against children. Largely … Continue reading

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John Holdren And The Ice Free Arctic Winter

Tom Nelson reported last year an amazing quote from President Obama’s “mandatory abortion”  science advisor – John Holdren. …if you lose the summer sea ice, there are phenomena that could lead you not so very long thereafter to lose the … Continue reading

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Where Does Their Desperation Come From?

The Guardian warned us of the rise of eco-fascism two weeks ago. It is time to acknowledge that mainstream environmentalism has failed to prevent climate catastrophe. Its refusal to call for an immediate consumption reduction has backfired and its demise … Continue reading

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Terminated Logic

Schwarzenegger: “Prop 23 is a job killer that will crush California’s fast growing clean energy economy and result in more pollution. We must send a strong message to the greedy Texas oil companies by voting No on 23.” When people … Continue reading

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Ice Expanding And Thickening Over The Last Week

Note the increase in thickness near the pole over the last seven days. Temperatures have been below -5ºC there for several weeks now.

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Blog Readership Growing Exponentially

Thanks everyone. We hit #82 out of 350,000 WordPress blogs this week – after only four weeks! If you want your comments to be seen by a lot of people – this is a good place to post.

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Osama Inspires Environmental Groups

Osama has a new audio out, discussing deaths due to global climate disruption. Remember this WWF ad?

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Beaufort Sea Freezing Very Quickly

http://ice-glaces.ec.gc.ca/Ice_Can/CMMBCTCA.gif The blink comparator above shows one day changes in the ice pack. Note that not only is the ice forming rapidly out in the ocean, but also is appearing along the shore. Long Island shown at the same scale, … Continue reading

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Twilight At The Pole

Just a little bit of light left at 85N, as the sun sets for the winter. http://psc.apl.washington.edu/northpole/webphotos/noaa2.jpg There is no longer enough light to photograph most of the Arctic Ocean from space, so a huge hole has appeared in the … Continue reading

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